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"On my part, I remain committed to the process of dialogue. It is my firm belief that dialogue and a willingness to look with honesty and clarity at the reality of Tibet can lead us to a viable solution."
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WTN Archives: November, 1998

Sunday, November 1

1. Dalai Lama calls for real autonomy for Tibet (AFP)
2. U.S. Congress Accused of Passing Anti-China Measures
3. Letter - Dalai Lama preparing "conciliatory" declaration on Tibet
4. On S.F. menu: Food from the top of the world

Monday, November 2

1. Emergency - Tibetans captured in the snow
2. Passion for Music leads to 18-Year jail term
3. China Blasts Rights Site Hacker Says second official Web site defaced
4. 'Strike Hard' Crackdown on Crime Hits Lhasa

Tuesday, November 3

1. Dalai Lama call for `real autonomy'
2. Dalai Lama authorised to plan policy towards China
3. Outline of Dalai Lama bid revealed
4. China Rules Out Dalai Lama Visit
5. Tibetan Doctors Barred From Trip China Won't Let Physicians Attend Four-Day D.C. Conference
6. Virbhadra for relief to tribal areas

Wednesday, November 4

1. World Tibet Network (WTN) News: Now Archived on World Wide Web
2. Dalai Lama, heading for US, willing to say Taiwan, Tibet part of China
3. No visit by Dalai Lama
4. Dalai Lama may make gesture to China on U.S. tour
5. Beijing denies reports of Dalai Lama trip to China
6. China issues fresh warning to Dalai Lama over Tibet
7. China Reiterates Policy on Dalai Lama
8. China warns Dalai Lama to keep quiet over contacts
9. Ethnic Uighurs face language dilemma in China

Thursday, November 5

1. China warns U.S. over Dalai Lama meetings (Reuters)
2. China reaffirms hardline stand on Tibet (AAP)
4. Ngawang Choephel Transferred to Drapchi Prison (TCHRD)

Friday, November 6

1. Tibetan official denies Tibet is part of China (DIIR)
2. China Ready for Conditional Dialogue with Dalai Lama (Xinhua)
3. China objects to the Dalai Lama's plan to visit the White House (AP)
4. Dalai Lama May Want To End Impasse With Chinese (WSJ)
5. Nobel laureates call for peace, reconciliation (Reuters)
6. Tibetan official reportedly defects (BBC)
7. Tibetan Mother learns of her son's transfer to Lhasa's Drapchi Prison (FTC)

Saturday, November 7

1. The Dalai Lama says relationship with China is improving (AP)
2. In U.S., Dalai Lama May Offer China an Olive Branch Diplomacy (LAT)
3. 7 Nobel Peace laureates urge China for Tibet talks (Kyodo)
4. Top Albright aide said likely new Tibet coordinator(Reuters
5. Leading Tibetan Official Reportedly Defects to United States (BBC)
6. Letters to WTN

Sunday, November 8

1. Tibet takes centre stage in Washington (Reuters)
2. China, the Dalai, and talk of a deal (Economist)
3. Tibetan exiles fear Dalai Lama cop-out on independence (AFP)
4. German couple helping afforestation in Tibet (CD)

Monday, November 9

1. Dalai Lama says Tibetan people 'fed up' with Chinese rule (CNN)
2. Dalai Lama cites positive Chinese signs but makes no concessions (AFP)
3. As Dalai Lama Woos Beijing, Tibetans Pray for His Return (NYT)

Tuesday, November 10

1. Statement by His Holiness the Dalai Lama
2. The Dalai Lama meets Hillary at the White (AP)
3. China snipes at U.S. over Tibet, Taiwan (Reuters)
4. China tells U.S. leaders not to meet Dalai Lama (Reuters)
5. China-Tibet talks remote as sides swap barbs (AAP)

Tuesday, November 10 (2)

1. Clinton Meets Dalai Lama Despite China Warnings (Reuters)
2. Dalai lama confers with Clinton, Hillary (UPI)
3. The Dalai Lama meets Clintion (AP)

Wednesday, November 11

1. China hits out at U.S. over Taiwan, Tibet (Reuters)
2. Transcript of White House Press Briefing by Joe ...(USN)
3. White House Statement on Meeting with the Dalai Lama (USN)
4. Dalai Lama says he is delaying response to Beijing (Reuters)
5. Dreaming of Dalai (AP)
6. Tibetan Buddhism devotees here await Dalai Lama's visit (PPG)

Thursday, November 12

1. China calls in U.S. envoy over Taiwan, Dalai Lama (Reuters)
2. China heaps abuse on Dalai Lama for U.S. trip (Reuters)
3. China protests Clinton's meeting with the Dalai Lama (AP)
4. Tibet seeks U.S. Support for talks ...(IPS)
5. China's Hold on Tibet Unlikely to Loosen (LAT)

Friday, November 13

1. Tibet's demand for autonomy; China 'indicating' willingness (HT)
2. Time for Tibet - Editorial (SCMP)
3. Dalai Lama, in U.S., delays China plans (LAT)
4. Countries Seek Freedom From China (AP)
5. China's Hold on Tibet Unlikely to Loosen (LAT)

Saturday, November 14

1. China strengthens campaign against Dalai Lama: pressure group (AFP)
2. State Department defends Clinton meeting with Dalai Lama (AFP)
3. Tibetan leader seeks refuge in United States (AFP)
4. A Monk For All Seasons (WP)

Sunday, November 15

1. Campaign against Dalai Lama strengthened in Tibet (TIN)
2. Howard should raise Tibet with Jiang Zemin (ACT)
3. A break for Tibet (TC)
4. Dalai Lama speaks at American University
5. Hope of a people rests on the Dalai Lama (NYT)

Monday, November 16

1. Statement of the Tibet Delegation to the Asia Pacific People's Assembly
2. Update from the Tibet Delegation to the Asia Pacific People's Assembly
3. China's top Tibet antelope campaigner slain (Reuters)
4. Jiang Urges U.S. to Be Far-sighted on Tibet Issue (Xinhua)
5. Airbus Planes Added to Tibet Route (Xinhua)

Tuesday, November 17

1. U.S. Vice President Gore Reassures China on Tibet, Taiwan (AFP)
2. Gore assures Beijing on Tibet, Taiwan (TS)
3. Delegation adopt 11 Resolutions (NST)
4. Tibetan children leave Indian schools (BBC)
5. "Strike Hard" Policy is Hurting Monasteries, Farmers (CTC)
6. Booming China Threatens Spirit of Tibet (NYT)

Wednesday, November 18

1. Talking Softly, Without the Big Stick (Time)
2. Beijing alert for new Tibet protests (SCMP)
3. The Dalai Lama's message - Editorial (WT)
4. China raps U.S. support of Taiwan, Dalai Lama (LAT)
5. For a Western Audience, Some Tibetan Wisdom 5,000 Pack American U. Arena to Hear the Dalai Lama (WP)

Thursday, November 19

1. Why China's activists speak out for Tibet (CSM)
2. Icy Wind From Beijing Chills the Monks of Tibet (NYT)
3. Resolution on Tibet at Asia Pacific People's Assembly (TYC)
4. East meets Western Mass (BG)

Friday, November 20

1. A peaceful plea for his homeland (PPG)
2. The living symbol - Editorial (PPG)
3. Dalai Lama looking to a century of hope (PPG)

Saturday, November 21

1. Political Prisoners Held in New Lhasa Detention Centre (TIN)
2. Chinese officials deny murder of key Tibetan official (AFP)
3. Peace on earth on top of the world (ST)

Sunday, November 22

1. The Tibetans (NYT)
2. Fund Set up for Assisting 400 Projects In Tibet (Xinhua)
3. China's 'friends of nature' join the Tibetan antelope on the list of endangered species (SI)
4. Yangtze Flood Jolts China's Land Policies Development Curbs Set To Protect Environment (WP)
5. Soil erosion threat in China

Monday, November 23

1. China wages smear campaign vs Dalai Lama-analysts (Reuters)
2. Tibetan Capital Moves to Protect Old Buildings (Xinhua)
3. Tibetan Capital Moves to Protect Old Buildings (Xinhua)
4. The Spiritual Life Buddhist monk finds new practitioners searching to fill void (BG)

Tuesday, November 24

1. Tibetan teen-ager finds hope in Colorado (RMN)
2. Their shrine denied, monks make splash with symbolic sand design (GRP)

Wednesday, November 25

1. Dalai Lama:Big Say For Local Tibetans If Self-Gov (DJ)

Thursday, November 26

1. Japanese rightists, human rights groups protest Jiang visit (AFP)
2. A secret war in Shangri-la (DT)
3. Palden Gyatso in Sweden

Friday, November 27

1. The simple monk (DT)
2. Lhasa Old City Conservation Programme
3. Chinese airline plans to open Lhasa-Frankfurt route (Xinhua )

Saturday, November 28

1. Ngawang Choephel Transferred to Powo Tramo Prison (TCHRD)
2. Tibetans: no dearth of leadership (TNS)
3. Brave Tibetans and their bewitching art (TT)
4. With the patronage of BORGO SAN LORENZO's municipality

Monday, November 30

1. Fears for Ngawang Sangdrol following further Drapchi protests (TIN)
2. China's Ban on 'Bad' News (LAT)

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