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WTN Archives: December, 1998

Tuesday, December 1

1. Picking next Dalai Lama poses dilemma for China (NYT)
2. Torture and ill-treatment / Fear for safety (AI)
3. Monks famous for their chants (MG)
4. Tibetan teen starts on long road to healing (RMN)

Wednesday, December 2

1. Little Tibet - Renaissance and Resistance in Balistan (Himal)
2. Dharamsala and Beijing: Countdown to Negotiation (TB)

Thursday, December 3

1. Slew of dignitaries to attend event marking human rights declaration (AFP= )
2. Environmentalists Condemn Deadly Fashion Trend For Endangered Species=20 Product
3. CCTV to Produce Potala Palace Documentary (Xinhua)

Friday, December 4

1. France moves to defuse rights ceremonies row over Dalai Lama (AFP)
2. China paper slams Dalai Lama as a "terrorist" (AFP)
3. Swedish Green expresses support for Tibet
4. Courier_NewFrance moves to defuse rights ceremonies row over Dalai Lama (AFP)
5. Courier_NewChina paper slams Dalai Lama as a "terrorist" (AFP)
6. Courier_NewSwedish Green expresses support for Tibet -----------------------------------------------------=

Sunday, December 6

1. His Holiness arrives in Paris for five days visit
2. Tibetans condemn Chinese daily smear of Dalai Lama (AFP)
3. Slew of dignitaries at ceremonies commemorating rights declaration (AFP)
4. Movie Review: 'The Saltmen of Tibet' (PPG)
5. 2nd seminar on Indian Public on Tibet (TYC)

Monday, December 7

1. Dalai Lama flays human rights violations, but doesn't mention China (AFP)
2. Dalai Lama to attend Chirac rights lunch after all (Reuters)
3. Qinghai Highway Tunnel Completed (Xinhua)
4. Toture did not silence him (SD)
5. Dalai Lama flays human rights violations, but doesn't mention China (AFP)
6. Dalai Lama to attend Chirac rights lunch after all (Reuters)=20
7. Qinghai Highway Tunnel Completed (Xinhua)
8. Toture did not silence him (SD)=20

Tuesday, December 8

1. Jacques Chirac meet Dalai Lama at the Elysee Palace (AP)
2. Chinese spokesman opposes Dalai Lama France visit (Xinhua)
3. Police arrest 52 Tibetans for illegally entering Nepal (AFP)
4. China to Launch Radio Human Rights Series (Reuters)

Wednesday, December 9

1. Humanity and Globalisation
2. Dalai Lama indirectly criticizes China on human rights (AFP)
3. A man of compassion (MG)
4. Palden Gyatso in Sherbrooke

Thursday, December 10

1. Dalai Lama calls for new talks with China (AFP)
2. Dalai Lama says informal China talks broken down (Reuters)
3. China blames Dalai Lama for stalled talks (Reuters)
4. Tibetan Antelope Faces Danger of Extinction: Report (Xinhua)
5. Renowned contemporary Tibetan painter launches U.S. gallery debut (ICT)
6. Report the Dalai Lama's public talk in Paris
7. Sino-Tibetan Study Group Set Up by exiled Chinese and Tibetans

Friday, December 11

1. Beijing attacks France over Dalai Lama visit (AFP)
2. Dalai Lama, China dissident attend official rights awards (AFP)
3. Customs officials impound Tibetan monks 'Testimony' (HT)
4. Statement of Palden Gyatso on being presented the John Humphrey Freedom= =20 Award

Sunday, December 13

1. Dalai Lama says ``open for talks'' with China (Reuters)
2. Palden Gyatso Receives 1998 John Humphrey Freedom Award
3. Palden Gyatso's speech at John Humphrey Freedom Award

Monday, December 14

1. Dalai Lama Celebrating Human Rights: The 'little' people are the most important
2. Don't let democracy die under economic crisis: Asian dissidents
3. Dalai Lama urges improved India-China ties
4. Old-style censorship battles new-style Internet freedom

Tuesday, December 15

4. Radio Free Asia launches Uyghur service

Wednesday, December 16

1. Snows threaten nomads - Early snows have blocked mountain passes (BBC)
2. B r a h m a p u t r a Extraordinary photographs portray a mighty river's journey through Tibet, India and Bangladesh.

Thursday, December 17

1. China jamming Voice of Tibets short wave radio broadcasts (VOT)
2. French former first lady selling gifts from Reagan, Arafat, others

Friday, December 18

1. China jams Voice of Tibet's radio broadcasts (AFP)
2. President Jiang Vows to Fight Subversion as Fate of Dissidents Left Hanging
3. China vows to crush dissent

Saturday, December 19

1. Harsh Punishment for Environmental Protest

Sunday, December 20

1. Protester fined after boarding Chinese ship
2. Pictorial study of trouble-torn Tibet

Monday, December 21

1. HELPING HANDS (The Globe and Mail) How five idealistic young people ventured forth -- and didn't save the world

Tuesday, December 22

1. Tools of torture a monk's props
3. Tibet Through Chinese Eyes
4. China OKs Overflight by Balloon

Wednesday, December 23

1. Tibetan lama who criticized Dalai Lama dies
2. 'Harmonists' to lead NY Jewish film festival

Thursday, December 24

1. After dissidents, China targets publishers
2. Learning the Mysteries of Tibetan Medicine?

Saturday, December 26

1. Bharat Ratna for Jayaprakash (Deccan Herald)
2. JP's Speech at the All India Convention on Tibet held in Calcutta 30 may 1959
3. China To Try Labor Leader, Crackdown Widens

Sunday, December 27

1. Route proposed for Qinghai-Tibet railway

Monday, December 28

1. Dalai Lama slams China for being "rigid and negative"
2. Everest rises as Nepal falls
3. Indian minister calls for boycott of foreign goods

Tuesday, December 29

1. China Eyes Stability in Tibet, Muslim Region

Wednesday, December 30

1. Dalai blames politicians for problems
2. Beasties' Yauch To Take Tibetan Fest Global In '99, Label Balks At Free B-Boys Downloads
3. Better living, better dying Impermanence can console, says a Buddhist apostle-author.
4. Floods, quakes and plane disasters wreak havoc in Asia in 1998
5. China Says 'No' to Future Balloonists' Flights

Thursday, December 31

1. Dissident monk 'beaten to death by police' in jail (SCMP)
2. China jails two for hunting of the endangered Tibetan antelope
3. Relics Rescue Fulfilled in Ngari

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