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"I believe that to meet the challenges of our times, human beings will have to develop a greater sense of universal responsibility. It is the foundation for world peace."
<-Back to WTN Archives WTN ARCHIVE - March, 1998

WTN Archives: March, 1998

Sunday, March 1

1. China dismisses Dalai Lama talks offer
2. Mini Tibet Film Festival in Granville Island, BC

Tuesday, March 3

1. China still guilty of human rights violations: Amnesty
2. China's condemns Australian call for better monitoring of Tibet
3. Chinese adventurers plan raft trip on world's highest river
4. Opposition call for revolution

Wednesday, March 4

1. A Choice on China
2. Chinese White Paper Seeks to Deceive the World
3. Filmmaker's work puts viewers on top of the world
4. Dealing with China's restive minorities

Thursday, March 5

1. Clinton Administration Undecided about U.N. Resolution on China, Despite Congressional Pressure & Impending U.N. Meeting in Geneva
2. March 8 in Paris
4. Peaceful Hungerstrike in Russia
5. 228 Commemoration in Taiwan

Friday, March 6

1. Austrian foreign minister leaves China for Tibet
2. Vanessa Sasson: Peaceful pugilist
3. REVIEW/FILM: 'Xiu Xiu' Packs Surprising Punch

Saturday, March 7

1. Chinese official insists Tibetans toe the line
2. Jiang Zemin says more work needed to quell ethnic unrest
3. U.S. Pressed on China Human Rights Resolution

Sunday, March 8

1. China Claims Success in Tibet
2. Chinese President Calls for Ethnic Unity
3. A glance at religions in China
4. 10th March Commemoration in Taiwan

Monday, March 9

1. It's Not Too Late to Save Tibet From Obliteration
2. EU mission to Tibet will urge respect of Tibetan identity
3. Thousands rally in Paris for Tibet
4. Grammy greats sing for Tibetan new year
5. Afghan and Algerian women top agenda for Women's Day
6. Scorsese at the NFT

Friday, March 27

1. US Congress seeks to fight religious persecution around the world
2. China's Qinghai Lake drying up
3. Group calls for UNCHR human rights probe in Tibet
4. Tibetan Hunger strikers call for the UN to investigate

Saturday, March 28

1. Apple Computers recruits new salesman, the Dalai Lama
2. The Dalai Lama as petty tribalist

Sunday, March 29

1. Nobel Laureate Express Solidarity with Tibetan Hunger Strikers
3. Tibetan Activist Jetsun Pema Fundraises in Berkeley

Monday, March 30

1. Conflicting Reports on Location of Panchen Lama
2. Tibetan official dismisses US film about Dalai Lama as fantasy

Tuesday, March 31

1. On this day in history
2. UN Rights Commissioner planning trip to China
3. U.N. Chief Pleased With China Rights Moves

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