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"On my part, I remain committed to the process of dialogue. It is my firm belief that dialogue and a willingness to look with honesty and clarity at the reality of Tibet can lead us to a viable solution."
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WTN Archives: June, 1998

Monday, June 1

1. Tibetan Freedom Concert June 13
2. A joint problem in China (Asiaweek)

Tuesday, June 2

1. Film show "Seven Years in Tibet"going on well in Moscow

Wednesday, June 3

1. China blocks briefing by UN human rights commissioner (AFP)
2. Congress begins probe of China, W. House relations (Reuters)

Thursday, June 4

1. China blocks briefing by UN human rights commissioner (AFP)
2. His Holiness the Dalai Lama to visit Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Friday, June 5

1. Two Prisoners shot dead in Drapchi Prison (TCHRD)
2. Mother moves to New Delhi street to save son (SJMN)

Sunday, June 7

1. Reshuffle in Tibet government: committee members expelled (TIN)

Monday, June 8

1. Two earthquakes rock Tibet, no casualties (reuters)
2. Dalai Lama against trade boycott of China (AFP)
3. China planning Tibetan observatory to monitor Milky Way (AFP)
4. China hits out at Indian defense minister (Reuters)
5. India declares disputed Kalapani prohibited area (AFP)
6. "Red Corner":Murder, conspiracy and all that jazz (Irish Times)
7. Tibet Issues Environmental Bulletin (Xinhua)
8. EP Delegation meets Chinese leadership

Tuesday, June 9

1. Dalai Lama ready to quit politics if Tibet wins autonomy
2. Dalai Lama announces September visit to Buddhist Russian republics
4. Great Wall Of Sound: Concert to Aid Tibet Roars Into RFK
5. Great Wall of Sound: Faraway Tibet: Peak of Chic

Wednesday, June 10

1. Dalai Lama ready for talks with China on Tibet (Reuters)
2. EU to sign funding for controversial Tibet project (Reuters)
3. Dalai Lama welcomes EU line with China (AFP)
4. Statement by Dr. Heirich Neisser at the Austrian Parliament

Thursday, June 11

1. Tibet Courts acquit less than one pct of defendant (Reuters)
2. Dalai Lama cites ecology concerns in drive for Tibetan autonomy (AFP)
3. "Real Progress" in Beijing Means Negotiations for Tibetans(ICT)

Friday, June 12

1. Clinton defends China policy, Tiananmen Square visit
2. Excerpts from Clinton's speech on China policy, state visit
3. China demolishes religious sites in Tibet: group
4. Bhutan cut off by heavy rains, 50 dead in India

Saturday, June 13

1. Exiled Dalai Lama hopeful for return to Tibet (Reuters)
2. Message from Kashag for the Tibetan Freedom Concert
3. Clinton told to be firm on China (Reuters)

Sunday, June 14

1. Storm Hit Tibetan Freedom Concert
2. Tibetan Freedom Concert brings glamorous cause to Clinton's door
3. Lightning strikes at concert for Tibet (Reuters)
4. Demolition of important religious sites: monks and nuns expelled (TIN)

Monday, June 15

1. Thousands prepare in US for pro-Tibet rally in Washington
2. Dalai Lama arrives in France for three-day visit
3. Pro-Tibet rally draws thousands ahead of US-China summit
4. Pro-Tibetan rally draws thousands to U.S. Capitol
5. Pro-Tibet activists keep it simple at U.S. Capitol
6. U.S. envoy to China sees human rights progress

Tuesday, June 16

1. Musicians Put Tibet on Their Agendas
2. China dissident says sees no rights improvement

Wednesday, June 17

1. A nun's story: Testimony of Gyaltsen Wangmo
2. Dalai Lama expects Clinton to discuss Tibet in China
3. Tibet's Old System Deserved Its Demise: A letter to Editor

Thursday, June 18

1. Albright defends Clinton's China policy
2. Human rights abuses rampant in Asia
3. Dalai Lama meets top French officials

Friday, June 19

1. Dalai Lama says he has ``contacts'' with China
2. Clinton urges China on Dalai Lama talks
3. Human rights body praises French switch on international court
4. Tibet is integral part of China, Beijing authorities
5. Finns expected to flock to hear Dalai Lama

Saturday, June 20

1. Frenchman burns himself alive to help Tibetans
2. Statement from Bureau du Tibet on Mr. Blanchard's death
3. Tibetan monks, nuns ejected from monasteries -EU
4. Clinton names advisor on religious freedom
5. KUNDUN in Australia
6. Mr. Clinton: Tibet's people need your help

Sunday, June 21

1. Dalai Lama vows to continue non-violent struggle (Reuters)
2. MAHATMA GANDHI: A tribute by the Dalai Lama (Asia Week)
3. EU envoys report tight Chinese control in Tibet (AFP)
4. LITTLE TIBET: Renaissance and Resistance in Baltistan (Himal)

Monday, June 22

1. Clinton to find no Shangri-la on Tibet
2. China's Tibet
3. Spinning off to China
4. Administration Ponders Next Step Toward India

Tuesday, June 23

1. Message of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Vienna Plus conference
2. China cancels press visas, Clinton objects

Wednesday, June 24

1. New Legal Report on Tibet's Sovereignty Released on Eve of Clinton's Visit to China
2. Lawyers assert Tibet's right to independence
3. Tibet lobby group in Beijing for summit
4. Tibetan pressure group in Beijing to monitor Clinton summit
5. 4 arrested in protest near Chinese Embassy in D.C.
6. China prepares to welcome its most important visitor in a decade
7. China said to bar three U.S. news reporters
8. Radio Free Asia reporters barred from covering China summit
9. U.S. Company Demands Release of Engineer From Tibetan Prison

Thursday, June 25

1. China made mistake in revoking visas: Clinton
2. Clinton urged to show "presidential will" in China
3. China showing signs of flexibility over Tibet: academic
4. Tibet lobby group pushes prisoner releases on Clinton China trip
5. Clinton heads for China
6. Vienna Plus 5 - Final Report
7. Dissidents detained amid China security clampdown
8. Clinton leaves US coordinator for Tibet behind

Friday, June 26

1. China unrelenting on Tibet ahead of talks
2. Tibet's losing battle One way or another, China intends to hold on to Tibet
3. China lashes out at Tibet critics
4. US Coordinator on Tibet "not welcome" in China
5. Clarification of AFP Wire Story

Saturday, June 27

1. Seven Deaths in Drapchi Prison
2. Beijing slams Dalai Lama for lack of negotiations
3. Clinton, Jiang spar over Tibet
4. Hong Kong rights groups disappointed at Clinton's Tiananmen welcome
5. Dalai Lama stealing the show

Saturday, June 27 (2)

1. President Urges Jiang to Open Dialogue With Dalai Lama
2. Clinton urges China to talk to Dalai Lama
3. Clinton Welcomed at Tiananmen - President Condemns Crackdown
4. Clinton urges China to start talks with Dalai Lama
5. China has contacts with Dalai Lama: President Jiang
6. Tibetan official denies Dalai Lama's communication with China
7. You'd like the Dalai Lama, Clinton tells Jiang
8. China in contact with exiled Dalai Lama: Chinese president

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