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"We Tibetans are looking for a legitimate and meaningful autonomy, an arrangement that would enable Tibetans to live within the framework of the People’s Republic of China."
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WTN Archives: July, 1998

Thursday, July 9

1. Taiwan's Future

Friday, July 10

1. Live debate drives up TV ratings
2. Mr. Clinton: Tibet's people need your help

Saturday, July 11

1. Tibetan Refugees Make it to India
2. Tibetans Aim To Reclaim Lives
3. China TV Broadcasts Trial Live in Legal First

Sunday, July 12

1. Clinton China policy: Image is everything
2. Hollywood hopes more movies will follow Clinton to China

Monday, July 13

1. Dalai Lama cancels Taiwan visit (South China Morning Post)
2. Child of Fortune, Take 2

Tuesday, July 14

1. Contacts with China fruitful: Dalai Lama (The Hindu)
2. Rights Group Expects Verdict on Monday
3. India `using old trick' to seek power

Wednesday, July 15

1. Tibetan Lightning Victim Organizes Charity
2. Young Tibetans brave frigid flight to sanctuary
3. Tibetan Medical College Opens to Tourists
4. His material highness

Thursday, July 17

1. Tibetan music student held in Shigatse after appeal (TIN)
2. China slams Indian defence policy (AFP)
3. China to open one of world's largest nature parks with US help (AFP)
4. The Politics of Shangri-La (Feedmag)

Saturday, July 20

1. Moderate Quake Hits Tibet, No Casualties Reported (Reuters)
2. A Guided Tour: Lack of Independent Assessment (TCHRD)

Saturday, July 21

1. Buddhist- Chic, the Enlightened Decor (NYT)

Wednesday, July 22

1. Amnesty International's position on alleged abuses against worshippers of Tibetan deity Dorje Shugden (AI)
2. Cosmic Thing The Saltmen of Tibet (VV)
3. Tibetan music student held in Shigatse after appeal (TIN)
4. Dalai Lama bombs on world peace
5. Letter from Losel Tethong

Thursday, July 23

1. Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs - Irish Parliament
2. Experiences with the Dalai Lama and hopes of a free Tibet (ETNS)

Friday, July 24

1. Torture and ill-treatment / Fear for safety (AI)

Sunday, July 26

1. Dalai Lama's Dilemma (FEER)
2. Hong Kong Solution for Tibet? (FEER)

Monday, July 27

1. X- Monk "dedicated to spiritual practice" dies after torture
2. Raiders of the Lost Tombs(FEER)

Tuesday, July 28

1. Jampel Tendar, aged 20, Buddhist monk (AI)
2. China's Tang reassures U.S. on weapons (Reuters)

Wednesday, July 29

1. Lodroe Gyatso and Ngawang Jungne Urgent Action (AI)
2. Tibet monk dies after prison torture -London group (Reuters)
3. Tibet: Take a deep breath (NBC)

Thursday, July 30

1. Monk "dedicated to spiritual practice" dies after torture (TIN)
2. Tibetans make 1st U.S. visit (CD)
3. How to take on China
4. Urgent Appeal letter addresses

Friday, July 31

1. US Works for China-Dalai Lama Talks (AP)
2. Amnesty exonerates 'Tibetan Government' (TNS)

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