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"On my part, I remain committed to the process of dialogue. It is my firm belief that dialogue and a willingness to look with honesty and clarity at the reality of Tibet can lead us to a viable solution."
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WTN Archives: August, 1998

Wednesday, August 5

1. China envoy misses rights meeting with U.S. Congress (Reuters)
3. No Let up in repression in Tibet: Tibet Support Group, UK

Thursday, August 6

1. Rite of Freedom

Thursday, August 13

1. Killer mink, seashells dominate UK papers (Reuters)
2. School welcomes special guests=20

Friday, August 14

1. China students plan rally over Indonesian violence
2. Denmark's China policy should continue, says committee chairman
3. Bully in Shangri-la land

Saturday, August 15

1. Tibet - the forbidden country (Horizonte Geografico)
2. Disasters Affect Chinese Economy

Sunday, August 16

1. China's claim on Tibet at meet contested (The Hindu)
2. China's shining scalpel
3. A shawl that is a shroud

Monday, August 17

2. 'Free Tibet' hits the road

Tuesday, August 18

1. India Mudslide Kills 178

Tuesday, August 18 (2)

1. India Mudslide Kills 178

Wednesday, August 19

1. Dalai Lama's 'clique' free to return to China, Beijing says
2. Beastie Boy enjoys merger of music and message
3. Nine Rescued in India Landslides

Thursday, August 20

1. Lions Club send cataract doctors to Tibet
2. India evacuates villagers after killer landslides

Friday, August 21

1. The Strategic Importance of Occupied Tibet

Saturday, August 22

1. China puts snub-nosed monkey on special protection list
2. Landslides Hamper Himalaya Rescues
3. Tibet Your Life

Sunday, August 23

1. "Seven Days in Tibet - the Forbidden Trip"

Monday, August 24

1. More Party Control, Tighter Security in Rural Tibet

Tuesday, August 25

1. U.N. Human Rights Chief Readies for China, Tibet Visit (AFP)
2. Tibet struck by earthquake

Wednesday, August 26

1. Life - Nestling between earth and sky...
2. Seven Days in Tibet - Part II

Thursday, August 27

1. China warns worst not over as preparations start on Yellow River (AFP)

Friday, August 28

1. Asian Disasters Blamed Partly on Shrinking Forests Deforestation Leads to Floods
2. China Soldiers Plug Breached Dikes
3. Tibetan plateau forced up
4. 64-year-old British mountaineer sets out for Tibet's most sacred peak

Saturday, August 29

1. India to ask China to open pilgrimage route after landslide disaster
2. Bad policies to blame for China's disastrous floods: dissidents
3. China Resumes Ambitious Tibetan Railway Plan1
4. Premier Zhu Rongji Addresses Religious Issues (1)1

Sunday, August 30

1. China Floods Force Logging Ban in Eastern Tibet
2. Strong aftershock shakes Tibet
3. China's floods spread to Tibet and the southwest, rains forecast
4. China Resumes Ambitious Tibetan Railway Plan
5. Premier Zhu Rongji Addresses Religious Issues (1)

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