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"As long as human rights are violated, there can be no foundation for peace. How can peace grow where speaking the truth is itself a crime?"
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WTN Archives: September, 1998

Wednesday, September 2

1. UN rights chief to visit Tibet, meet with China's President Jiang Zemin (AFP)
2. Third quake in five days shakes remote Tibetan area (AFP)
3. Tibet capital hit by flooding (AFP)
4. Protests Target Dalai Lama (AP)

Thursday, September 3

1. Tragedy on the roof of the world (TE)
2. China completes study for Tibet railway (AFP)

Friday, September 4

1. Expedition to Tibet (DZ)
2. Dialogue on the roof of the world (taz)
3. More than 50 Deaths in Tibet Floods (TIN)

Saturday, September 5

1. Statement of Kalon T.C. Tethong (DIIR)
2. UN rights chief dodges China dissident issues before official trip (AFP)
3. Southern Tibet hit by 6.2 earthquake (AFP)

Sunday, September 6

1. U.N. rights chief seeks ``practical'' China steps (Reuters)
2. International Aid Program Thriving in Tibet (XINHUA)

Monday, September 7

1. More than 50 Deaths in Tibet Floods (TIN)
2. UN rights chief runs into dissident outcry at start of China visit (AFP)

Tuesday, September 8

1. More than 50 Deaths in Tibet Floods (TIN)
2. China Foreign Minister To Meet Albright In Washington (AP)
3. China rules out Robinson meeting dissidents
4. China to face new scrutiny over rights (Reuters)

Friday, September 11

1. UN rights chief arrives in Tibet after foreign ministry protest (AFP)
2. Prison Conditions and Language Issues in Tibet Today (TIN)

Monday, September 14

1. UN rights chief wins agreement for further China cooperation (AFP)
2. UN human rights chief addresses workers, religious rights in Shanghai (AFP)
3. Robinson ends Tibet trip amid allegations of prison brutality (AFP)

Tuesday, September 15

1. Ahern talks of human rights in China (IT)
2. Irish PM says China can learn from peace pact (Reuters)
3. Robinson's China visit 'broke new ground' (BBC)

Wednesday, September 16

1. India arrests alleged Chinese spies (AFP)
2. CIA Gave Aid to Tibetan Exiles in '60s, Files Show (LAT)
3. Tibetan official admits CIA once helped guerrillas (AFP)
4. Prison Conditions and Language Issues in Tibet Today (TIN)

Thursday, September 17

1. Mrs Robinson's Progress (IT)
2. Mrs Robinson's visit to Tibet (IT)
3. Jury out on U.N. rights chief's China visit -group (Reuters)
4. China To Sign Political Rights Pact (Reuters)
5. Yarlung Zangbo River Faces Increasing Danger (Xinhua)
6. China tells US to stay out of Tibet (AFP)

Friday, September 18

1. Tibetan killed in clash with Nepali police (Reuters)
2. China denies involvement in apparent plot to kill Dalai Lama (AFP)
3. U.N. Human Rights Commissioner Visit Compromised by Chinese Intransigence on Tibet (ICT)
4. China Refutes Support For Tibet (DN)
5. To Tibet from Omberg
6. China wants India to keep its word on Tibet (DH)

Saturday, September 19

1. Tibet: fires of frustration (AW)
2. Fires of frustration - Stubborn as yaks (AW)

Sunday, September 20

1. Beastie Boys promote "Free Tibet" movie(AFP)
2. Ancient Dwellings Discovered in Tibet (Xinhua)
3. Tibet's Yamzho Yumco Power Station Operational (Xinhua)

Monday, September 21

1. I wish I could say that truth always wins! - UN Secretary -General Kofi Annan
2. 'Free Tibet' obscures message with music (Variety)

Tuesday, September 22

1. Tibet prepares to open deepest valley to tourism (AFP)
2. 'Clarifying the facts about 1962 is a precondition'
3. 'Indians were very friendly towards China'

Wednesday, September 23

1. Statement from His Holiness the Dalai Lama (DIIR)
2. IB officials review Dalai Lama's security (TNS)

Thursday, September 24

1. Mother Comes to U.S. to Campaign for Imprisoned Son (ICT)

Friday, September 25

1. Resolution in the US Congress on Tibet
2. Press Release - France-Tibet, Comite de Soutien au Peuple Tibetain,

Sunday, September 27

1. Jospin discusses human rights, Tibet with Jiang, heads to Shanghai (AFP)
2. Jospin discusses business, Tibet in China (Reuters)
3. Tibet leader says talks with Dalai Lama possible if independence renounced (LTV)
4. Italian Senators Hail Great Changes in Tibet (Xinhua)

Monday, September 28

1. Tibetans stage pro-independence demo in Indian capital (AFP)
2. Angry Spirit ((tm))
3. China and France forge closer economic ties, progress on rights elusive (AFP)

Tuesday, September 29

1. Siemens Builds Hope Primary School in Tibet (Xinhua)
2. Clinton, Chinese FM discuss non-proliferation, human rights (AFP)

Wednesday, September 30

1. Blair pressured on Tibet ahead of China visit (AFP)
2. Response To Misleading Comments From Italian Delegation (TCHRD)

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