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"We Tibetans are looking for a legitimate and meaningful autonomy, an arrangement that would enable Tibetans to live within the framework of the People’s Republic of China."
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WTN Archives: January, 1999

Saturday, January 2

1. Activists march in Hong Kong, demand democracy in China
2. A winning formula for the new year
3. Chinese dissident: 'History will judge us fairly' Calls his trial 'political persecution'

Sunday, January 3

1. Peace March from Chandigarh to Delhi
2. For U.S. and China, Tension Takes a Holiday

Monday, January 4


Tuesday, January 5

1. China's Crackdown Widens, Leaves Liberals Anxious

Wednesday, January 6

1. Tales of Terror :Torture in Tibet (TCHRD)
2. Group alleges torture in Tibet by China (Reuters)
3. Tibetan rights group publishes book alleging torture by Chinese (AFP)
4. Tibetans march in India to press for autonomy (Reuters)
5. China takes new steps to punish dissidents (AP)
6. China to crack down on religious cults (Reuters)
7. Beastie Boys Plotting Next Tibetan Freedom Fest (Live Daily)

Thursday, January 7

1. Tibetan protestors storm Chinese embassy in India (AFP)
2. Tibetan protesters barge into Chinese Embassy (HT)
3. A Chinese Disneyland would need to adapt in order to succeed: analysts (AFP)
4. Explorers discover mythical waterfall in Tibet (AFP)
5. Fabled Tibetan waterfalls finally discovered Hidden Falls (AP)

Friday, January 8

1. Aerial Suspension, Ferocious Dogs Used to Torture Prisoners (Reuters)
2. Tibetans invade embassy compound to burn flags (HKS)
3. China slams India for failing to stop protests by Tibetan separatists (AFP)
4. Dalai Lama speaks at business meet despite China boycott (AFP)

Saturday, January 9

1. Chinese put quick end to new openness (WP)
2. Straddling two worlds (BR)
3. ''Windhorse'' -- nice scenery, shame about the story (Reuters)
4. China in futile battle to censor the Net (AFP)

Sunday, January 10

1. Dalai Lama: Tibet-China Talks Flop (AP)
2. US Religious Envoy Ends China Trip (AP)

Monday, January 11

1. I'm ready to talk any time: The Dalai Lama -- TIME Magazine
2. Tibet: Crackdown on Humanity: Human Rights Violations in 1998 (TCHRD)
3. Tibetan education under threat from Han Chinese: rights group (AFP)
4. Definitive new book on Education in Tibet (TIN)

Tuesday, January 12

1. Canada urged to abandon rights dialogue with China
2. NGOs call on Canada to suspend bilateral human rights dialogue with China
3. Haunted by Tibet
4. Explorers say area discovered in Tibet is lush with life and glorious waterfalls
5. Washington concerned over religious repression in China
6. U.S. should guard its technology and push China to keep its word

Wednesday, January 13

1. Tibetan Woman addresses UN Committee
2. Rights abuses rampant in Tibet, group says (AP)
3. Tibetan Rights Group Claims China is Increasing Religious Crackdown (Reuters)
4. Tibetan Monks Arrested for U.N. Human Rights Commissioner Letter (AFP)
5. Rights group sounds warning ahead of Paris visit by Chinese FM (AFP)
6. Two Tibetan monks arrested for attempting to write human rights letter (AFP)
7. UN to seek information from China on plight of two Tibetan monks (AFP)
8. Letters to the Editor, Wall Street Journal
9. Study Claims Tibetans Risk Becoming Underclass to Han Chinese

Thursday, January 14

1. Monks Arrested for Human Rights Letter (TIN)
2. U.S. tells China rights threaten good relations (Reuters)
3. New Delhi steps up security at Chinese, Pakistan embassies (AFP)
4. US-China rights talks to resume in late 1999 (AFP)

Monday, January 18

1. Police Banned Lhasa Students' Procession And Petition For Cleaner=20 Tibetan Environment (DIIR)
2. Suspect detained for bomb attack on Tibetan clinic (AFP)
3. China Denies U.S. Request to See Imprisoned Panchem Lama (Reuters)
4. Boy lama's welfare key to China talks (SJMN)
5. Tibetan Falls Finally Found (CSM)
6. The Spiritual Life (BG)

Tuesday, January 19

1. Monks arrested at Kirti after major protest (TIN)
2. Tibetan singer in harmony with her country and music (DN)
3. The Spring That Will Not Run Away
4. Chinese Embassy First Secretray visits Supporters of Shugden in South=20 India with a member of Shugden Group (DIIR)
5. 1999 Australia Peace March
6. Monks arrested at Kirti after major protest (TIN)=20
7. Tibetan singer in harmony with her country and music (DN)
8. The Spring That Will Not Run Away=20
9. Chinese Embassy First Secretray visits Supporters of Shugden in South India with a member of Shugden Group (DIIR)
10. 1999 Australia Peace March

Wednesday, January 20

1. Dalai Lama Says Tibetan Culture Safer In India (IPS)
2. China arrests Tibetan monks who resisted "patriotic" education (AFP)

Thursday, January 21

1. China mounts 'atheist propaganda' drive in Tibet (Reuters)
2. Julia Taft succeeds Greg Craig in U.S. Tibet post (Reuters)
3. ICT Welcomes Julia Taft's Appointment as New Special Coordinator on Tibet (ICT)
4. Statement by James P. Rubin, spokesman - Special Coordinator for Tibetan issues
5. Lhasa-Xining Air Route to Open Soon (Xinhua)

Friday, January 22

1. Tibetan Administration Welcomes the Appointment of the new US Special Coordinator for Tibetan Affairs (DIIR)
2. China opposes appointment of new US coordinator on Tibet (AFP)
3. UN must put pressure on China over rights, says rights group (AFP)
4. Robinson pledges to continue rights dialogue with China (AFP)
5. R.E.M. Joins Tibet House Benefit (BMD)
6. Tibetan singer's new album is a mesmerizing surprise (SJMN)

Monday, January 25

1. Tibetans urged to abandon religion (TIN)
2. Tibetan Freedom Concert (PI)
3. 'Goddess' of song enchants S.L. audience (DN)

Tuesday, January 26

1. UN To Review Reports of Atrocities Against Tibet Women Under Chinese Occupation (ICLT)
2. Sino-Tibet Study Group hosts meeting on Tibet at Chinese conference

Wednesday, January 27

1. Closure of religious sites following "patriotic education" (TIN)
2. Logging Bans in Tibet

Thursday, January 28

1. Closure of religious sites following "patriotic education" (TIN)
2. Public security units crack down on Tibetan separatists (TPBS)
3. Tibetan Monastery Closed when Monks Refuse to Denounce Dalai Lama (AFP)

Friday, January 29

1. Lack of U.S. Action Sparks International Effort (EW)
2. Bloody shawls exterminating chiru (CD)
3. Closure of religious sites following "patriotic education" (TIN)

Sunday, January 31

1. Dharamsala commemorates the 10th death anniversary of the 10th Panchen Lama (DIIR)

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