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"On my part, I remain committed to the process of dialogue. It is my firm belief that dialogue and a willingness to look with honesty and clarity at the reality of Tibet can lead us to a viable solution."
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WTN Archives: February, 1999

Monday, February 1

1. Chinese claims of improved education standards in Tibet challenged
2. China closes monestery, nunnery in Tibet
3. Chronology of China bombs and mystery blasts
4. The momo report Adventures and misadventures in Tibetan cooking

Tuesday, February 2

1. Karaoke and yak milk
2. Researcher Rejects China's Tibetan Education Claims
3. Police Shoot Tibetan Boy on Escape to Nepal
4. Peace Brokering - Letters to the Editor

Wednesday, February 3

1. Top Tibetan official calls for patriotic education for social stability
2. Review: The Dragon in the Land of Snows: A History of Modern Tibet Since 1947
3. Tibetan boy shot by border police

Thursday, February 4

1. Tibet Through Chinese Eyes Part 1 of 5
2. China to launch Tibetan satellite television in October
3. New Voice of Tibet (VOT) web-site:
4. China Rapped On Women's Rights At United Nations
5. Amnesty says China tortures minority Uighurs

Friday, February 5

1. Tibet Through Chinese Eyes Part 2 of 5
2. CNN International Is airing Ocean Of Wisdom in Europe (CNN)
3. Writer searches for happiness with the Dalai Lama
4. China to Launch Tibetan TV Channel for Communist Anniversary
5. Official Calls for Increased 'Patriotic Education' in Tibet
6. This Week - Community Events

Saturday, February 6

1. Tibet Through Chinese Eyes Part 3 of 5
2. US calls again for Chinese talks with Dalai Lama
3. China warns of "splittist" dangers in the capital
4. Amnesty demands EU focus on Chinese human rights crackdown

Sunday, February 7

1. Tibet Through Chinese Eyes Part 4 of 5
2. Insight - Green Valli shows his true colours

Monday, February 8

1. Tibet Through Chinese Eyes Part 5 of 5
2. Beijing to Host Tibet's 40th Anniversary of Chinese Rule Exhibition
3. "Denounce me" Dalai Lama tells followers
4. Tibet's Dalai Lama to visit Brazil
5. China Allows Disney Film Screening

Tuesday, February 9

1. Human Rights Groups Urge EU Protest vs. Dissident Crackdown
3. China To Allow Screening of Film

Wednesday, February 10

1. The CIA Circus: Tibet's Forgotten Army How the CIA sponsored and betrayed Tibetans in a war the world never knew about
2. US Official Makes Asia Predictions
3. More ranchers yak it up in today's tough cattle climate

Thursday, February 11

1. Where the Soul calls home
2. Albright to travel to China, Thailand and Indonesia
3. Taking A Stand City, county commissions appear wary of pro-Tibet group's resolution

Friday, February 12

1. Tibet trip to pacify activists suggested
2. Nepalese police arrest 47 Tibetan illegal immigrants
3. `Windhorse' Sees Tibet In All Its Complexity

Saturday, February 13

1. Top Tibetan official calls for widening of patriotic education
2. Indian state wants Buddhist Chakmas sent back to Bangladesh

Sunday, February 14

1. Beyond Dreamland Two new books skip the myths and propaganda and show how Tibetans really live in China

Monday, February 15

1. Dalai Lama: Informal Communication with China Ceased
2. Top Official in Tibet Calls for 'Patriotic Education' Net to be Widened
3. From Nepal, Images Of the Stark Ages Land, Myth Leap to Life at the Sackler
4. Trekking Through Tibet

Tuesday, February 16

1. The Dalai Lama explains how to be happy
2. Chinese New Year disturbed in front of the chinese embassy in Paris
3. World Religious Leaders to Gather in Dallas March 1999 Conference to Inaugurate United Nations Year 2000 International Year of Thanksgiving

Wednesday, February 17

1. Finding Common Ground: Public schools and religion
2. Police Rape Tibetan Women on Way to Dalai Lama
3. Tibetans Welcome New Year; Vice Governor Pledges 'Patriotic Education'

Thursday, February 18

1. Tibetan New Year celebations kept Dalai Lama from conference (AP)
2. Dalai Lama plans to visit Portland
3. WRAP SHEET- The Bloody Trail of This Year's Fashion Must
4. Press Release from Voice of Tibet

Friday, February 19

1. Harvest of fear as Tibetans celebrate
2. Chinese Head to Hollywood, Ready to Deal

Saturday, February 20

1. Your secret's safe
3. Los Angeles Adopts Resolution Supporting Tibet

Sunday, February 21

1. US-based dissident may return to China for father's funeral
2. Police break up New Year gathering of banned Chinese democracy party
3. Into the wild in search of rare, undiscovered plants Into the wild in search of rare, undiscovered plants

Thursday, February 25

1. Lhasa population up seven-fold since 1959: Chinese news agency (AFP)
2. Military discipline for Drapchi prisoners (TIN)
3. Tibet House Benefit: The Spirit of Tibet and All It Stands For (NYT)
4. Bhutan exhibition in Spain

Friday, February 26

1. China attacks US over Senate rights resolution
2. China Criticized on Human Rights
3. Glimpses of Hope
4. Senate set to slam China rights record, urge UN resolution
5. Senate condemns China on human rights
6. US slams China, others in annual human rights report
7. EU funds airlift of aid to Indian nomads in Himalayas

Saturday, February 27

1. U.S. Reports "No Progress" on Human Rights and "Serious Persecution" in Tibet ---------------------------------------------------------------------
2. U.S. State Department Report: Sections pertaining to TIBET

Sunday, February 28

1. Chinese reply to Dalai Lama group's remarks
2. Human rights report highlights Chinese repression (AP/LAT)
3. Jiang urges world to better understand China (AFP)
4. China, U.S. must expand partnership, ambassador says
5. 'Windhorse' Skillfully Depicts Tibetans' Plight Under Chinese (LAT)
6. Impassioned 'Windhorse' Tackles Freedom in Tibet UTAH News

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