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Thursday, June 10, 1999

1. Director Secretly Filmed In Tibet

By Lisa Nesselson

CHAMONIX, France, Thursday June 10 (Variety) - Director Jean-Jacques
Annaud has revealed that he secretly filmed in Tibet after the Chinese
government refused him permission to shoot ``Seven Years in Tibet,''
starring Brad Pitt, in the Himalayan region.

Two clandestine film crews captured forbidden footage on location, and
20 minutes' worth made it into the picture, in which Pitt played
real-life mountaineer Heinrich Harrer.

``I couldn't say this when the film came out, even though Brad and I had
already had the honor of being banned from China,'' Annaud explained in
an interview with Figaro Rhone-Alpes magazine on June 5.

The interview comes as part of the director's honorary chairmanship of
``Lumiere du Tibet'' (Light on Tibet), a 10-day conference and
performance festival to be held in Lyons from June 18-27.

Annaud confirmed that two ``secret'' crews shot extensively at locations
he had scouted.

``One crew spent four months between the sacred mountain, Mount Calache,
and the Potala in Lhasa,'' he said. ``The other crew shot in Nepal.''

Their footage ``was integrated into the film in its entirety or intercut
with other images shot in Argentina or Canada,'' Annaud said. ``I got a
big kick out of reading that the scenery in my film didn't bear the
slightest resemblance to the real Tibet.''

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