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"We Tibetans are looking for a legitimate and meaningful autonomy, an arrangement that would enable Tibetans to live within the framework of the People’s Republic of China."
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WTN Archives: June, 1999

Tuesday, June 1

1. L.A. to Kick Off Dalai Lama's World Festival of Sacred Music
2. Touching Tibet - written by Neima Ash
3. Chinese Academics Become China's Official Mouthpiece
4. Quake rattles Tibetan plateau
5. The International Solidarity Weekend for Tibet

Wednesday, June 2

1. China stokes fear and loathing of the West
2. Debunking the Myths Behind Tiananmen Crisis
3. Tseten Norbu (TYC) and Phuntsok Wanggayl (Tibet Foundation) in Paris for a Conference about 10th anniversary of the massacre, Tiananmen Square

Thursday, June 3

1. In Quest of Shangri-La
2. Beijing Warns US Against Using Force Against China
3. China: Rights Abuses Continue 10 Years After Massacre (Part One)
4. Rangzen Tibetan In which we learn there is more to Tibetan cuisine than momo -- and it is good

Friday, June 4

1. Dalai Lama: China Policy Of Torture In Tibet Goes On
2. Beatrice Diamond Miller, 1919-1999 Dr. Beatrice Miller, anthropologist / specialist in Tibetan studies dies at age 79

Saturday, June 5

1. Pretty Picture Of an Ugly Life

Sunday, June 6

1. China gives muted response to Kosovo peace plan
2. HK Activists Expect 50,000 At Tiananmen Vigil

Monday, June 7

1. Buddhist Path Week
2. Vote makes Canada party to repression in Tibet
3. Lee touches Taiwan-China nerve with Kosovo aid
4. U.N. Denies Status to Rights Group Critical of '89 Massacre in China
5. British climber battling to scale all 8,000-metre peaks by millennium

Tuesday, June 8

1. RIGHTS-ENVIRONMENT: Fears for Tibet Over World Bank Project
2. China, Russia Demand Bombing Halt
3. China scoffs at Taiwan aid for Kosovo refugees
4. Berkeley mayor wants city to buy only organic coffee
5. Prisoner of its past
6. Ricky Martin Is A Hit With AOL Audience

Wednesday, June 9

1. China could play hardball over peace deal
2. Flooded out
3. The International Solidarity Weekend for Tibet. June 12-13

Thursday, June 10

1. Director Secretly Filmed In Tibet
2. Glass Works

Friday, June 11

1. Musicians rally for Tibet's freedom
2. Jackson: NATO will rue leaving U.N. out
3. Amherst Massachusetts passes resolution on Tibet
4. RELIGION: Tibetan Lama Incarnate Awaits Indian Visa

Saturday, June 12

1. S.F. group's interfaith meeting draws Dalai Lama to Jerusalem
2. China wants a say in Kashmir conflict
3. China Maps Changes In Defense Strategy Beijing Reacts to New U.S. Alliances
5. China Claims Credit for Kosovo Deal
6. THE SPIRITUAL LIFE Widening gap between rich, poor to be topic at BC conference

Sunday, June 13

1. Dalai Lama in Israel: nonviolence can solve Mideast conflict
2. Dalai Lama attends Israeli religious meeting
3. Dalai Lama Urges Nonviolence for Mideast

Monday, June 14

1. Chief rabbi to meet Dalai Lama today
2. Dalai Lama unites 5 faiths on Jerusalem visit
3. Israeli rabbi to ask Dalai Lama to help free jailed Iranian Jews
4. Dalai Lama visits Jerusalem holy sites, urges perseverence for peace
5. PRESS STATEMENT of Jerusalem Conference

Monday, June 14 (2)

1. Exiled Tibetan government urges World Bank to shun farming project
2. HIS HOLINESS THE DALAI LAMA TO VISIT GERMANY Visits Bonn, Berlin, Stuttgart and Wiesbaden Cities 15-23 Jun, '99
3. Bands rock for Tibet amid mud
4. Reshuffling of Provincial Party Chiefs Starts
5. Dancing ... but to whose tune?
6. Tibetan Teams Win Football Matches in Italy

Tuesday, June 15

1. China objects to Dalai Lama meeting German FM
2. China Rejects Bank Plan Criticism
3. World Bank China Plan Threatens Tibetans, Environment
5. Dalai Lama Optimistic About 2000
6. Dalai Lama visits Jerusalem, asks Arabs to aid Iranian Jews
7. Beasties' Yauch Vows To Carry On As Tibetan Freedom Concert Goes Global
8. THOM YORKE unveiled a new song yesterday at the Tibet 99 concert in Amsterdam
9. Hundreds join rally for Tibet

Wednesday, June 16

1. Dalai Lama arrives in Germany after religious visit to Israel
2. Dalai Lama Begins Nine-Day Visit To Germany
3. Dalai Lama discusses human rights in Tibet during German visit
4. INTERNATIONAL OUTLOOK Intervention Gone Sour: The CIA's Tibet File
5. China Calls For International Cooperation To Protect Tibetan Antelope
6. Jailing of dissidents, torture, unfair trials persist in China

Thursday, June 17

1. Dharamsala backs worldwide campaign to halt project in Tibet
2. World Bank Attacked Over China Plan
3. World Bank under renewed pressure over divisive project
4. World Bank plays down "Tibet issue" in mass relocation project
5. Press conference in D.C. on World Bank Project
6. Chinese spokeswoman refutes Tibetan assimilation allegation
7. China flooding death toll up to 21

Friday, June 18

1. Panchen Lama returns to Tibet The Dalai Lama has given his backing to a different successor
2. Two boys in the eye of Tibet storm
3. Beijing-appointed Panchen Lama returns to Tibet
4. Dalai Lama's government ridicules Panchen Lama's return to Lhasa
5. Man on a mission
6. Rabbi Lau Takes Risks

Friday, June 18 (2)

1. World Bank Says China Scheme Funding "Uncertain"
2. Tibetans oppose World Bank project
4. Seven businesses destroyed by fire Blaze a challenge for Hampton Beach on brink of summer

Saturday, June 19

1. Tibetan tinderbox
2. China Sends Its Own Lama, 9, to Tibet
3. China Returns Religious Figure to Tibet

Sunday, June 20

1. China's Choice Of Panchen Lama Surfaces in Tibet
2. Lhasa fetes Panchen Lama visit
3. China rejects criticism of relocation project near Tibet
4. Peace Among Faiths

Monday, June 21

1. China Rejects Criticism Of Relocation Project Near Tibet
2. Amid infighting, World Bank to consider Tibet loan
4. China Defends Tibetan Religious Freedom After Return Of Panchen Lama
5. Letter to the Editor - BUNGLED BOMBING
6. Suspected poacher dies in shoot-out with police over Tibetan antelope
7. Un homme, un vrai

Tuesday, June 22

1. CHINA PUSHES CANADA HARD ON CONTROVERSIAL TIBET PROJECT (G&M) Ottawa's opposition to $160-million loan sparks lobbying campaign
2. FOCUS-World Bank delays China loan debate
3. The U.N.'s New China Project
4. World Bank to Vote on Controversial Loan to China
5. EDITORIAL - Ethnic cleansing and the World Bank
6. World Bank postpones consideration of China project
7. World Bank may back China loan despite U.S. vote

Tuesday, June 22 (2)

1. Torture in Tibet
2. China-anointed Panchen Lama makes pilgrimage
3. China says U.S. wants to become "Lord of Earth"
4. Curing with compassion
5. Dalai Lama says world should not isolate China
6. Five killed in clashes between rival nomad groups in eastern Tibet: TIN

Wednesday, June 23

1. Chinese aid project threatens Tibetan culture, critics warn
2. Shanghaied into a crazy scheme By Isabel Hilton
3. Loan for a Land Grab
4. China Says "No Reason" To Delay World Bank Plan
5. World Bank expected to approve controversial China loan
6. Le lobby protibetain fait hesiter la Banque mondiale La moitie des cadres de l'institution demandent qu'on reconsidere un projet en Chine
7. JIANG Zemin Promises More Aid to Western China
8. Philadelphia Adopts Resolution Supporting Tibet

Thursday, June 24

1. World Bank Approves Contested China Loan, Sets Terms (Reuters)
2. World Bank's Wolfensohn seeks to repair China rift
3. China Slams U.S. Over World Bank Loan
4. Controversial loan to China roils World Bank
5. China slams US interference over World Bank loan
6. Day After Day in India, Mother Holds Vigil for Son Imprisoned in Tibet

Friday, June 25

1. China sets tough rules for the next Dalai Lama
2. Tibetans flay Chinese move on Dalai Lama
3. Disputed Panchen Lama Urges Followers To Love Communist Party
4. Worldwide reforms leave Tibetans hoping for change Some exiles see foreign interest as a `fad'
5. Tibetan Freedom Concert is Attended by Approximately 50,000 People Worldwide
6. INS rules put Tibetan refugee in immigration limbo

Friday, June 25 (2)

1. World Bank approves loan to China U.S. objects to plan to relocate farmers
2. World Bank Sanctions Loan for Chinese Farmers
3. Tibetan resettlement must be monitored - group
4. World Bank approves controversial project in China
5. World Bank OKs Moving Chinese to Tibet U.S. objects to relocating 58,000 farmers
6. Press Release from Milarepa
7. Press Release from ICT
8. Press Release from CTC
9. Press Release from Students for Free Tibet

Saturday, June 26

1. Complicit in Tibet
2. U.N. creating new human-rights policy to serve its own needs
3. Prison labour rumours denied
4. World Bank supports "cultural genocide" - critics
5. China policy
6. The buck stops in China

Sunday, June 27

1. Chinese poor 'invade' Tibet
3. The Dalai Lama on Succession and on the CIA
4. A Lesson in Compassion from a Tortured Monk

Sunday, June 27 (2)

1. China Loan a Threat to Tibet
2. High-Wire Protest at World Bank
3. Panchen Lama Under Heavy Guard In Tibet
4. Beijing-Appointed Panchen Lama Urges Tibetans to Obey JIANG Zemin
5. China bans ownership of knives, guns in Tibetan capital
6. Tibet Initiative at The Hague Appeal for Peace
7. MZD Grateful for Good Karma
8. Small-Town Star Fades From the Limelight

Tuesday, June 29

1. Tibetan Boy of 9 Bears Burden of China's Policy
2. Wary monks greet China's Panchen Lama
3. A Revered Tradition
4. Holiness in Exile
5. Jeffords Joins Freedom Walk
6. China's propaganda war on Tibet gets cultural
7. Chinese Stage Mock Battles in Tibet
8. China conducts exploratory military exercises over Tibetan area

Wednesday, June 30

1. Controversial Chosen One Tours Tibet
2. VOA Editorial on Tibet

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