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WTN Archives: August, 1999

Sunday, August 1

1. A Tibetan Self-Made in China
2. BUDDHIST REVIVAL Omniscience comes in handy for Tibetans in faithless state

Tuesday, August 3

2. Brown calls for stronger Australian stand on Tibet
3. Cloudburst damages Hemis monastery
4. All the rage

Wednesday, August 4

1. Migrants Diluting Tibet Cities
2. Brown seeks meeting with Howard over Tibet

Thursday, August 5

1. Tibetan can stay in U.S.
2. A Tradition of Intellectual Dissent: Tibetan Political Prisoners in Qinghai Province (Part I)

Friday, August 6

1. A Message for Taiwan in a Ruling on Hong Kong
2. International Seminar on Ozone Layer Protection Opens in Tibet
3. A Tradition of Intellectual Dissent: Tibetan Political Prisoners in Qinghai Province (Part II)

Saturday, August 7

1. Dalai Lama claims growing international support for Tibet
2. Dalai Lama Prays for Kashmir Victims
3. Tibetan Buddhist nuns bring music, dance to Twin Cities

Sunday, August 8

1. Dalai Lama on four-day visit to Switzerland
2. HIS HOLINESS THE DALAI LAMA TO VISIT SWITZERLAND Bestows Two Public Talks to the People of Geneva
3. Newsweek: Dalai Lama: 'My Name, My Popularity' Useful in Promoting Human Values, Harmony Among Religions; 'Next Dalai Lama Could Be Indian or European ... Even A Woman'
4. Felonious monks

Monday, August 9

1. A Lama to The Globe
2. Dalai Lama draws a crowd in Geneva
3. Excitement building for Dalai Lama's visit
4. MZD Joins The Dalai Lama in an Effort to Promote World Peace
5. Festival of films on Tibet next week

Tuesday, August 10

1. Sri Lanka stalls request for Dalai Lama visit
2. Dalai Lama ends Swiss visit with peace plea
3. Swiss cabinet decides not to meet Dalai Lama
4. Australia, China to discuss Tibet, Falun Gong ban
5. Those forgotten by China's economic boom
6. FOCUS-China says 'no' to Pope visiting Hong Kong

Wednesday, August 11

1. UN bans Dalai Lama picture in Geneva headquarters
2. Dalai Lama remains taboo subject in home region
3. Dalai Lama Exclusive Worldwide Chat On AOL
4. Controversy dogs China relief project
5. China's poor see hope in resettlement
6. Tibetan Tension
7. China good? China bad? - Nothing is simple in Tibet.
8. Nehru's 'deal' with Washington

Thursday, August 12

1. Dalai Lama visits US, to participate in first online chat
2. Dalai Lama says 'lack of compassion' to blame for violence
3. Dalai Lama sets up camp in Bloomington
4. Dalai Lama to chat on AOL
5. Dalai Lama brings message of inner peace to frenetic NYC
6. MPs should not be fooled by Chinese in Tibet
7. State Department Official To See Dalai Lama
8. Dalai Lama visits US, to participate in first online chat
9. Prostitution 'undermining Tibet culture'

Thursday, August 12 (2)

1. Dalai Lama to visit Indiana Tibetan center .
3. CIA - A Secret War on the Roof of the World Spooks, monks and the CIA's covert gamble in Tibet

Friday, August 13

1. Dalai Lama to visit Indiana Tibetan center .
3. Press Release from Dharamsala
4. CIA - A Secret War on the Roof of the World Spooks, monks and the CIA's covert gamble in Tibet

Saturday, August 14

1. Dalai Lama teaching power of goodness to world's people
2. Buddhist Leader Projects Optimism but Warns Against Lofty Expectations
3. Dalai Lama to Officiate at Sacred Rite of Initiation
4. China Blasts United States Over Dalai Lama Visit
5. Holy man to meet official
6. Celeb chefs lend a hand for Dalai Lama fund-raiser
7. Protests will dog China leader's visit

Sunday, August 15

1. Thousands Crowd Dalai Lama Speech in New York
2. Dalai Lama revisits New York
3. Dalai Lama offers message of hope
4. Delegation heads to China for human rights talks
5. Time lists 20 most "influential" Asians of the century

Monday, August 16

1. Dalai Lama comes to Indiana with compassion and humor
2. Dalai Lama gives crowd life lessons, a few laughs
4. Local woman helps meet earthly needs at old ritual
5. Dalai Lama will find many Catholic friends during visit to Indiana
6. Dalai Lama Addresses 4,500 in Ind
7. and Donated to the Tibetan Government

Tuesday, August 17

1. Dalai Lama Promotes Warmheartedness
2. Dalai Lama offers message of peace 4,000 welcome him to Indiana
4. Dalai Lama has hopes for peace
5. Dalai Lama Visits Indiana Town
6. Dalai Lama dispenses wisdom, humor
7. Human rights dialogue remains a one-sided affair
8. Tibetans leave U.S. to make claims in Ontario

Wednesday, August 18

1. Administration Fumbled Away Hopes for Tibet
2. Dalai Lama wraps up violence prevention conference
3. Dalai Lama says 'warmheartedness' can combat youth violence
4. Look to models of Gandhi, Mandela, says Dalai Lama
5. Secular, sacred meet at "Buddhist Woodstock"
6. Security tight for dalai lama's visit
7. Dalai Lama praises Brown for Tibet visit
8. Bilateral talks renew Chinese human rights concerns
9. Australia holds human rights talks with China

Wednesday, August 18 (2)

1. Journey through Tibet
2. Tibet: A Land of Yaks and Yore
3. If you go: Visas, weather, tips

Thursday, August 19

1. Chinese Detain American Activist Visit to World Bank Project Site Questioned (WP)
2. Wife seeks word on Australian detained in China (Reuters)
3. Spirituality For A Better World (AW)

Friday, August 20

1. Dharamsala urges release of two detained foreigners in Tibet (DIIR)
2. World Bank Should Intervene On Detentions In China (HRW)
3. Law Group Condemns China's Arrest of Western Researchers in Tibet (ICLT)
4. Australian Tibet activist expects to be released (AAP)
5. China-held Australian sees early release - embassy (Reuters)
6. China Confirms Detentions Of American, Australian (AP)

Saturday, August 21

1. Australian man released by Chinese (AAP)
2. China releases detained Australian researcher (Reuters)
3. China-Detained Researchers released (AP)

Sunday, August 22

1. Freed Australian researcher accuses China of calculated cruelty (AFP)
2. Deported researcher fears companions may die (AAP)
3. China to evacuate injured U.S. researcher (Reuters)
4. US-China-Researchers (AP)
5. Dalai Lama-Seekers (AP)
6. American Citizen in Critical Condition Following Arrest and Detention by Chinese Government (ICLT)

Monday, August 22 (2)

1. American detainee in China has spinal injuries (Reuters)
2. Australia researcher hits World Bank for China ban (Reuters)
3. Delegation sees no evidence of repression in Tibe (AAP)
4. Sera Je Encounter (WTN)
5. Tibetan Nuns Keep Alive Buddhism's Teachings (GRP)

Wednesday, August 24

1. Rangzne Charter - Supplement

Wednesday, August 24 (2)

1. U.S. concerned about detained Tibetan translator (Reuters)
2. Tibetan detained at risk of mistreatment (HRW)
3. American in China said needs specialist treatment (Reuters)
4. Australia Tibet Council questions parliamentary report (AAP)
5. End the Fairy-Tale Reporting of Tibet (LAT)

Wednesday, August 25

1. China willing to transfer injured American linguist (AP)
2. Torture risk for detained Tibetan: watchdog (AFP)
3. State Department Briefing on Daja Meston (USD)
4. Amnesty International's statement on Tsering Dorjee and Daja Meston (AI)

Thursday, August 26

1. Injured U.S. activist airlifted from China (Reuters)
2. Fund is established for uninsured scholar (BG)
3. Seeking Buddhahood (AP)
4. Chaksampa 10th year anniversary

Friday, August 27

1. Putting Buddhism, Tibet on the map (CST)
2. Beijing Elders Keep Getting Tripped Up by Totalitarian Rule (WP)
3. Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD)
4. State dept. briefing on Daja Meston

Saturday, August 28

1. Scholar hurt in custody gets care in Hong Kong (BG)
2. ICT Urges Release of Tibetan Detained in Dulan Calls Upon China to Respect International Norms (ICT)
3. Salmon readying for trip to see Dalai Lama (AR)

Sunday, August 29

1. House of God might be a Web home page (KRNS)
2. Tibet (LAT)
3. Docent program puts teens in touch with Asian culture and themselves (SPI)
4. The Dalai Lama (AP)

Monday, August 30

1. In Tibet, Dalai Lama Remains People's Choice (LAT)
2. Dalai Lama shares his warmth (CST)
3. China's Tibet (SMH)

Tuesday, August 31

1. World Bank policy target of rally for Newton man (BH)
2. Dalai Lama Calls On Children To Build Peace (Reuters)
3. Dalai Lama reflects on his impacte (CST)

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