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"As long as human rights are violated, there can be no foundation for peace. How can peace grow where speaking the truth is itself a crime?"
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WTN Archives: January, 2000

Saturday, January 1

1. A Message from the Dalai Lama for the new millennium
2. Dalai Lama seeks non-violence in new millennium (Reuters)
3. Dalai Lama sees more human rights and democracy (Reuters)
4. Strains on China: Editorial in The Washington Post,
5. Tibetan music sings out amid the mishmash (CSM)

Sunday, January 2

1. People before profits (The Australian)
2. Messages encourage rights activists (SCMP)
3. Letter to Editor: Re: Dalai Lama a double-dealer (WTN 99/12/28)

Monday, January 3

1. Tibet: Tightening of Control (TCHRD)
2. Dalai Lama: Get rid of negative feelings (ENS)
3. Undertone of Conflict in Asia (AP)

Tuesday, January 4

1. Eyes on the living Buddha (NP)
2. China Tightened Repression Of Tibet In 1999, Rights Group Says (AFP)
3. Qinghai closes nature reserve (CD)

Wednesday, January 5

1. LITERARY LIFE Gurus near and far offer views of future
2. Breaking the jinx of political Pariah (TR)

Thursday, January 6

1. His Holiness the 17th Karmapa has fled to India (
2. Chinese president to visit Israel (Reuters)

Friday, January 7

1. UN Opinion Finds Ngawang Choephel's Detention Arbitrary
2. OPINION No. 2/1999 (PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA) Concerning: Ngawang Choephel
3. Comment: Revere the Dalai Lama as if he were royalty (NP)
4. Earthquake jolts Tibet (AFP)
5. Dalai Lama to visit Japan in April: report (AFP)

Saturday, January 8

1. Boy lama flees across Himalayas to escape Chinese (The Telegraph)
2. Tibetan Lama flees to India (BBC)
3. Tibetan Leader Defects From China (AP)
4. Rumtek head flees Tibet reaches Dharamsala (UNI)
5. Lama's flight embarrasses Beijing (BBC)
6. Tibetan 17th Living Buddha Leaves China (Xinhua)
7. Buddhist leader flees Tibet to join Dalai Lama (Guardian)

Sunday, January 9

1. Lama's Flight Dashes Hope for Tibet-Beijing Accord
2. Boy Lama makes first public appearance after fleeing China
3. EDITORIAL The South China Morning Post
4. Reprisals feared after boy escapes
5. Caution `shows Beijing hoping living Buddha will return'
6. Karmapa appears in Public
7. Karmapa Lama reaches McLeodganj

Monday, January 10

1. No request for Karmapa's political asylum: govt (Times of India)
2. Chinese Repression Forced Boy Monk To Flee (Reuters)
3. The boy who outwitted a superpower (Guardian)
4. India in a fix over boy-monk from Tibet (Times of India)
5. China left stunned as 'Black Hat' Lama flies to freedom (The Independent)
7. Beijing horrified by Tibetan lama escape (The Times)

Tuesday, January 11

1. Tight security for Karmapa (TOI)
3. Karmapa's flight puts exiled Tibetans, India on diplomatic tightrope (AFP)
4. Gruelling trek of freedom for Tibetans fraught with danger (AFP)
5. Security concerns over escaped Tibet spiritual leader (AFP)
6. China Girds For a Battle Of the Spirit (WP)
7. Crisis of Faith grips Chinese leadership (AFR)
8. The Seventeenth Karmapa's Departure from Tibet to India (KTD)

Tuesday, January 11 (2)

1. Coverage of the Karmapa Rinpoche's escape
2. China warns against 'hostile forces' using religion (AP)
3. China Warns Outsiders Against Stirring Unrest In Name Of Religion (AFP)
4. Clinton pushes for China-WTO deal (FT)
5. Beijing Discovers Another "Living Buddha" (AFP)
6. Tibet Lama's Exodus Revives Wrangle Over Black Hat (Reuters)
7. Centre still undecided on Karmapa (IE)
8. Tibetans organise indefinite relay hunger strike in Delhi

Wednesday, January 12

1. China Warns India Against Giving Spiritual Leader Political Asylum (AFP)
2. India under pressure to give asylum to boy lama
3. China Still Has Panchen Lama (AP)
4. Thunder Out of China (TIME)
5. Tibetan leader has not sought asylum (AP)
6. China warns India over arrival of Tibetan leader (Kyodo)
7. The Playing Fields of Asia: Book Review (NYT)

Thursday, January 13

1. U.S. to Back U.N. Resolution on Rights in China (Reuters)
2. Amnesty International Praises Early Decision to Back Resolution on China (AI)
3. ICT Applauds U.S. Decision to Censure China at U.N. (ICT)
4. Karmapa wants to stay in India (TOI)
5. Karmapa's uncle advises him to return to Tibet (PTI)

Friday, January 13 (2)

1. Karmapa may get refugee status (TOI)
2. China strongly opposes US move to condemn its human rights record (AFP)
3. Happy Life (NP)

Saturday, January 15

1. Tibetans march from Kashmir to New Delhi to demand freedom (AFP)
2. Karmapa Eescape=92: India asks China, how did it happen? (HT)
3. China cracks down on monastery of escaped Karmapa Lama (AFP)
4. No need for asylum (SCMP
5. Pro-Tibet group in legal move over policing of Jiang visit to Britain (A= =46P)

Sunday, January 16

1. India will not grant asylum to Karmapa (HT)
2. A Lama's Flight:Time for Chinese Rethinking About Tibet (IHT)
3. Furthering the Tibet Cause

Monday, January 17

1. India says Lama's stay does not violate agreement (Reuters)
2. Karmapa free to stay in India (AP)
3. Mystery of the runaway monk (HT)
4. Downer urged to co-sponsor China resolution (ATC)

Tuesday, January 18

1. Tibetans denounce China's ordainment of two-year-old "living Buddha"(AFP)
2. China's Lama not true reincarnation, says exile Tibetans (AP)

Wednesday, January 19

1. Foreign minister welcomes Dalai Lama to visit Slovenia (RS)
2. Control of Tibet a question of faith (SCMP)
3. Guangzhou-Lhasa Air Route Opens (AP)

Thursday, January 20

1. Indian Minister Urges Tibetan Monk To Take Over Rumtek Monastery (BBC)
2. China confirms Karmapa left Tibet without permission (Kyodo)
3. China protests HHDL's visit to Thailand (HT)
4. Religion in conflict situations: Problem or solution? (II)

Friday, January 21

1. Dalai Lama's proposed Seoul visit poses headache over China
2. Tibetans arrested during escape (KP)
3. China says US human rights resolution 'doomed to failure' (AFP)
4. Best-selling Buddhist closes book on fame (TA)

Saturday, January 22

1. Don't Shut Out the Dalai Lama (FEER)
2. Seoul to oppose Dalai Lama visit to South Korea (AFP)
3. The Goal of Freedom (FPT)

Sunday, January 23

1. Dalai Lama stops short of pleading asylum for Karmapa (IE)
2. India protesters urge asylum for Karmapa Lama (Reuters)
3. China to Create Nature Reserve at Yarlung Zangbo (Xinhua)
4. Monks' painting returned 'as offering' (TP)

Monday, January 24

1. Tibetan Group Wants India To Allow Monk To Stay (AP)
2. China jamming Voice of Tibets short wave radio broadcasts (VOT)

Tuesday, January 25

1. India urged to allow Tibetan boy lama to travel to Sikkim (AFP)
2. To travel to Tibet (GM)

Wednesday, January 26

1. Battle of Lamas (IT)
2. Battle of the Lamas (IT)

Thursday, January 27

1. Teenage lama 'unlikely to return to Tibet' (ITN)
2. The Secret Report Of Tibet's 10th Panchen Lama Available Online For The =46irst Time (TIN)
3. Inspired to action by gentle Tibetans (SMH)
4. Media watchdog accuses China of jamming of Voice of Tibet (AFP)

Friday, January 28

1. Tibet's Dalai Lama Issues Letter On Escaped Boy Lama (BBC)
2. Bumbler on the Roof of the World (TM)
3. Land of Spirits (BBC)

Saturday, January 29

1. Future of Shangri-La (HT)
2. Bradley, Gore, Bauer take a stand on the Tibet question (ICT)
3. Happy Thoughts

Sunday, January 30

1. The Cup' Is a Rich Mix of Soccer, Life in Monastery (LAT)
2. lost son, emergency

Monday, January 31

1. Buddhist's Escape From Tibet, by Car, Horse and Plane (NYT)
2. European Parliament Supports Resolution Against China at UN (ICT)
3. European Parliament resolution on the human rights situation in China

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