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WTN Archives: February, 2000

Tuesday, February 1

1. China warns US to drop criticism over human rights (AFP)

Wednesday, February 2

1. Clamp On Tibet
2. China's chosen Tibetan leader praises state religious policy
3. Culture Clash in Tibet Encouraged by the government, thousands of Chinese migrants are pouring in to the disputed region
4. Ontario Tibetan Community Mourns the Loss of a Leading Member

Thursday, February 3

1. China Parades Tibetan Boy Lama Ahead Of New Year
2. A Revered Lama's Escape to India From Tibet Inflames Buddhist Rivalry
3. To the Editors of World Tibet News
4. Shahtoosh: Maneka Guns for Farooq, the "Hunter, Liar"
5. Tibetan Art Rescue
6. Future of Shangri-La, Anand K. Sahay on the Tibetan question

Friday, February 4

1. The Great Escape
2. Karmapa To Concentrate on Studies
3. Escaped Karmapa lama leads New Year prayers in Dharmsala
4. Tibetan Lama Says Freedom Necessary

Saturday, February 5

1. Tibetans can return soon to homeland: Karmapa
2. Welcoming the Dragon
3. Karmapa To Concentrate on Studies
4. Spin Follies - China never seems to get it right in Tibet
5. Raising awareness through music

Sunday, February 6

1. Politics of persecution - China's fear
2. Well-behaved Ashley MacIsaac wows Carnegie Hall crowd
3. It's a wrap for the lama director - THE CUP

Monday, February 7

1. Tibetan fugitive puts his charisma on display
2. Escaped Tibetan religious leader to stay in India
3. Tibet's shy warrior
4. Tibetan presence expanding here

Tuesday, February 8

1. Chinese-Picked Tibetan Backs China
2. Dalai Lama Skips New Year Tradition
3. China's Jiang Zemin To Visit South Africa In April
4. Monks sweep away universe painted in sand

Wednesday, February 9

1. Boy lama's poetic attack on China
2. Dalai Lama to visit Twin Cities
3. Buddhist Spiritual Leader To Visit Minnesota Dalai Lama Will Speak On Wide Range of Subjects
4. His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Visit Twin Cities in May 2001
5. Tibetans welcome new year
6. The CIA in Tibet

Thursday, February 10

2. Wrap Up the Shahtoosh Trade -- IFAW Calls on Fashion Industry to Prevent Extinction of Tibetan Antelope
3. People have the power
4. Studio chiefs battle China syndrome

Friday, February 11

1. TIBET UNDER SIEGE China is destroying the culture and identity of a gentle people
2. T-shirt gets MP the boot Rob Anders asked to leave Chinese New Year's party
3. Concern over birth controls for Tibetans

Saturday, February 12

1. New birth control policies to "help families become richer"
2. EU Urged To Support China Criticism
3. Trading One Cage for Another - Karmapa Kept Segregated From Others
4. A Defiant One

Sunday, February 13

1. Increased restrictions on birth of children in Tibet
2. Seagram's Proud Legacy in China
3. CPN-UML demands action against those involved in Karmapa episode
4. 'Windhorse' is thoughtful story of Chinese in Tibet
5. The Cup is a winner

Monday, February 14

1. Security is tight for Karmapa's audiences
2. Time has changed little for Buddhists in Tibet
3. Chinese Sterilise Tibetan Women
4. China Invites African Leaders To Beijing For Political Forum
5. Chinese political prisoners used as labor for Seagram's plant
6. Gang Chenpa - Music from the land of snow

Monday, February 15

1. Controversial Chinese NYSE Listing Opposed by Tibetan AdvocacyGroup
2. Crimes of Fashion

Wednesday, February 16

2. Student Group Moves Against PetroChina IPO - Goldman Sachs Offering Would Fund China's Occupation of Tibet
3. When Tibet took centrestage

Thursday, February 17

1. Dalai Lama: 60 years on a shadow throne
2. Tibetan Govt to keep off Karmapa row
3. Centre yet to decide on Karmapa status
4. Beijing In Waiting Game With Dalai Lama For Control Of Tibetan Buddhism
5. China fails to address Western concerns in human rights report
6. China Says Human Rights Never So Good, Will Get Better
7. EU prepares for UN meeting - Human Rights and China

Friday, February 18

1. Dalai Lama, Karmapa Appear Together
2. Woodstock's Tibetan Monastery Prepares for a Lama
3. Dalai Lama's appeal for Tibet
4. Amnesty Says China's Human Rights White Paper Is A Whitewash
5. Tibetan art, indie films featured on Greater Boston Arts
6. The Cup

Saturday, February 19

1. Dalai Lama calls for renewed and stronger Tibetan freedom movement
2. Tibetan culture faces extinction, young Buddhist leader says
3. Escaped monk leads Dalai Lama's 60th anniversary function

Sunday, February 20

1. Dalai Lama celebrates anniversary in exile
2. Medical Letter Writing Action Campaign on Ngawang Choephel's behalf
3. Rep. Christopher Smith Feb. 16 on China Trade Relations

Monday, February 21

1. Tibetan youth increasingly frustrated with credo of non-violence
2. Tibet West / Merchants find a niche in Manayunk
3. In search of paradise lost A life in writing

Tuesday, February 22

1. Sino-Indian WTO agreement today, China negotiates with EU
2. Montreal Tibetans observe two important events
3. Tibetans in London celebration 60th anniversary
4. Tibetans in Switzerland Celebrate 60th Enthronement Anniversary

Wednesday, February 23

1. Dalai Lama makes online debut
2. Goldman Sachs' PetroChina Offering Would Fund China's Occupation of Tibet
3. Tokyo governor insists he will meet Dalai Lama
4. Japan "Cautious" About Inviting China To G8 Summit
5. NZ to hold inquiry into police handling of Jiang demonstrations
6. Lettre des parlementaires au Ministre des Affaires Etrang=E8res
7. Declaration d'Olivier Dupuis, secretaire du Parti Radical et depute europeen

Thursday, February 24

1. China warns Japan over Dalai Lama visit
2. The Dalai Lama answers your questions
3. Shipley to face inquiry on protests
4. Changes in store for Tibet?
5. Inner visions: Fort Worth art exhibit offers viewers Tibetan transformations
6. The last guard of the avant-garde
7. Letter to the Globe and Mail editor

Friday, February 25

1. U.S. Says Human Rights in China Worsened in 1999
2. U.S. Should Withdraw Permanent NTR Campaign, Says ICT
3. Worlds of Transformation: Tibetan Art of Wisdom and Compassion
4. BBC's apology letter to Ms. Stirling Davenport about errors in their transcription of the Interview with the Dalai Lama
5. Buddhists on the ball - Tibetans monks go nuts over soccer

Saturday, February 26

1. US human rights reports condemns widespread human rights abuses in China
2. China Reacts Angrily to U.S. Report on Human Rights
3. Emissary of Karmapa Lama rival arrives in Indian capital
4. Activists may sue police
5. UN human rights official to visit China

Sunday, February 27

1. Newsweek: Teenage Karmapa Lama Planned Escape From China-Controlled Tibet After 1998 Attempt on His Life; Aid From Devotees Included Helicopter Flight Over Rugged Area
2. China Steps Up Attack on U.S. Report on Rights
3. Chinese dissident appeals to Mary Robinson
4. Discovering the Mysteries of Tibet and South China

Monday, February 28

1. Beijing accuses US of double standards on human rights
2. Australian Peace March - 3rd Australian Peace March for Tibet's Independence

Tuesday, February 29

1. Goldman Sachs' PetroChina Offering Would Fund China's Occupation of Tibet
2. Tibet Activists Stage Funeral Procession and Unfurl Banner: "Goldman Sachs=92 PetroChina: Risk for Investors, Death for Tibetans"
3. Tibet Resolution Passes in Indianapolis
4. Karmapa willing to go to Sikkim
5. Karmapa may visit Bhattu

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