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WTN Archives: May, 2000

Tuesday, May 2

1. Dalai Lama values love of Indians (TNS)
2. New Information on the 2nd Anniversary of the Drapchi Protests (TCHRD)

Wednesday, May 3

1. Tibetan museum a chronicle of suffering and hope (Reuters)
2. British police acted unlawfully at China protests (Reuters)
3. Seoul Hints at Granting Dalai Lama Entry Visa (KT)
4. Personal Space (TA)

Thursday, May 4

1. Taiwan-Tibet Issue: An Irritant to China (LAT)
2. 2nd Anniversary of Martry Thupten Ngodup at New York City
3. Xinhua is the official news agency People's Republic of China

Saturday, May 6

1. Dalai Lama urges Danish prime minister to be firm with China over Tibet (AFP)
2. Row over Dalai Lama could spoil Danish PM's visit to China (AFP)
3. BP Amoco opts out of controversial Tibet pipeline but retains major stake in Petro-China
4. Govt inquiry into police action to visit Christchurch (TP)

Sunday, May 7

1. Tibet focus of San Mateo marchers (SMCT)
2. A Lamas' who's who (NYT)
3. Tibetan Seminar in Gothenburg, Sweden, May 6th 2000.
4. Cooking Up More Trouble? (IE)
5. You Had Better Know This French (HT)

Monday, May 8

1. Tibet focus of San Mateo marchers (SMCT)
2. Tibetans Attend UN Preparatory Conference On The World Conference On Racism
3. Disillusioned Tibetans seek greener pastures Tribune News Service (TT)
4. Police action at Tibet rally unlawful Met forced into climbdown over treatment of protesters (TG)

Tuesday, May 9

1. His Holiness The Dalai Lama To Visit Germany
2. Beijing urges Denmark to respect position on Tibet (AFP)

Wednesday, May 10

1. Dalai Lama, in Poland, still open to talk with Beijing (AFP)
2. Danish PM to go ahead with Dalai Lama meeting (AFP)
3. China and Denmark stand off over Dalai Lama meeting (AFP)
4. Dalai Lama not to attend Taiwan presidential inaugration (AFP)

Thursday, May 11

1. China protests over Dalai Lama's Sweden visit (Reuters)
2. Tibetan Govt's no to mediation (TNS)
3. Tibet Foundation's Fifteen Anniversary

Thursday, May 12

1. Dalai Lama takes to cyberspace (AFP)
2. Wisdom and Compassion: A Tibetan View of Personal and Global Transformation

Friday, May 12 (2)

1. The Third Tibet Conference in Berlin to Step Up International Campaigns

Saturday, May 13

2. Dalai Lama visits prison in Polish capital (PAP)
3. Dalai Lama in Poland asks Chinese journalists for honest reporting (TVP)

Sunday, May 15

1. His Holiness the Dalai lama to the Scandinavian countries from 15 - 24= May 2000

Monday, May 15 (2)

1. China warns Karmapa1s kin Tribune News Service (TT)
2. Brown at Berlin Conference on Tibet
3. His Holiness the Dalai lama to visit SOIR- the Swedish Organization fo= r Individual Relief, Lund, Sweden

Tuesday, May 16

1. The Loneliest Monk (CW)
2. Teacher institute at Smithsonian Tibetan Festival: A once in a lifeti= me opportunity for educators

Wednesday, May 17

1. Dalai Lama says West could do more for Tibet (Reuters)
2. Sweden could mediate China-Dalai talks, PM says (Reuters)
3. Chinese ignorance blocking solution of Tibet: Dalai Lama (AFP)
4. Twin cities Tibetan begins 1000 mile bicycle ride to Washington DC

Thursday, May 18

1. Politics aside as Swedish PM talks spirituality with Dalai Lama (AFP= )
2. Dalai Lama breakfasts with Swedish PM (MC)
3. Taiwan-Tibet relations areat a crucial turning point (TT)
4. Not quite made in Tibet (Himal)

Friday, May 19

1. Pavarotti & Friends Concert For Cambodia And Tibet Announced
2. Chinese dissidents warn US-China trade deal will strengthen Beijing's= hand (AFP) =
3. Jeffords objects to China trade status (AP) =
4. The Biggest Vote (NYT)
5. Students Hunger Strike Against Permanent Normal Trade Relations With China
6. Pro-Beijing Panchen Lama denounces Tibetan 'separatism'

Sunday, May 21

1. WTO entry can help China change, Dalai Lama (Reuters) =
2. Dalai Lama-WTO (AP)
3. Tibet Since 1950: Silence, Prison, or Exile

Monday, May 22

1. Dalai Lama says world must push China on democracy (Reuters) =
2. China has toughened its stance toward Tibet (AP)
3. Danish PM in hot water after saying Tibet a part of China (AFP)

Tuesday, May 23

1. Acceptance of violence
2. Dalai Lama: China Hardens on Tibet (AP)

Wednesday, May 24

1. Chinese police detain 50 Tibetan students on border: rights group
2. Appeal for the Immediate release of the Students
3. China Bill Brings Mixed Rhetoric
4. China Commission Should Be Strengthened
5. Dalai Lama has not endorsed PNTR
6. Support for China on WTO and NTR is Unconscionable
7. Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama to speak at Washington Mall
8. New Reserve Covers Sources of Asia's Largest Rivers
9. Australian MP praises China's role in Tibet

Thursday, May 25

1. Anger as MP praises conditions in Tibet
3. Police breached spirit of democracy says Clark
5. Dalai Lama, Nazis dragged into U.S Congress China debate
6. Trade bills OK clears Hollywood's path into China

Friday, May 26

1. Chinas human rights record could face more high-level U.S. scrutiny
2. 50 Tibetan students arrested
3. Dalai Lama expresses horror at plight of cows in India
4. Having lost China trade fight, activists turn to international alliance

Saturday, May 27

1. Karmapa, to "Paris Match", 18-25th May 2000:
2. Karmapa - Second Interview "Le Figaro Magazine"

Sunday, May 28

1. Taiwan Sparks New Tension
2. MP hits out at row over Tibet acclaim
3. Bollywood awards for Richard Gere presented

Monday, May 29

1. Young Lama Inspires Tibetan Exile Youth
3. China and India agree to speed up talks on border dispute
4. A Rarity in an Age-Old Role
5. Worldbridges providE web support to Dharamsala
6. Southwest six report co-operation

Tuesday, May 30

1. India, China Talk Co-operation
2. San Diego Monks Begin Tibetan March
3. Gere honoured at awards ceremony for fans of Indian cinema
4. US animal rights group notches up victory against Indian leather trade
5. US, British climbers conquer Mount Everest

Wednesday, May 31

1. Improved China-India to will help developing world: Zhu Rongji
2. Six Tibetans Arrested
3. Monks and activists march to raise US awareness of Tibet
4. Tibet 2000: Environment and Development Issues
5. Heinrich Harrer Limited Edition Portfolio press release

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