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WTN Archives: August, 2000

Tuesday, August 1

1. Dalai Lama declines invitation to address U.N. religious summit
2. Chinese Farmers See New Desert Erode Their Way of Life
3. New religious restrictions threaten Tibetan traditions

Wednesday, August 2

1. "If It Can Happen Here, Can It Happen Anywhere?
2. Dalai Lama to visit Mandi today
3. Floods Submerge Indian Villages
4. Academics Tour Tibet to Help With Development

Thursday, August 3

1. Chinese police crack down on Dalai Lama worship in Tibet
2. Beijing Rounds Up Portraits Of Dalai Lama In Tibet
3. Religious crackdown in Tibet is alleged
4. For Harmony, Dalai Lama Stays Home
5. Dalai Lama not invited to UN convention
6. At least 107 die as rains send river over its banks
7. China destroys "harmful" maps

Friday, August 4

2. Dalai Lama Blames China for UN Summit Exclusion
3. Dalai Lama to address World Peace Summit
4. Religious leaders heading to summit But Dalai Lama barred from sessions at UN

Saturday, August 5

1. Tibetans Experience U.S. Pastime
2. Spituk Camp Flood Appeal

Sunday, August 6

1. Tibetan downpour, flooded Indian river drown at least 107
2. Dhumal seeks army help
3. Use of Tibetan tongue advocated

Monday, August 7

1. Blacklisting the Dalai Lama
2. Blackballing the Dalai Lama
3. Nepal using Tibet trade routes to transport food supplies
4. China to Upgrade Lhasa's Telecom

Tuesday, August 8

1. Tibetan Music Day Camp - Summer 2000
2. Floods kill 100, leave millions homeless, ruin crops
3. Advani to attend Kalachakra
4. Nepal, Britain agree to promote export of Nepalese carpets to UK
5. DALAI LAMA - What Would Richard Gere Do?
6. Investment in Tibet
7. China Says Provinces Setting Up Internet Police
8. Hong Kong Pollster Avoids Topics

Wednesday, August 9

1. No welcome for Tibet, Taiwan
3. Eight Tibetans arrested in Sog County
4. Celluloid cavalry failed Tibet

Thursday, August 10

1. Exile Tibetan musicologist's mother visits son in Chinese prison
2. Jailed Tibetan receives visit from mother
3. Forceful withdrawal of juvenile monks and nuns
4. Invite the Dalai Lama
5. Tibet March in Alps: August 8 Update

Friday, August 11


Friday, August 11 (2)

1. Disinviting the Dalai Lama - Editorial
2. A Himalayan Holocaust
3. A TEARFUL MEETING WITH A CAGED NIGHTINGALE Ngawang Choephel=EDs Mother Visits Her Son in Chengdu Prison
4. Response to "Return of the Referendum"

Saturday, August 12

1. U.S. Hits Summiteers' - Decision on Dalai Lama
2. Tibetans get warm welcome on trans-Alpine march by Jacques Guillon
3. City Diary: Tibetan protesters at BP
4. Voting Begins for The New Seven Wonders of the World
5. Tibetan cultural web site to launch
6. Senior Tibetan official meets Brazilian legislator
7. China to rebuild temple claimed as "evidence" of sovereignty over Tibet
8. China: Work begins on two Tibet projects funded by Jiangsu Province

Sunday, August 13

1. Rain triggers mountain collapse in northern India
2. THE GREAT ARTISTIC HERITAGE OF MONGOLIA - The inaugural exhibition of the Zanabazar Mongolian Institute of Buddhist Art
3. Conf=E9rence Dala=EF Lama Paris 26 sept

Monday, August 14

1. U.N. bows to Beijing
2. A culture in urgent need of repair
3. Dalai Lama Holds Out Hope For Tibet
4. Local man heads up U.N. protest
5. Public Conference by His Holiness the Dalai Lama on September 26th in Paris
6. 1st Cultural Festival of Tibet and Himalayan peoples

Tuesday, August 15

1. A Magnet for Explorers, Spiritualists and the Stars
2. Beef prices steer rancher to yaks

Wednesday, August 16

2. China cracks down on Tibetan tour guides
3. International NGO told to shut down in Tibet, directors expelled
4. Karmapa=B9s followers plan meeting

Thursday, August 17

2. German aid worker ordered out of Tibet
3. European March for Tibet Reach Chamonix
4. First Kalchakra of millennium concludes
5. One killed in stampede in Buddhist monastery in India
6. Helms Upset About Dalai Lama Snub
7. China's Religious Leaders Shrug off Foreign Criticism
8. The UN helpless against China?
9. Nepal Foreign Minister to visit China

Friday, August 18

1. China "concerned" over Indo-Nepal border: report
2. COLUMN: U.N. shuns Dalai Lama by denying invite
3. Tibetans blast UN, China for religious summit snub to Dalai Lama
4. China curbs births in the west, but wants more people to move there

Saturday, August 19

1. China Concerned Over Tibetan Activists In Nepal
2. China Lobbied After It Expels NGO From Tibet
3. On a Summer Night, Nothing Is Strange or Foreign

Sunday, August 20

1. Ogyen Trinley Dorjee endorsed 17th Karmapa
2. Nurturing a Trouble spot?

Monday, August 21

1. Dalai Lama's trip will help finance area study center
2. Mother Fights for 6 years for son Imprisoned in China
3. Tibetan WOMEN APPEALS to China to FREE SICK SON
4. Woman Finally Allowed to See her Son In Tibetan Prison

Tuesday, August 22

1. It's No Peace Summit Without Dalai Lama
2. US opposed to snub of Dalai Lama at millenium religious summit
3. Columnist takes courageous stand on China
4. Picking the flesh off a culture

Thursday, August 24

1. China Opposes Dalai Lama's Presence at U.N. Millennium Summit
2. Annan Fends Off Criticism Over Dalai Lama
3. Annan answers critics over exclusion of Dalai Lama from religious summit
4. German Envoy Thwarted in Bid to End Tibet NGO Row
5. Pacifica Hosts Tibetan Freedom Concert
6. "Daughter of Tibet" gone at age 92
7. Ama Rinchen Dolma Taring la has expired
9. Restive, Oil-Rich Region Is China's Second Tibet

Friday, August 25

1. UN chief defends Dalai Lama snub (BBC)
2. Analysis: Dilemma over Dalai Lama (BBC)
3. Dalai Lama Barred at Summit (WP)
4. China's 'sensitivities' ban Dalai Lama from UN summit (SA News24)
5. Novel's China-India nuclear war could happen, says defense minister (AP)
6. Here we go again (Re: George Fernandez) : Editorial Indian Express
7. TIBET VIGIL (Press Release)

Saturday, August 26

1. Religious Crackdown intensifies in Lhasa (TIN)
2. Tibetans complete 700-km trans-alpine trek to UN headquarters
3. Tibetan exiles furious at Dalai Lama's exclusion from New York summit (AFP)
4. China, Nepal discuss tourism, steer clear of religion (AFP)
5. No religious repression in China : spiritual leaders (AFP)
6. US citizens freed, underground church seeks end to persecution (AFP)
7. China turns to fiction to create honest Communist official (AFP)
8. Mass arrests taint China's 'golden age' of religion (Globe and Mail)

Sunday, August 27

1. Dalai Lama Sending Senior Tibetan Buddhist Leaders to World Peace Summit
2. Unholy row as Dalai Lama is banned from UN summit (The Guardian)
3. Annan justifies exclusion of Dalai Lama from meet (Reuters)
4. U.N. Denies Dalai Lama Exclusion (AP)
5. U.S. Ambassador Visiting Tibet (AP)
6. Report: China Expels Tibetan Monks (AP)
7. Chinese religious leaders defend record on religious freedom (CNN)
8. China steps up pressure on Tibetans after lama's escape: rights group (AFP)
9. First food shipment transported to northwest Nepal via Tibet route (AFP)

Monday, August 28

1. Exile students force to return to Tibet (TCHRD)
2. China Demands Tibetan Students in India Return Home (AFP)
3. World's Religious Leaders In New York Without Dalai Lama (Reuters)
4. China intensifies anti-Dalai Lama campaign (BBC)
5. Mongolia waits for Dalai Lama (Australian)
6. China Seizure Halts Delivery of U.S. Book (NYT)
7. Tibetan Lama creates fresh controversy (Re: Karmapa) (TOI)
8. Sikkim faction raises security bogey over Karmapa (TOI)

Tuesday, August 29

1. World religions converge at U.N. conference
2. Li Peng heads to United States as human rights protesters wait (AFP)
3. Two weeks of UN summitry to test New York's patience (AFP)
4. US Ambassador makes first visit to Tibet (AFP)
5. Mandala's destruction offers lesson in life (Edmonton Journal)

Wednesday, August 30

1. Tibetans unhappy over Dalai Lama's exclusion from peace meet
2. Peace Summit Has a Shaky Start (Newsday)
4. Dalai Lama's exclusion clouds religion summit
5. Buddhist order appeals to India to give their 15-year-old leader freedom

Thursday, August 31

1. The Dalai Lama's message to the Millennium World Peace Summit
2. Dalai Lama's Message Delivered To Religious Leaders
3. Dalai Lama's Words Take Center Stage
4. Tibetans Say Dalai Lama Snub Undermines Peace Talks
5. High-Minded Meeting in the Name of China, Not Peace
6. China Protests Against Dalai Lama Representative's Speech at Religion Summit
7. China's Living Buddha Opposes Using Dalai Lama against China
8. Dalai Lama Inappropriate to Attend Peace Summit: Chinese Religious Leaders
9. Bishop Shocked at CNN Accusation of China's Occupation of Tibet

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