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WTN Archives: October, 2001

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Monday, October 1

1. Nobel Peace Prize acceptance Speech
2. China Celebrates People's Republic
3. Tibetans observe Black day'
4. Tibetan Culture Inspires U Professor
5. New projects to balance China's resources

Monday, October 2

1. Nobel prize winners support Basque peace initiative
2. Tibetan show in Mangalore on Oct 5

Wednesday, October 3

1. Tibet / In the land of the Dalai Lama
2. Clinton expected to attend Forum 2000 in Prague
3. National Day Holiday Sparks Spending Spree in China

Thursday, October 4

1. No plans of mass conversion: Dalai Lama
2. Indian Hindus will not be converted to Buddhism: Dalai Lama
3. Six Nobel laureates move against U.S. energy firm with Myanmar link
4. Foreign Trade Booms in Tibet
5. Maybe the Dalai Lama stands for hope

Friday, October 5

1. Dalai Lama puts off European tour due to Afghan tensions
2. Press statement from Kalon Tripa
3. Muslims Fear Backlash in China's Restive Northwest

Saturday, October 6

1. Nepali Business Team Leaves for Lhasa Trade Fair
2. Dalai Lama cancels his visit to Europe because of security concerns

Sunday, October 7

1. Budding Buddhist Lange raises money

Monday, October 8

1. M'lore: Tibetan festival held
2. Charity Takes a Road Less Traveled
3. Dalai Lama to return to Bloomington in April

Tuesday, October 9

1. The Dalai Lama Coming to Prague, the Public Talk Will Take Place
2. Nobel laureates speak out against terrorism
3. Photo of Tibet’s Missing Panchen Lama Confirms Boy Alive
4. Tibetan Monks at Bard College

Wednesday, October 10

1. The Power of Love Richard Gere Says Even Terrorists Deserve Compassion
2. THE EAGLE AND THE SNOW-LION How US retaliation could ravage Tibetan hopes

Thursday, October 11

1. China Asks for Support Against Islamic Separatists
2. Tibetan Delegation Leaves for Inland Tour

Friday, October 12

1. Foreign tourists stage protest in Lhasa
2. Flags for peace
3. Elderly doctors to Tibet honoured

Saturday, October 13

1. China to invest 40 billion dollars on transport links in poor west
2. Nobel Committee Plays Safe With U.N. Award

Sunday, October 14

2. China detains three foreign protestors in Tibet: report

Monday, October 15

1. Dalai Lama Congratulates UN, Annan on Nobel Peace Prize
2. Tibetan School run away with glory=20

Tuesday, October 16

2. US should tackle global poverty, says Clinton
3. Woman uses Tibetan spiritual device to draw truth from chronic illness
4. China's West sees increased foreign investment, public-works spending

Wednesday, October 17

1. Monks share rituals at Bard - Guests perform chants, dances
3. Tibet Science Association Holds Academic Meeting
4. Tibetan Airport to Have New Terminal
5. Beastie Boys spearhead benefit concert in New York
6. Bad Karma From Elton John

Thursday, October 18

1. Chretien Should Bring Message of Peace to China
2. President Bush urged to deliver on promise to promote dialogue between Tibet and China during meeting with Jiang Zemin
3. Bush Expected to Raise Tibet with Chinese President U.S. Tibet Coordinator to Attend Shanghai Talks
4. Tibet, Uighur rights groups urge Bush to remember their plight
5. Letter to the Editor in Response to Elton John's Comments
6. Elton Has No Use for the Dalai Lama

Friday, October 19

1. Dalai Lama urges US to show restraint=20
2. Practicing compassion
3. Nortel helps build 'Great Firewall of China'=20
4. Dalai Lama Reacts
5. NYU students' political interest stregthened after attacks

Saturday, October 20

1. Tibetans learn the power of ballot :=20 A potent weapon against Chinese bullets

Sunday, October 21


Sunday, October 21 (2)

1. No need for surgery for Dalai Lama: doctors
2. KARMA AND HAPPINESS: A Tibetan Odyssey in Ethics, Spirituality, and Healing
4. Karma of compassion in the face of terrorism
5. One Million Tibetans Trained in School

Monday, October 22

1. Dalai Lama is in great health (DIIR)
2. Dalai Lama discharged after routine tests
3. Juhi Chawla: Meeting with Dalai Lama
4. Remind Beijing: Human Rights and Arms Control Do Matter
5. U.N. Day to Feature Filipino Dance Troupe

Tuesday, October 23

1. China's future President, Hu Jintao, to visit UK "Hu will free Tibet?" ask campaigners
2. China assisting Taliban in war against US
3. China Encourages Foreign Investment in Railway
4. Elton John lashes out at Tibet's Dalai Lama

Wednesday, October 24

1. Speech of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to the European Parliament
2. Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama blasts China, pleads for non-violence
3. Dalai Lama praises US approach to bombing Afghanistan
4. Writer gives his view of life and dealing with hatred
5. 230 kgs of shahtoosh seized in Delhi

Thursday, October 25

1. Dalai Lama Urges U.S. to Talk, Not Bomb
2. Dalai-Lama: Make this century of dialogue
3. China criticizes EU parliament for hosting Dalai Lama
4. Dalai Lama Vows to Continue Fight for Tibet
5. China objects as Dalai Lama speaks to European Parliament
6. Spiritual encounter

Friday, October 26

1. Dalai Lama's choice of Panchen Lama safe: China
2. China warns European Parliament to stay out of its internal affairs
3. EP Urged to Stop Interfering in China's Internal Affairs
4. Tibetans to perform traditional rituals to mark the end of the mourning period for the victims of the terrorist attacks
6. Interfaith Call focuses on freedom, rights
7. Local author traces Buddhism roots in Texas

Saturday, October 27

1. RSS cautions against treating China as a 'natural ally'
2. China's Next Leader Steps Onto World Stage
3. No payoffs for China's help in terror war
4. Welcome to the club, Groucho Jiang

Sunday, October 28

1. State Department religious freedom report

Sunday, October 28 (2)

1. Chinese parliament attacks Dalai Lama
2. Blair to meet China's enigmatic Mr Hu
3. Campaigners vow to shadow China's vice-president
4. Dalai Lama Lies about Tibet's Religion, Culture
5. NPC Foreign Affairs Committee Issues Statement on Dalai Lama's Speech at EP General Assembly
6. Passively indifferent (Letters to the editor)

Monday, October 29

1. China: Young Political Prisoner Well
2. Europe's chance to size up China's heir
3. Beijing statesman greeted by jeers from protesters
4. Blair to meet Chinese vice-president
5. Chinese heir apparent to come calling in Scotland
6. 'Heavy responsibility' of peace dominates Sino-British talks
7. Q&A: the visit of China's vice-president
8. Note the sins of Beijing
9. China will allow UN torture probe

Tuesday, October 30

1. No 10 side door for Chinese visit
2. Protesters slam Blair for talks with China's Hu
3. Dalai Lama critics US foreign policy
4. BP Reinvest in China
5. China Tightens TB Control in West China
6. East China Province Seeks Investment for Gas Pipeline Project
7. Dealing with China's foreign policy vacuum
8. Family of Panchen Lama 'want privacy'
9. Object lesson in putting a point across quietly

Wednesday, October 31

1. Tibetans Taste Democracy
2. Pabst Blue Ribbon Celebrates China's Invasion of Tibet Students for a Free Tibet Demands Public Apology
3. Kissinger Named Adviser to Oil Firm
4. Tibet row as Chinese official visits
5. A long wait for a sorry left (Letter to the editor)
6. China Grooms a Political Unknown

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