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WTN Archives: November, 2001

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Thursday, November 1

1. Ads make small beer of Tibetans (The Age)
2. Chinese deputy leader arrives in France for five-day visit (AFP)
3. Tenzin's bid for freedom - Tibetan Film Festival (The Scotsman)
4. Tibet protests continue as China vice-president tour Britain (ABC)

Friday, November 2

1. China to bring fresh evidence against Dalai Lama (TOI)
2. China says arrested Panchen lama well (BBC)
3. China to Issue White Paper on Modernization in Tibet (PD)
4. China highlights zones for mineral development (Asia Times)

Saturday, November 3

1. Statue generates heat, but not much enlightenment (Australian)
2. Chinese Vice President Hu Jintao to visit Germany November 8-11

Monday, November 5

1. Rights activists arrested as Chinese official visits Paris (AFP)
2. Arrests of RSF and Tibetan activists at Hu Jintao's visit to Paris (RSF)
3. Nepal Likely to Open New Trekking Routes on Its Border With Tibet(dpa)
4. Dalai Lama foresees quake, holds prayers (Tribune News)

Tuesday, November 6

1. Tibet gets development zone (BBC)
2. China to set up special economic zone in Tibetan capital (AFP)
3. Breaking the back of a restive region (CNN)
4. Dalai Lama Arrives In Siliguri with Message Of Hope (Gangtok Times)
5. BBC Radio programming note: CHINA - TIBET & THE REGIONS (BBC)

Wednesday, November 7

1. Four men arrested as Dalai Lama visits monastery (AFP)
2. China's Upbeat Governor in Tibet Promises Investment (NYT)
3. $3bn bill expected for China-Tibet railway (BBC)
4. Actress Jessica Lange to host benefit for Buddhist monastery (AP)

Friday, November 9

1. Serthar teacher now in Chengdu (TIN)
2. China's WTO Entry will undermine Human Rights in Tibet (CTC Press Release)
3. Obituary of Shardung Rinpoche (TIN)
4. Speech by Railway Minister Fu Zhihuan on Building Qinghai-Tibet Railway

Saturday, November 10

1. China enters WTO today (AFP)
2. China WTO entry could hit Tibet farmers: rights group (AFP)
3. United Nations Human Rights Commissioner meets Chinese President (AFP)
4. China's Record in Tibet Letter to the Editor, (New York Times)

Sunday, November 11

1. Tibetan female political prisoner Ngawang Sangdrol's prison term is 23 years.
2. Las Ramblas' Lamas - Interview with Palden Gyatso

Monday, November 12

1. Honour Tibetans' fight against tyranny (OC)
2. Doctors Worried as Americans Get Organs of Chinese Inmates (NYT)
3. World Trade Organization Admits China, Amid Doubts (NYT)

Tuesday, November 13

1. China plans to build a second railway line to Tibet
2. China's Leaders Uneasy About WTO Entry (WP)
3. Re "China's Upbeat Governor in Tibet Promises Investment" (NYT)

Wednesday, November 14

1. Lost Lhasa (Asiaweek)
2. In bed with the Reds (Spectator)
3. DESIREE COOPER: In hate, what goes around, comes around (DFP)
4. Christians awaken to glow of big Buddha (SMH)

Thursday, November 15

1. Destruction of Monasteries Spreads in Eastern Tibet (ICT)
2. China planning second railway to Tibet (AFP)
3. Earthquake hits western China (AFP)
4. China conducts anti-crime and "education" campaign in Xinjiang (AFP)
5. EU liberals honor Taiwanese president, challenge EU visa ban (AFP)

Friday, November 16

1. A Holy Quest in Tibet: Prostrate, and Miles to Go (NYT)
2. Thirsty China to divert the mighty Yangtze (CNN)
3. Dalai's Dream of Separating Tibet Not To Succeed. (Xinhua)
4. Free radical (SCMP)

Saturday, November 17

1. Premier, Mayor offend Tibetans (TA)
2. The art of oppression (TA)
3. ICLT now Tibet Justice Center--New Website Launched

Sunday, November 18

1. Lost Lhasa A sumptuous new book captures the essence of Tibetan architecture even as the country's ancient capital succumbs to the wrecking ball
2. The art of oppression

Monday, November 19

1. China still hopeful about Karmapa Lama's return (PTI)
2. Resources Corridor Identified in North Tibet (XENS)
3. 'Roof' sounds descend to Down Under

Tuesday, November 20

1. A Holy Quest in Tibet: Prostrate, and Miles to Go (NYT)
2. A Holy Quest in Tibet: Prostrate, and Miles to Go (NYT)
3. Hard yakka may produce China's big cheese (TA)
4. Pabst apologizes for billboard linking beer to invasion of Tibet
5. Tibetans in India demand end to Chinese rule

Tuesday, November 21

1. The First Visit to Portugal by His Holiness the Dalai Lama
2. Preserve Tibetan culture, says Dalai Lama (TNS)
3. A load of Golok's yaks may become big cheeses in export industry (SMH)
4. Violence will not solve the problem of terrorism (TOI)
5. Youth will continue Tibetan struggle: Dalai Lama (AFP)

Friday, November 23

1. Dalai Lama to make first visit to Portugal (AFP)
2. China detains hundreds of Tibet 'splittists'
3. Shangri-La--the lost horizon=20

Saturday, November 24

1. China protests against Dalai Lama's Portugal visit=20
2. Buddhist scholar lectures at Miss Porter's School

Sunday, November 25

2. Dalai Lama says China pursuing "cultural genocide" in Tibet

Monday, November 26

1. His Holiness the Dalai Lama to visit Italy
2. Halt torture, urge Tibetan women (TNS)
3. China Tibetan Culture Week In Melbourne: A View From The Upper Circle Of The Athenaeum Theatre
4. Tibetan Images and World Politics

Tuesday, November 27

1. His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet will address the Nobel Peace=20 Prize Centennial Symposium=20
2. Increase in Chinese medium teaching in Tibetan schools (TIN)
3. Drought Relief Appeal for Mundgod Tibetan Settlement=20
4. Dalai Lama, in Portugal, calls for inter-faith dialogue
5. Portuguese president agrees to meet Dalai Lama
6. His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Portugal

Wednesday, November 28

1. His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Portugal
2. Tibetans Attend UN Conference in Spain as Observers
3. Tibetan Appeal at the International Consultative Conference on=20 School, Education in Relation With the Freedom of Religion and=20 Belief, Tolerance and Non-Discrimination
4. Authentic Tibetan Photographic Exhibition turns profit for=20 Australia Tibet Council
5. His Holiness to visit Norway

Thursday, November 29

1. China blasts Portuguese president's meeting with Dalai Lama
2. Tibetans concerned about survivability of language, rights group says = (AFP)
3. Portuguese president meets Dalai Lama, risks China's ire (AFP)
4. Dalai Lama says Tibet wants autonomy not independence (AFP)
5. Thai Airways to start flying to 'gateway of Tibet' (AFP)
6. Dalai Lama calls for Afghan plan=20

Friday, November 30

1. Tibetan Parents Worried by Spread of Chinese Language
2. Dalai Lama to discuss human rights in Portugal

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