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WTN Archives: May, 2001

Tuesday, May 1

1. Tibetan children escape to India (BBC)
2. Time both friend, foe for Tibet's Dalai Lama (St. Paul Pioneer Press)
3. Local Tibetan leaders, by chance and calling (St. Paul Pioneer Press)
4. Around the World (Greenland meets Tibet)
5. Tibetan Monk Wins Refugee Status (AP)
6. Lhasa City Secretary on Waging Strike-Hard Struggle Against Crimes (Lhasa Radio)

Wednesday, May 2

1. Sharp rise in Tibetan refugees risking trek to India (AFP)
2. Human Rights Activists Calls for China 'TOYCOTT' (Florida Today)
3. Solving A Tibetan Mystery: How Did The "Roof Of The World" Come To Be? (SD)
4. The 3rd Anniversary of Martyrdom Thupten Ngodup (TYC News Release)
5. Kalachakra Initiation and teaching in Bodh Gaya from Jan 21 to 29, 2002
6. Chinese Scientists Says Tibetan Yeti Does Exist, Sightings Reported (Xinhua)
7. World's fastest Everest climber dies in fall (AFP)

Thursday, May 3

1. Tibetan leader at crossroads (The Guardian)
2. Lawmaker objects to Dalai Lama's visit (AP)
3. Legislative briefs: Legislator is taken to task over comments (ST)
4. Lawmaker Mum On Anti-Dalai Lama E-Mail (Channel2000)
5. House members rap remarks on Dalai Lama (PP)
6. Text Of Rep. Lindner's E-Mail (Channel4000)
7. Vt. Nobel Prize winner meets with Dalai Lama (AP)
8. Rare meteorological spectacle appears in Lhasa (UPI)
9. Chinese Prime Minister to Visit Nepal in May (AFP)

Friday, May 4

1. Dalai Lama plans US tour (AFP)
2. Bush assails China, Sudan over religious repression (AFP)
3. Bush damns China's spiritual repression (LAT)
4. U.S. Is Voted Off Rights Panel of the U.N. for the First Time (NYT)

Saturday, May 5

1. Dalai Lama travels world, but is down-to-earth (Pioneer Press)
2. It's not easy getting ready for Dalai Lama (Pioneer Press)
3. Tibetans in Twin Cities grapple to keep their identity (Star Tribune)
4. SPIRITUAL LIFE: Tibetan nuns alter views on Buddhism (BG)
5. Business beware China's northwest war zone (Asia Times)
6. 'Caddyshack' Immortalizes Dalai Lama (The Salt Lake Tribune)

Sunday, May 6

1. Making ready for the Dalai Lama (SJMN)
2. Meditations on Buddhism (Stamford Advocate)
3. 2008: A question of liberty -- Beijing's bid is controversial (DP)

Monday, May 7

1. The scared giant (Sueddeutsche Zeitung)
2. Health pros eager to learn Tibet way (Pioneer Press)
3. How to be Tibetan (Pioneer Press)
4. Portland Eagerly Awaits Dalai Lama (AP)
5. India's 1,000 year Buddha underway (BBC)
6. China to build big Buddha statue (BBC)
7. TIBETAN ADVENTURE A real Shangri-La for Zen dummies (Chicago Tribune)

Tuesday, May 8

1. The Rolling Stone interview: The Dalai Lama (Rolling Stone)

Wednesday, May 9

1. 'I Will Return to Tibet When the Dalai Lama Returns' (TM)
2. Tibetan Youth Pilgrims Blocked by Indian Police and Forcibly Deported (TYC)
3. Compassion universal goal, Dalai Lama tells audience (PP)
4. Message, Life Story Attract Wide Following (C4)

Thursday, May 10

1. US Congress considers new Tibet charges against China (AFP)
2. China warns US on Dalai Lama's visit (PTI)
3. Dalai Lama addresses Minnesota Legislature (AP)

Friday, May 11

1. A simple monk makes his plea (WCT)
2. Hold the 2008 Olympics Anywhere but in Beijing (GB)
3. Salt Lake City rally today against China's Olympics Bid

Saturday, May 12

1. Portlanders Hope Dalai Lama's Influence Will Last (KGW)
2. Trying to govern democracy in exile demands delicacy (TO)
3. Leaving Tibet: A long trek to freedom(TO)
4. Path of nonviolence leads activist home (DY)

Monday, May 14

1. China to open two trade passes and new road to link Tibet (AFP)
2. Buddhist leader draws respect (ST)
3. Tibetans demonstration in Mumbai
4. U.N. Cancels Art Show, Stuns Backers (LT)

Tuesday, May 15

1. Mount Kailash Is Sacred, Not for Sport (DIIR)
2. Portland embraces Dalai Lama; each of us can improve world, exiled Tibetan leader tells crowd (ST)
3. Tibetans Demonstrate on Eve of IOC Executive Meeting (SF)
4. "High On Low-Brow

Thursday, May 17

1. China's Olympian task -Politics and sport cannot be separated (TG)
2. Big boost for Beijing 2008 - but do keep beach volleyball out of Tiananmen Square (TG)
3. US set to name new Tibet coordinator (AFP)
4. The farewell poignancy of the Dalai Lama's tour (CSM)
5. Rail line: Tibetans see red (TNS)
6. Tibetans slam Beijing92s nod to rail track (HT)
7. Mount Kailash Deserated
8. Tibetan Football Team in Denmark

Friday, May 18

1. China urges US not to use Tibet to interfere in internal affairs (AFP)
2. Paula Dobriansky Named Tibet Coordinator (ICT)
3. US names new Tibet policy coordinator (AFP)
4. NGOs Urge UN to Grant Accreditation to Chinese and Tibetan Human Rights Organizations
5. Governor Jesse Ventura State of Minnesota

Saturday, May 19

1. New US Administration to meet the Dalai Lama (ICT)
2. Dalai Clique's Spies Caught, Plot Crushed (Xinhua)
4. Tibetans deny China's 'human torch' claim (BBC)
5. China Accuses Dalai Lama Government (AP)
7. Techies in short supply for Dalai Lama (SJMN)
8. The Dalai Lama talks tech (SJMN)
9. Dalai Lama's S.J. appearance honors 50 `unsung heroes' (SJMN)

Monday, May 21

1. Dalai Lama to Attend US Conference (AP)
2. The Central Tibetan Administration welcomes the appointment of new US Coordinator for Tibetan issues
3. Beijing accelerates plans for a modern Tibet Critics accuse reforms of bringing vice and corruption

Tuesday, May 22

1. Statement of Kalon T.C. Tethong on the 50th anniversary of the 17-Point Agreement

Tuesday, May 22 (2)

1. Bush opens door to Dalai Lama (BBC)
2. Dalai Lama to Visit White House (AP)

Wednesday, May 23

1. Bush, Powell to meet Dalai Lama (AFP)
2. Tibetans slam China for "invalid agreement" to justify occupation(AFP)
3. China sees double insult from Chen and Dalai US visit: analysts(AFP)
4. China gives restrained condemnation of Chen, Dalai Lama US visits(AFP)
5. China Defeated at UN Vote: Tibetan NGOs Wins UN Accreditation to the World Conference Against Racism
6. China to strengthen Tibet policy as Dalai Lama meets US President(TIN)
7. Minister wants to meet jailed dissidents in Tibet (AP)
8. China says 115 political prisoners in Tibet (AP)

Thursday, May 24

1. Bush meets Dalai Lama over China's objections(AFP)
2. US backs dalai Lama (BBC)
3. Tibetans in India protest on 50th anniversary of Chinese rule (AFP)
4. China hails 50 years of progress in Tibet ahead of Dalai-Bush talks (AFP)
5. Australia Celebrates Chinese Takeover Of Tibet (ATC)

Friday, May 25

1. Australian government attacked for attending Tibet party (AFP)
2. China's crackdown on crime reaches Tibet, four get death penalty (AFP)
3. 100 held for threatening state security in Tibet: Chinese officials (AFP)
4. PRC State Council Reportedly to Hold Tibet Work Forum to Dispel Dalai's Influence (MP)
5. PRC Says Tibetans Don't Need 'Self-Determination'(Xinhua)
6. US China rights group excluded from Durban racism conference (AFP)
7. Telephony to Span Tibet (AP)
8. Diplomatic row as translators put Tintin in Chinese Tibet (TG)

Friday, May 25 (2)

1. Tibetan talks - Editorial (FT)
2. Tibet and diplomacy - Editoral (SMH)
3. Why Bush is Singing 'Hello, Dalai' (TM)
4. Bush meets Dalai Lama over China's objections (AFP)
5. Dalai Lama Makes Appeal to China (AP)
6. ICT Calls on Bush to Reinvigorate Tibet Policy
7. Statement by Lodi Gyari Special Envoy of His Holiness the Dalai Lama
8. The Dalai Lama on the Olympics

Saturday, May 26

1. Ice Curtain: Get Serious About Tibet (ASWSJ)
2. Envoy runs gauntlet of 'shame'(SMH)
3. China May Build Observatory in Tibet(AP)
4. 'Totalitarian China' must get a shot at the Olympics (IE)
5. Siemens receives big order from Toulouse and Tibet (FR)

Monday, May 28

1. Thousands flock to hear Dalai Lama (PSN)
2. Amnesty urges Tibetan musician's release (BBC)
3. Free Tibet group's tourist plea (TO)
4. The boy king (BBC)
5. Foreign Minister Han Hints at Allowing Dalai Lama's Visit (KH)

Tuesday, May 29

1. The man from the town of Roaring Tiger (TA)
2. Tibet still a thorn in China's side - Editorial (TA)
3. China's sky-high railway to tighten grip on Tibet (GM)

Wednesday, May 30

1. TYC stalls the Indo-China Meeting at New Delhi (TYC)
2. Climber calls off ascent of sacred peak amid protests (ST)

Thursday, May 31

1. Dalai Lama Visits Hesse
2. China says more than 100 political prisoners in Tibet
3. Dalai Lama wraps up US tour
4. Amnesty paints grim picture of human rights in China
5. Unmade movie had CIA, Colorado ties
6. China, Italy Are Jointly Building World's Biggest Cosmic Ray Lab in Tibet
7. Middle path is the only way: Dalai Lama

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