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Thursday, July 19, 2001

4. Tibet Receives Congratulations Message from PRC Central Government (Xinhua)

[Xinhua is the official press agency of the People's Republic of China]

CPP20010719000081 Beijing Xinhua in English 0958 GMT 19 Jul 01 [FBIS
Transcribed Text] Beijing, July 19 (XINHUA) -- China's central authorities
sent Thursday a message of congratulation to the local authorities of Tibet
Autonomous Region, marking the 50th anniversary of the peaceful liberation
of Tibet.

The message was read at a grand ceremony held in Lhasa, capital city of the
autonomous region.

The message was jointly signed by the Central Committee of the Communist
Party of China (CPC), the Standing Committee of the National People's
Congress (NPC), the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political
Consultative Conference (CPPCC), and the Central Military Commission (CMC).

The message first extends warm congratulations and cordial greetings to
local workers, farmers, herdsmen, intellectuals and officials of all ethnic
groups and patriotic personages from all walks of life in Tibet as well as
officers and soldiers of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) and the
Chinese People's Armed Police Force (PAPF), the public security officers in
Tibet, and all comrades who have participated in, cared for and assisted
Tibet's development.

"Tibet is an inalienable part of our great motherland," says the message,
"closely united with all other ethnic groups in the country, our ethnic
Tibetan compatriots, who are industrious, talented and courageous, have made
indelible contributions to the historical process of creating the unified
multi-ethnic state of ours."

On May 23, 1951, the plenipotentiary representative of the then Tibetan
local government signed in Beijing an Agreement on Measures for the Peaceful
Liberation of Tibet, declaring Tibet's peaceful liberation, the message

Over the past 50 years, the three generations of the central collective
leadership with Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zemin at the core
respectively have always shown great care for Tibet and devoted much
attention and painstaking efforts to the building up of Tibet, and its
reform and development, and to the liberation and well-being of people from
all ethnic groups in Tibet, the message says.

The message notes that over the last 50 years, all undertakings of Tibet
have scored tremendous achievements, and earth-shaking changes have taken
place in its economy and society. Under the CPC leadership, officials and
people of all ethnic groups in Tibet have abolished feudal serfdom and
established the power of people' s democracy, exercising regional ethnic
autonomy and pressing ahead with the building of socialism.

"All this has unleashed and expanded Tibet's social productive forces to an
unprecedented level and contributed to the continuing improvement of the
Tibetan people's material and cultural lives," says the message.

Since China started its reform and opening-up drive, especially after the
third working conference on Tibet was held, the state has worked out a
series of special policies and preferential measures for Tibet.

Other provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and all social sectors
in the country have offered unreserved support and assistance to the reform
and development of Tibet, says the message.

"Tibet is now in one of its best periods in its history in terms of economic
development and social stability," it continues, "This is evidenced by,
among other things, its increasingly rapid economic growth, significant
improvement of its people's living standards, remarkable achievements in its
building of advanced socialist culture and ethics, and vigorous development
of all its social undertakings."

"Today Tibet enjoys economic development, social progress and ethnic unity,"
says the message. "Its people live in peace and harmony. With good
government and united people, Tibet is forging ahead in every field."

"Both history and reality have proven that without the Communist Party of
China, there would not have been a socialist new Tibet, nor its development
and prosperity."

Tibet has great potential with its vast land and abundant natural resources.
The autonomous region will surely have a brighter future with forceful
backing from the Central Government and the whole nation, and through
continued self-reliance and unremitting efforts by cadres and people in

It is important to ensure that economic growth will be quality and results
oriented, as required by the development of the socialist market economy,
and to vigorously widen the scale and scope of the reform and opening-up,
and implement the strategy of rejuvenating the country by relying on
science, technology and education, and sustainable development.

The message points out that it is also important to carry forward and
promote the fine cultural traditions of all ethnic groups, strengthen their
great unity, and make a bigger contribution to Tibet's development,
prosperity and social stability.

"It is the common task of the Chinese people of all ethnic groups, including
Tibetan people, to consolidate and promote Tibet 's political stability and
unity," says the message, adding that it is essential to keep to and improve
the system of regional ethnic autonomy.

"We should fully and correctly implement the Party's ethnic and religious
policy and unite all forces possible," says the message, "We should
resolutely foil all separatist plans and sabotage attempts by the few
separatist elements and the international hostile forces and strive for a
lasting peace and political stability in Tibet."

"The PLA garrison and the PAPF units in Tibet are the devoted and staunch
guards in defending the motherland. They should strengthen their unity with
the government and the people and serve as a great wall of steel in the
southwestern frontier of the motherland," it says.

"We hope that the cadres and people of all ethnic groups in Tibet will take
the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the peaceful liberation of Tibet
as a new starting point and follow the leadership of the CPC Central
Committee with Comrade Jiang Zemin at the core, hold high the great banner
of Deng Xiaoping Theory and firmly put into practice the important thinking
of the 'Three Representatives'," it says.

The message expresses hope that Tibet will continue to focus on the central
task of economic development and keep a firm grip on the two top priorities
of developing the economy and maintaining stability, and promote the
transition from a progressively accelerated economic development to a
leapfrog development and from relative stability to a lasting peace so that
Tibet, on the roof of the world, will shine more brilliantly in the new

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