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Wednesday, July 25, 2001

5. Population in Tibet Doubles Over Past Five Decades (Xinhua)

Xinhua is the official news agency of the Chinese government
People's Daily is an official publication of the Chinese government
July 23, 2001

The population of China's Tibet Autonomous Region totals some 2.61 million,
according to a national census conducted earlier this year.

Of that figure, the population of Tibetans in the region makes up 92.2 percent,
or 2.4 million, while the population of the Han and other nationalities taking
up the remaining 7.8 percent.

The population of Tibet stood at nearly one million in 1953 when China conducted
the first national census. And according to historical records, Tibet did not
witness obvious population growth from the 13th Century until its peaceful
liberation in 1951.

The centuries-long stagnation of population growth in Tibet could be mainly
attributed to the ruthless feudal serf system that long dominated the region,
which not only bred corruption in politics, but hindered the development of the
economy and health care, experts said.

The average life expectancy of Tibetans has risen to 67, an increase of 30 years
from that of the early 1950s, according to local official sources.

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