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Monday, July 30, 2001

2. China Jails 6 Tibetans On "Splittist" Activities (AP)

BEIJING, July 30, (AP)--China sentenced six Tibetan political activists to
prison terms ranging from seven years to life for "splittist" activities, a
prison official confirmed Monday.

Chinese authorities in the Himalayan region arrested the six separately in March
2000, according to an advocacy group affiliated with the Dalai Lama's
government-in-exile in Dharmsala, India.

The Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy said the activists range in
age from 27 to 64 and are from one county in eastern Tibet's Nagchu Prefecture.

The Center said the six were tried at Nagchu Intermediate People's Court on
charges of colluding with the "Dalai splittist clique and carrying out
activities endangering state security." Evidence included wood-block prints and
posters that advocated independence for Tibet, and cassette recordings of
speeches by the Dalai Lama, the Center said.

The Tibetan spiritual leader fled into exile in 1959 after a failed uprising in
Tibet against Chinese rule. China accuses him of seeking to free Tibet from
Chinese control. The Dalai Lama says he wants autonomy, not independence, for
the region.

An official at Tibet's Drapchi Prison Monday confirmed the sentences and said
all six are serving their terms there. He would identify himself only as Mr.

A Tibetan named Sey Khedup, 27, received the harshest sentence of life
imprisonment, the Center said. It said he may have drawn that term by trying to
claim sole responsibility for all charges at the trial.

China occupied Tibet with troops in 1950 and maintains a tight grip on the
region. China says Tibetan living standards have improved greatly since it took
over. Critics accuse Chinese authorities of widespread human rights violations
in the region and say Chinese policies are destroying Tibet's unique cultural

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