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Monday, July 30, 2001

4. Seminar on Tibetan Studies Concludes (PD)

People's Daily is an official publication of the People's Republic of China
July 29th, 2001

Tibet is by no means the isolated Shangri-La that some people claim, and its
true character should be unveiled to the world, scholars of Tibetan studies from
both home and abroad said in a forum that concluded Saturday in Beijing.

More than 180 experts, 29 from overseas, specializing in eight disciplines,
attended the four-day "2001 Beijing Seminar on Tibetan Studies," which discussed
the past, present and future of Tibet.

Historians demonstrated their findings that Tibet is an inalienable part of
China with their careful and thorough studies of the cultural, economic and
social ties between Tibet and other parts of China.

Meanwhile, these studies also displayed the true image of Tibet, showing that
this region, since ancient times, has progressed due to its close ties with
other Chinese regions.

The scholars also discussed how Tibet should engage in China's development of
its vast western region, believing researchers should pay more attention to the
new problems arising from the modernization process.

Medical experts also held special discussions on how Tibetan medicine can avail
itself in the economic development of the Tibet Autonomous Region.

An exhibition of books on Tibetan studies and lectures on Tibetan medicine were
held during the seminar, and the participants also visited a Tibetan relics
exhibition at Beijing's Palace Museum.

Some foreign experts are expected to visit Tibet after the seminar.

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