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Monday, July 9, 2001

6. Princess votes down China's Olympic bid (TO)

Should China get the Olympics? Observer special

The Observer - London
July 8, 2001

Princess Anne is to use her vote as one of Britain's two International
Olympic Committee members to stop Beijing hosting the 2008 games over
concern about China's human rights record and the occupation of Tibet.

She will cast her vote for Toronto when the IOC meets on Friday in Moscow.
The princess has angered the Chinese by refusing to meet members of the
Beijing bid committee in Britain or at IOC gatherings abroad.

While almost all of the IOC's 122 members have met Beijing representatives,
she has snubbed them twice. Chinese officials were unhappy and puzzled by
her 'rude' dismissal of their requests for a meeting. But sources close to
the princess have explained that she would not vote for Beijing under any

The princess may have been influenced by Prince Charles, a strong supporter
of the Tibetan cause and both friend and admirer of the country's exiled
leader, the Dalai Lama. Earlier this year Princess Anne expressed an
interest in visiting Tibet - invaded in 1950 - but was prevented by the
Foreign Office.

Unlike many other IOC members, the Princess Royal is famously
independent-minded and prepared to defy the wishes of IOC president Juan
Antonio Samaranch, who is backing China. Beijing is still the clear
favourite to beat off rivals Toronto, Paris, Osaka and Istanbul.

China has executed more than 1,700 people in the last three months,
according to Amnesty International.

Expedition Team Explores Ancient Tibetan Sites 8 July 2001 People's Daily -
a publication of People's Republic of China

An expedition team set off Saturday to explore an area in western Tibet
known as the home of the ancient Guge Dynasty.

Western Tibet averages 4,000 meters above sea level. The ancient Guge
Dynasty started there in the 9th century, and soon developed into one of
region's strongest powers.

But in 1630, due to wars and Western influence, the dynasty was wiped out.
However, its remains of castles, forts, temples, and tombs have attracted
historians for generations.

This time, China's State Bureau of Cultural Relics has organized an
expedition team to explore these sites. The team started from Lhasa, the
capital of Tibet, and will end at Yecheng, located in Xinjiang Uygur
Autonomous Region. CCTV plans to accompany the expedition and report on its


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