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"Canada can, within a positive friendly atmosphere, ask the Chinese government to resolve the Tibetan situation."
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WTN Archives: July, 2001

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Sunday, July 1

1. Should Beijing get the games?
2. Interview with Dalai Lama in Trentino
3. China conundrum really about dollars.
4. China readies for Party birthday with survival vow
5. Work begins on disputed Tibetan rail link
6. More than a game
7. Underdog Tibetan soccer team claims victory before the game begins
8. Major Projects for Tibet Development Planned

Monday, July 2

1. Tibetan organisations protest China's Olympics bid
2. US policy on Tibet changing
3. Tibetan exiles happy to lose
4. China's plans for inclusive Olympics a cynical ploy: Tibet
5. Too soon for China
6. China's tarnished prize
7. Beijing bandwagon looks unstoppable
8. More women taking vows of Buddhist nuns
9. World's tallest Buddhist Stupa discovered in Bihar

Tuesday, July 3

1. Child lama forced to leave monastery following Karmapa escape (TIN)
2. Local Tibetans adjust to American life while waiting for freedom at home (SA)
3. Tibet Will Not Become Free as a Result of a Game of Soccer (FAZ)

Tuesday, July 4

1. Much hype, small gains (RC)

Friday, July 6

1. European Parliament resolution on Beijing's bid to host the 2008 Olympic Games
2. As internationals go, this was the strangest (ES)
3. China: 'Striking harder' than ever before (AI)
4. 11th Panchen Makes an Inspection and Learning Trip to Shanghai and Zhejiang

Sunday, July 8

1. Chinese dissident denied Russian visa to attend IOC meeting (AFP)
2. "You are naive and mislead" (DN)
3. Olympic Games in China (DN)
4. Ericsson’s support for the Games stands firm (DN)
5. China is not a worthy Olympic country

Monday, July 9

1. Tibet Day created to celebrate, inform
2. China gambles on trumping cold warriors (AT)
3. Tibetan Museum Opened in Jeonnam
4. China executed 1,781 people in three months: Amnesty (AFP)
5. China Paper:Milosevic Trial Engineered (AP)
6. Princess votes down China's Olympic bid (TO)

Tuesday, July 10

1. Two Tibetans die at labour re-education camp
2. China´s grim spectator sport (WT)
3. McGeoch seeks Beijing Games veto (AT)
4. IOC Prepares for End of an Era (MT)
5. China and the games - Editorial (FT)
6. Protest Against China’s Bid to 2008 Olympics
7. No Olympics for China until Tibet is Free!
8. The Games dictators play (TA)
9. Why a vote for Beijing can be a vote for hope (TA)

Wednesday, July 11

1. Eight Arrested as Tibetans Demonstrate Opposition to Beijing's Olympics Bid
2. China Promotes Itself for Olympics (AP)
3. Tibet Activists Oppose Beijing Bid in Moscow
4. BP's inclusion in FTSE4Good index "inappropriate" say Tibet campaigners
5. Tibet shown as part of Kashmir in papers (TD)
6. Announcing Five Criminal Cases Involving Death Sentences (LXR)

Thursday, July 12

1. Dalai Lama's spokesman sees Chinese pressure on Russia over Tibet protests
2. Why China doesn't deserve the Games - Letters to the Editor
3. Old Atom Bomb Site To Become Tibetan Region Tourist Destination (Xinhua)

Friday, July 13

1. The Beijing Olympic Bid (NYT)
2. Tibetans Shut out at Olympics Meetings in Moscow
3. Protests Resume Over China Olympic Bid (AP)
4. Tibetan parliament writes to IOC (TNS)
5. Tibet official links China's Olympic bid to struggle against separatism (TIN)
6. Beijing Olympics (PISJ)
7. TWA extends solidarity to the arrested demonstrators in Moscow (TWA)
8. Transnational Radical Party Against The Olympic Games In Beijing
9. China strengthens Anti-Dalai Lama campaign

Saturday, July 14

1. Dharamsala Regrets 2008 Olympics Games Going To Beijing (DIIR)
2. International Olympic Committee awards Beijing 2008 Games
3. Tibetan Women Strongly Oppose the IOC Decision of 2008 Olympics (TWA)
4. IOC Nods to Beijing with Granting of Summer 2008 Games Tibetans and Supporters Vow to Increase Opposition (USTC)
5. Beijing's Olympic Gold May Come at a High Price
6. The young Chinese TV journalist on the bus was puzzled
7. Rights groups condemn city Tibet exhibit 'Propaganda' photos: Images whitewash Chinese repression, critics allege (NP)

Monday, July 16

1. China strengthens Anti-Dalai Lama campaign (TCHRD)
2. China's great leap (TA)
3. How bid chiefs won over the IOC (TA)
4. World's eyes on China (TG)
5. Citizens greet bid outcome with glee, tears and outrage (GM)
6. Princess Urged To Reveal Olympic Vote (SN)

Tuesday, July 17

1. 66th Birthday of His Holiness celebrated in Tokyo
2. Propaganda and the West: China's struggle to sway international opinion on the "Tibet issue" (TIN)
3. Thinking Tibet, teaching locally (GM)
4. Czech leaders to boycott Olympics if human rights in China not improved (CTK)
5. Tibetan Wins "World Champion Amateur Poet" Award (TR)

Thursday, July 19

1. Chinese VP in Lhasa to mark anniversary of "peaceful liberation" (TIN)
2. China warns Tibetan separatists after Olympic victory (AFP)
3. State Celebrates Tibet's 50th Anniversary, Vows To Fight Separatist (CD)
4. Tibet Receives Congratulations Message from PRC Central Government (Xinhua)
5. Beijing pours in billions to underpin Tibet stability (CNN)
6. 'Full Text' of Speech by Hu Jintao at Tibet's Peaceful Liberation Celebration

Friday, July 20

1. Politics behind sports vis-ŕ-vis Beijing Olympics 2008 (ID)
2. 1936 Nazi Germany: 2008 Communist China. History repeats again.
3. Ngawang Sangdrol conferred Honorary Citizenship of Florence, Italy
4. Bay Area hears call of Tibet (SF Examiner)
5. Letter to Editors. Re: Big Buddha's benefits are an illusion

Saturday, July 21

1. Beijing returns to quashing enemies (Kyodo)
2. Hu in Lhasa indicate move to rule Tibet Directly from Beijing (TGIE)
3. Lost kingdom goes online (AFP)

Sunday, July 22

1. Tibet railway to fast-track political and economic goals (KR)
2. Region 'will soon be under direct rule' (AP)
3. Tibetology Forum to Open in Beijing (PD)

Monday, July 23

1. China to build first Chinese monument in Tibet's Potala Palace (AFP)
2. Dalai Lama to visit Mongolia (The Australian)
3. Powell Says China Should Democratize (AP)
4. Vice President Stresses Party Leadership in Tibet (PD)

Tuesday, July 24

1. Chinese pride a monumental disaster for Tibet (The Australian)
2. Photo exhibition offends Tibetans (NSTA)
4. Hu Jintao Visits Tibet, Discusses Panchen Lama (Xinhua)

Wednesday, July 25

1. Muted defiance from Tibet monks (CT)
2. Beijing refuses to budge (Guardian)
3. Too eager to do business with Beijing (The Australian)
4. Taking time to watch monks creating mandala
5. Population in Tibet Doubles Over Past Five Decades (Xinhua)

Thursday, July 26

1. Dalai Lama slams Lhasa rail link (
2. Tough Call: Beijing Olympics (CNNfn)
3. Powell: Human rights issues hurt China's standing in world (AP)
4. Beastie Boys, Pulp, ... Set For London's Tibetan Freedom Concert (ASN)
5. LETTERS - Does China meet the criteria for holding the Olympic Games? (FT)

Friday, July 27

2. Exile no refuge for Tibetan culture (AFP)
3. Protests, nature won't stand in way as China steamrolls rail to Tibet (IE)
4. Dalai's "Virtual Tibet" Just a Fad: US Scholar Tom Grunfeld (Xinhua)

Saturday, July 28

1. Tibetans Arrested After Blast Near Gold Mine (RFA)
2. Initial reports on Fourth Tibet Work Forum (TIN)
3. Harvard set for Buddhist chair (BG)

Sunday, July 29

1. Malnutrition plagues Tibet's children (Japan Times)
2. Occupation of Tibet and its aftermath (The Pioneer)

Monday, July 30

1. Tibetan exiles vote for new premier (AP)
2. China Jails 6 Tibetans On "Splittist" Activities (AP)
3. China builds railroad on top of world (Chicago Tribune)
4. Seminar on Tibetan Studies Concludes (PD)

Tuesday, July 31

1. New details on Kardze detention centre, Ngaba prison layout (TIN)
2. Exiled Tibetans vote for new Prime Minister (RFA)
3. The Mekong Can Become Many Rivers in One (IHT)

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