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WTN Archives: September, 2001

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Saturday, September 1

2. Rocky start for harmony
3. Tibet Delegation Report from Durban
4. Entrenched racism crushing Tibetan culture, report claims
5. A Lesson in Gratitude

Saturday, September 1 (2)

1. Chinese leader warns of news arms race
2. Tibetan Activists Protest at Racism Conference
4. Team to heal hearts in Tibet
5. Club is still going strong 31 years after first meeting

Sunday, September 2

1. New Tibetan premier-in-exile wants coexistence with China (AFP)
2. Gormo-Lhasa rail line ‘security threat’
3. China railway in Tibet may impact India's economic, military security
4. China: Analysis From Washington -- A Breakthrough For Tibet
5. Exiled Tibetans to seek help from Chinese dissidents
6. Buddha festival on Sept 15, 16
7. O R I G I N S O F T I B E T A N P E O P L E T i b e t a n O r i g i n M y t h s

Monday, September 3

1. Human rights to be raised with Chinese
2. Jailed Tibetan's Freedom Delayed
3. Tibetan leader not to be freed until 2002
4. US congressman slams "hijacking" of Durban conference on racism

Tuesday, September 4

1. Russia blocks Dalai Lama visit as ties improve with Beijing (AFP)
2. Protests as Chinese and Irish premiers discuss human rights (AFP)
3. China: Analysis From Washington -- A Breakthrough For Tibet (RFE/RL)
4. Karmapa Lama arrives to tumultuous Leh welcome (ANI)
5. China Blames Western Countries and Ignores Racism at Home (ICT)
6. GEOLOGY: Massive Himalayan Earthquake Overdue, Scientists Conclude (SA)

Wednesday, September 5

1. Text of Tibetan Prime Minister, Samdhong Rinpoche (DIIR)
2. Taoiseach, President press rights issues (Irish Times)
3. Chinese Premier ends four-day Irish visit (Irish Times)
4. Tibet Campaigners dismiss Zhu Rongji's complaints (Press release - FTC)

Thursday, September 6

1. New Tibetan Leader Hopes for Dialogue With China (VOA)
2. Dalai Lama cancels Mongolia visit after Moscow refuses transit visa (AFP)
3. Urgent action campaign for Ngawang Choephel (TCHRD)

Friday, September 7

1. Campaigners stress successes of racism talks despite divisions (AFP)
2. Debates rage unabated as delegates seek to wrap up UN racism talks (AFP)
3. HISTORY OF TIBET CONFERENCE at The University of St. Andrews
4. Open letter to the European Council re: China EU summit
5. BP pulls out of West-East pipeline project (Press Release FTC)

Saturday, September 8

1. Temple collapse kills 13 in China (AFP)
2. Putin says will probe Dalai visa denial issue (PTI)
3. An Open Heart by The Dalai Lama (DP)

Sunday, September 9

1. China: Trouble in Shangri-La (NW)
2. UNESCO holds summit on sacred Asian mountains (AFP)
3. China calls on ex-US president Carter to help on Tibet, religion (AFP)
4. Letter to Editor: Real face of China.

Monday, September 10

1. Security in Lhasa during Hu Jintao's visit (TIN)
2. Anarchists too scared to stage protest in China (Telegraph)
3. China Plans to Reroute Part of River (AP)

Wednesday, September 12

1. The Dalai Lama's letter to the President of the United States of America
2. A censored Chinese media tour (BBC)

Thursday, September 13

1. Deaths of 13 Tibetans in monastery collapse (TIN)
2. Deputy Party Secretary Tenzin moved to Beijing (TIN)
3. Press Release from the Office of Tibet, NYC re: attack on the US

Friday, September 14

1. The Dalai Lama sends his condolences to Mayor Giuliani (OTNY)
2. Dalai Lama cautions against violent US reaction (AFP)
3. Tibetan Prayer Vigil on the Mall for Victims of the Tragedy
4. Global Aid Floods Into U.S. (AP)
5. Tibetans killed in building collapse were restoring monastery: rights group
6. Letter to editor: To my friends in Tibet and India (WTN)

Saturday, September 15

1. Dalai Lama to visit Croatia (AFP)
2. Top party official known for protecting Tibet culture demoted: report (AFP)
3. Who Owns It? A Legal and Moral Question (IHT)
5. New Yorkers at dovish rally are torn over war and peace (AFP)

Monday, September 17

1. Dalai Lama opposes use of force (UPI)
2. Dalai Lama urges U.S. to shun violence (Reuters)
3. His Holiness in Slovenia, 18th - 20th October 2001
4. Tibet Has a "Resource Corridor"

Tuesday, September 18

1. Beijing to play part in global effort (SCMP)
2. Nepali authorities imprison 10 Tibetans for 10 years for failing to possess official papers
3. Minnesota Tibetans show deeply felt support for victims of terrorist attacks
4. Bomb Injures Three in Tibetan Area - Local Police

Wednesday, September 19

1. Tibetan Parliament unanimously approves Samdhong Rinpoche's Kashag
2. Nobel Peace Laureates urge nonviolent resolution
3. China lists conditions for backing U.S. drive Support linked to policies on Taiwan, Tibet
4. China Sets Terms for Backing U.S. War on Terror (Reuters)
5. Buddhism Takes Root in Bleakness of Canada
6. International Campaign for Tibet Statement on Terrorist Attacks

Thursday, September 20

1. Kalon Tripa Samdhong Rinpoche forms his Kashag
2. Chinese & Tibetans unite in prayer
3. Permission Denied for Everest Balloon Flight (Reuters)

Friday, September 21

1. Diverging Tracks (IT)
2. For China, Terrorism Fight a Double-Edged Sword (GIR)

Saturday, September 22

1. Assembly elects new Chairman
2. Monks stress message - Compassion tour travels to Denver
3. Buddha in suburbia

Sunday, September 23

1. 'India has to be more courageous on Tibet issue'

Monday, September 24

1. Dalai Lama urges India to talk tough with China over Tibet (AFP)
2. China's special force on alert (CNN)
3. China takes credit for enriching Tibetan language

Tuesday, September 25

1. Tibetan kids tell tales of woe
2. Dalai rakes up J&K again
3. Tibetan Language Mirrors Social Progress
4. Washington Can't Expect Much Help From Russia and China

Wednesday, September 26

1. Obituary of Namgyal Tashi (TIN)
2. US and China hold anti-terrorism talks in Washington
3. Clarification on Dalai statement

Wednesday, September 26 (2)

1. From Mao to bin Laden

Thursday, September 27

1. Revered Tibetan Abbot removed from Monastic complex nuns targeted in most extensive cultural destruction since Cultural Revolution
2. Beijing fears uprising on western frontier (DT)
3. Dalai Lama 'supportsą India on Kashmir

Friday, September 28

1. Tibetan Teacher Is Reported to Be Detained in Military Hospital(NYT)
2. Tibetans protest against US killings in Mysore
3. Listed Companies: Economic Backbone of Ethnic Minorities

Saturday, September 29

1. Legal proceedings against Hindustan Times by Tibet supporters
3. Pigs to save Tibetan yaks from Bengal tigers

Sunday, September 30

1. At home among treasures

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