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"We Tibetans are looking for a legitimate and meaningful autonomy, an arrangement that would enable Tibetans to live within the framework of the People’s Republic of China."
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WTN Archives: January, 2002

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Tuesday, January 1

1. A Defining Moment With China (Washington Post)
2. Dalai Lama's sister visits (DN)
3. Thuten Kesang Receives a Queen's Service Medal in New Zealand (CTC)
4. China Building Digital Tibet on Internet (Xinhua)

Wednesday, January 2

1. Decline in refugee numbers as China and Nepal tighten security on border
2. Karmapa enters Buddhist shrine bare foot (TOI)

Thursday, January 3

1. Pilgrimage a break for the spirit (TA)
2. Beijing fears Argentinian-style unrest (CNN)
3. Pabst sign in Tibet removed (SAEN)
4. Marketing human rights: Amnesty International group tries new tactics in support of political prisoners
5. Weaving the Story of Tibet
6. A Defining Moment With China
7. China Building Digital Tibet on Internet

Friday, January 4

1. Guilty pleasures of loving a blessed and selfish country
2. Tibet rail workers fined for damage
3. Total Number of Tourists to Tibet Increases in 2001

Saturday, January 5

1. His Holiness the Dalai Lama's teaching schedule during April 2002 US and Canada Visit (OOT)
2. The TSAM students" cycle rally in India
3. Qinghai-Tibet Railway Line Key Campaign in 2002 (Xinhua)
4. Three Sips: Respectful Way of Drinking Tibetan Barley Wine (Xinhua)

Sunday, January 6

1. Dalai Lama stresses on value education
2. Dalai, Karmapa to attend Kalchakra Puja (Times of India)

Monday, January 7

1. Dalai Lama seeks active role of India for autonomy
2. Tibet rights group says terror crackdown worsens Abuses (AFP)
3. Meditations on medicine: The first step in Tibetan healing is spiritual (KRN)

Tuesday, January 8

1. Human rights violations on rise in Tibet: report
2. New Report on Human Rights Violations in Tibet in 2001
3. Tibet peace march by German monk (TNS)
4. Review of "Pha Yul" CD by Chaksam-pa

Wednesday, January 9

1. Bajrang Dal's plan worries officials (TOI)
2. The Tibet Military Area Command Convenes Communist Party of China (CPC) Meeting (Xinhua)
3. Tibet's Top Political Advisory Body Convenes Meeting to Arrange Work for This Year (Xinhua)
4. Miramax buys North American rights to Samsara

Thursday, January 10

1. Dalai Lama Will Not Be Reincarnated in Occupied Tibet (VOA)
2. Security tightened in Bodh Gaya for Dalai Lama's visit (TOI)
3. China United Telecommunications claims CDMA network in operation in Tibet (Xinhua)

Friday, January 11

1. Dalai Lama¹s security beefed up (TOI)
2. Tibetans plan protests during Chinese premier's India visit (AFP)

Sunday, January 13

1. The Storm Around Serenity (WP)
2. Over 200,000 People Expected at Dalai Lama's Teachings in Bodh Gaya (ICT)
3. Indo-Chinese Relations: - Great Leap Forward? (RC)
4. Time ripe for spirituality (DP)
5. Buddhist missionary honoured for 50 years of selfless service (NST)
6. Tibetan Women's Association to stage peacefully protest against the visit of Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji's visit (TWA)

Monday, January 14

1. Tibetans protest Chinese premier's visit to India (AFP)
2. Tibetans’ protest in Delhi precedes Zhu’s visit (PTI-UNI)
3. Tibetans stage dharna Tribune News Service (TNS)
4. An Appeal for Norwegian Government action on Tibet
5. China's leader visits India to urge peace without taking sides Premier to recommend negotiations after years of supporting Pakistan
6. Air price to Tibet cut by 30% (CD)
7. Monk warns to disrupt Kalchakra Pooja (TNS)
8. Congressman Pleads With China to Release Businessman (AP)

Tuesday, January 15

1. Zhu's Men Try To Gag Tibetans in Bombay (IE)
2. Discuss core issues with China: Tibetans
3. Statement of Citizens on the visit of Chinese Premier Mr. Jhu Rongji
4. ICT Urges President Bush to Raise Tibet During China Visit
5. New railway construction in Qinghai (TIN)
6. Doctors tell Dalai Lama to rest (AFP)

Wednesday, January 16

1. High Drama Near Zhu's Room at Oberoi (FOT)

Thursday, January 17

1. Will India Wake Up To Reality? (MD)
2. Anti-China protest by Tibetans (MD)
3. Police, Tibetan Play Hide & Seek (AN)
4. Tibetan Activist's Protest Reaches New Height (TOI)
5. Dalai Lama 'slightly better'(TNN)
6. Minorities' cultural wealth to bring about future riches (CD)
7. The Norwegian Prime Minister going to China

Friday, January 18

1. Human Rights Watch Says China Tightened Control Over Tibet in 2001 (ICT)
2. Human Rights Group Criticised by china (Reuters)
3. Students for a Free Tibet launched in Delhi (SFT)
4. A Report on TYC's demonstrations during Zhu Rongji's visit to India (TYC)
5. TYC Statement on Zhu Rongji's visit to India (TYC)
6. UN panel pressures French rights group over Tibet

Saturday, January 19

1. Yulu Tulku Dawa Tsering's dies
2. Bodh Gaya decked up for Kalchakra Puja (HT)
3. Why peace eludes Tibet Photographs tell tales of Tibetans' plight (TOI)
4. Tibetan Protestor Gets Too Close To Zhu, Police Red-Faced (IT)
5. Protest against Chinese Premier Zhu Ronjgi's state visit to India

Sunday, January 20

1. Ngawang Choephel Released on Medical Parole (ICT)

Monday, January 21

1. Dalai Lama's absence disappoints devotees
2. Revised programs for preliminary teachings
3. Dalai Lama to miss prayers, rest for 3 days
4. Security beefed up for Kalchakra festival
5. Norway Prime Minister Arrives in China to Deliver Dalai Lama Message, Promote Trade
6. Released Tibetan scholar goes to US

Monday, January 21 (2)

1. China Frees Tibetan Music Scholar Medical Parole Precedes Bush Visit; Case Was of U.S. 'Concern'
2. Former Vt. student is freed from Tibet prison
3. Ngawang Choephel Released on Medical Parole
5. TWA on Ngawang Choephel's Release
6. TCHRD welcomes Ngawang Choephel's release

Tuesday, January 22

1. China Going Ahead With Resettlement
2. China visit: Bondevik meets with Prime Minister Zhu Rongji
3. Middlebury Scholar: Free at Last!
4. Tibetan musicologist released a month before US President's China visit
5. China releases Tibetan musicologist
6. Mystic Art Of Tibet

Wednesday, January 23

1. China revives controversial Tibetan migration project
2. Norway Urges China to Hold Dialogue With Dalai Lama
3. County transfers facilitate industrial development in Qinghai
4. News update from Bodh Gaya
5. Developing a Knack for Yak
6. Tibet to Be Further Backed by Preferential Financial Policy

Thursday, January 24

1. Statement of Prof. Samdong Rinpoche on His Holiness the Dalai Lama's decision to postpone the Kalachakra Teachings
2. Dalai Lama ill, Kalchakra festival postponed
3. News update from Bodh Gaya: Kalchakra postponed till next winter
4. Kalchakra festival postponed
5. Dalai Lama Cancels Prayers in India
6. Karmapa denied a visit to his guru
7. A Human Rights Site? In China?

Friday, January 25

1. Letter to the Editor: Supporting Tibetans
2. Tight security for Buddhist monasteries in Bodh Gaya
3. Speculation rife over Dalai Lama¹s move
4. Boycotted Tibet-area relocation to resume
5. Han plan 'poses heritage threat'
6. SIDDH-ART-HA - The sands of time

Saturday, January 26

1. Poor facilities at Bodh Gaya irk devotees
2. Middlebury Scholar: Free at last
3. One moment was worth it all
4. Climb Every Crane
5. Primitive art reveals advanced culture

Sunday, January 27

1. No Teachings by His Holiness the Dalai Lama on January 26th and 27th
2. Press Statement from Department of Information
3. His Holiness the Dalai Lama left for Mumbai for Routine Medical Check-up
4. Dalai Lama admitted to hospital
5. Dalai Lama admitted to Mumbai hospital
6. Hospitalized Dalai Lama 'fine'
7. Dalai Lama is 'okay' in Mumbai's Leelawati hospital
8. Dalai Lama Flies to Bombay for Medical Treatment
9. Dalai Lama Hospitalized in Bombay

Monday, January 28

1. Press Statement from Bodh Gaya
2. Clean bill of health for Dalai Lama
3. Dalai Lama's condition 'absolutely normal'
4. "Cheerful" Dalai Lama undergoing hospital treatment in India
5. Dalai Lama, Alanis to team up in Ottawa
7. Eye On Lhasa: Dialing Up and Logging On in Tibet

Tuesday, January 29

1. Press Statement from Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai.
2. Tibet: Dalai Lama's condition improves further
3. Dalai Lama to spend another 3-4 days in hospital
4. Bowel infection forces Dalai Lama into hospital
5. Sweet valley high

Wednesday, January 30

1. Dalai Lama recovering well
2. Dalai Lama better but must stay in hospital
3. Dalai Lama to be discharged from hospital in two days
4. Tibet: Computer Popular On `World Roof'

Thursday, January 31

1. 'A Non-violent Movement is the Only Option for Tibetans'
2. Australian parliament bars speech by Dalai Lama

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