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WTN Archives: October, 2002

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Tuesday, October 1

1. Dalai Lama hails Chinese gesture (TT)
2. Tibetans observe Black Day (TT) The Tribune - India
3. 360th Anniversary of the Gaden Phodrang Government of Tibet celebrated in Japan
4. "Dispelling distrust and misconception" - Dalai Lama envoys return from Tibet. (TIN)
5. Tibetans urged to suspend protests after delegation visits China (AFP)

Tuesday, October 2

1. Major Tibet Legislation Signed into Law, Urges "Substantive Dialogue" between Beijing and Dalai Lama (ICT)
2. Dalai Lama urges halt to protests during Jiang's US visit (AP)
3. The Tibet/China Visits According To Peanuts (Part I)
4. China Opens Up Tibet In Advance Of Jiang's U.S. Visit

Wednesday, October 3

1. Richard Gere, Goldie Hawn visit Dalai Lama in India (AFP)
2. Independence for Tibet is the only solution!

Friday, October 4

1. Richard Gere, Goldie Hawn visit Dalai Lama in India (RFA)
2. Tipa In Switzerland
3. Tibet Policy
4. Spiritual heartland (FT)

Saturday, October 5

1. Dalai Lama to meet President, Vice President (PTI)
2. Dalai Lama to meet Indian president, travel to Europe (AFP)
3. Gere Returns to Dalai Lama's HQ (AP)
4. Chinese exhibition disrupted

Sunday, October 6

1. Miss Tibet generates lively yak among exiles

Monday, October 7

1. Thaw shifts focus to SAR model for Tibet (SCMP)
2. His Holiness The Dalai Lama To Visit Germany And Austria

Tuesday, October 8

1. Peace Quest conference on Tibet give birth to Sweden's SFT
2. The diary of a protest Tibetans rally in Toronto over China's repression of their culture and homeland
3. Bay Area Friends Of Tibet Announces "Tales Of Tibet:" Bay Area's Premiere Celebration Of Tibetan Culture

Thursday, October 10

1. Nuns on the run (TG)
2. China Opens Door to Tibet in Hopes of Improving Image (VOA)

Friday, October 11

1. Miss Tibet beauty contest scandalises exile community (TI)
2. Miss Tibet off to controversial start (BBC)

Monday, October 14

1. Tibetans have the world for help: Rimpoche (TOI)
2. Dalai Lama needs to give up slack (TOT)
3. Tibet gets its first beauty queen (AP)

Tuesday, October 15

1. Though modest, the first Miss Tibet beauty contest proves a media darling (TM)
2. An opening to Tibet - Editorial (BG)
3. Rumtek awaits return of its boy Lama (TOI)

Wednesday, October 16

1. Bay Area Tibetans Call for Heightened Protests Against Visiting Jiang
2. Former Indian protectorate seeks reopening of "silk route" to Tibet (AFP)
3. Police investigating threats against Dalai Lama (AFP)
4. Dalai Lama presides ritual for world peace in Austria (AFP)
5. Dalai Lama awards prize to "Seven Years In Tibet" author (AFP)

Thursday, October 17

1. Influx of money fails to help Tibet's poor (GM)
2. A little Buddhism (DP)
3. Highest University Award for the Dalai Lama (KZ)
4. Free Tibet Campaign Press Release October 17, 2002 FTC)
5. China Releases Tibetan Nun on Parole (AP)
6. Congress Passes Resolution on Panchen Lama, Tibet Dialogue Before Jiang Visit (ICT)
7. "Calgary charity aids Tibet refugees," (CH)

Friday, October 18

1. Chinese-run tour was no celebration of Tibet culture
2. Activists laud nun's release
3. The peace prize no-one deserves
4. Rinpoche Optimistic of Tibet Solution
5. Parole for Tibetan nun after 10 years in jail
6. Police claim headway in Dalai Lama handbills case
7. Praise has host walking on air

Saturday, October 19

1. Tibetans still revere Dalai Lama
2. China reaches out to Tibet critics
3. China steps up prisoner diplomacy=20

Sunday, October 20

1. Forty years after Indo-china war
2. China, U.S. ties mellow on eve of Texas summit
3. Tibetans travel
4. Tibetan monks seek peace at Norwalk church
5. Karma and Happiness: A Tibetan Odyssey in Ethics, Spirituality, and Healing

Monday, October 21

1. His Holiness speaks (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)
2. Books can illuminate path to Tibetan wisdom, peace(Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)
3. Tibetan nun freed from jail by China (NYT)
4. Prisoner Lists Now an Aid to U.S.-China Ties (Washington Post)
5. Construction of Qinghai-Tibet Railway proceeding smoothly (Xinhua)
6. Authorities work to cyber police content (China Daily)
7. World's Highest Railway Tunnel Drilled Through (Xinhua)
8. Inland Schools Help Educate Tibetan Youths (Xinhua)

Tuesday, October 22

1. After The Dalai Lama (NW)
2. Beijing likely to release more political prisoners (ST)
3. Politics, protesters await Jiang in U.S. (HC)

Wednesday, October 23

1. Chinese President to Meet With Bush (AP)
2. Bush, Jiang to Voice Shared Concerns (AP)
4. Congress, Tibet Supporters Back Bush Message to Jiang (ICT Release)
5. Independence for Tibet: It's Inevitable (ITIM Release)
6. Jiang Zemin Demonstration in Chicago (ITIM Release)

Friday, October 25

1. Senator Paul Wellstone Dies in Plane Crash
3. Toasts, protests as Jiang visits city (CST)
4. From Telephones to Fiber Optics: Tibet Gets Wired (People's Daily)

Sunday, October 27

1. Tibet Nun Said to Be Seriously Ill (AP)
2. US senator killed in plane crash was staunch foe of Beijing regime (AFP)
3. Letter to Senator Wellstone's office from Kalon Tripa

Monday, October 28

1. Tibet Issue Is Ripe for Solving (LAT)
2. Bush Urges Jiang to Begin Dialogue on Tibet (ICT)
4. China's Tibetan Experts Exchange Views with German Counterparts (PD)
5. China's most remote airport comes closer to Lhasa (Xinhua)

Tuesday, October 29

3. 40 years after the fall of Tagla (Pioneer)

Wednesday, October 30

1. China has sent positive signals for talks, says Dalai Lama (PTI)
2. We want genuine autonomy: Dalai Lama
3. Dalai Lama hopeful envoy's trip to China will reopen talks (AFP)
4. Moment of Cautious Hope for Tibet, Says Congresswoman Pelosi (ICT)
5. Silk Route awaits China nod (Tribune)
6. Border On Denial (HT)
7. A Letter: Half-truths on China (HT)

Thursday, October 31

1. Hot Potala (Guardian)
2. Tibetans Wrap Up Chinese President's US visit with a Rally (RTYC)

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