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WTN Archives: November, 2002

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Friday, November 1

1. Tibet's spiritual leader plans travel to Mongolia via Tokyo, aide says
2. Group of Tibetan monks to wrap up visit today at Wesleyan
3. Tibetan Festivals
4. ICT Chinese Language Journal Analyzes Democracy in the Tibetan Community
5. State Home Minister Rao Visits Nathula

Saturday, November 2

1. China warns Japan against allowing Dalai Lama stopover
2. Envoy from a lost world
3. U.S. and China: Focus on Iraq, Quiet on Tibet
4. Tibet in Foreigners' Eyes
5. Tibetan Official Meets Canadian Guests

Sunday, November 3

1. Mongolian Buddhists in high spirits over Dalai Lama's impending visit
2. Mystery Man to Lead China - Hu likely pick for president

Monday, November 4

1. China opposes Dalai Lama's visit to Mongolia
2. China under Hu Jintao may get more tough on Tibet
3. Patriotic lesson in Tibet after Karmapa flight
4. Envoy from a lost world
5. Xinjiang separatists called top terror threat
6. Nepal hopes hot water springs will encourage tourism

Tuesday, November 5

1. Crowds greet Dalai Lama on Tibetan leader's first visit to Mongolia in seven years
2. Hundreds of faithful greet Dalai Lama in Mongolia
3. Dalai Lama Visits Mongolian Monastery
4. China Warns Mongolia on Dalai Lama Visit
5. Samdhong Rinpoche to tour Europe
6. Chamling clips China concern
7. Congressional Recognition among Highlights of Bay Area Friends of Tibet's Tibetan Cultural Celebration

Wednesday, November 6

1. Dalai Lama's visit to Mongolia sparks copper prices
2. Crowds in Mongolia greet the Dalai Lama
3. Mongolian crowds mob Dalai Lama lecture
4. Mongolian leaders wary of meeting Dalai Lama, China blocks trains
5. A sacred visit - Nine Tibetan monks perform symbolic ceremony at Towson University
6. Special envoy on Mideast mission
7. Rotary World Peace Scholars arrive at UC Berkeley on urgent, often personal missions

Thursday, November 7

1. Five Tibetans arrested after Chinese army crackdown
2. Tibetans Arrested after Organizing Prayer Ceremony for the Dalai Lama
3. New Wave of Arrests in China and Tibet - Crackdown Belies China's Latest Purported Thaw
4. China Resumes Trade With Mongolia After Brief Halt-Source
5. China says rail traffic with Mongolia held up for 'technical reasons'
6. Tibetan nun speaks of torture by China
7. Kundun film and Tibet talk attract Scottish support
8. A monk's tale of worldly discovery

Thursday, November 7 (2)

2. Remembering a War - A PoW in Tibet

Friday, November 8

1. Cherie Blair risks political row over picture with exiled Tibetan
2. Dalai Lama Departs From Mongolia
3. Dalai Lama ends Mongolia trip, leaders keep away fearing Chinese wrath
4. Jiang rejects Western-style politics
5. China Shuts Mongolia Border as Dalai Lama Visits
6. Dalai Lama Wants Self-Rule for Tibet
7. China's Top Universities to Enroll Tibetan Postgraduates
8. Tibet in focus
9. Hu Jintao applauds Jiang's report at Party Congress

Saturday, November 9

1. Japanese official greets Dalai Lama
2. Beijing-picked Panchen Lama guest at Chinese Party Congress=20
3. A dose of the Dalai Lama=20
4. China offers greater autonomy to Taiwan=20
5. Taiwan officials tell China to face reality=20

Sunday, November 10

1. Beijing-picked Panchen Lama surfaces for Chinese Party Congress
2. Stealing Beauty
3. TRAVEL 'The Unique Tibetan culture produces human beings with more smiles on their faces' - the Dalai Lama

Monday, November 11

1. China lodges protest over Dalai Lama meeting with Japanese official
2. Dalai Lama meets top Japanese MP to discuss human rights
3. Hu's moderate image challenged by Tibet group
4. The Math of Boycott Campaign
5. CPC's attention to Tibet vital to development: delegate

Tuesday, November 12

1. Tibet: Young Lama Is Well
2. Tashi Lhunpo Monks Hold Prayer Vigil for the Panchen Lama
3. China Promises to Spread the Wealth
4. Military checkpoint becomes tourist spot
5. Chinese officials promise to spread prosperity to poor west
6. Tibet Highway Renovation to be Completed in 2004

Wednesday, November 13

1. War 1962: Taking stock, 40 years later (TOI)
2. Dalai Lama could 'never represent' Tibetan people says governor (AP)
3. EU-China Dialogue: Call to the EU FIDH and HRIC
4. Tibetan official lashes out at Dalai Lama's Mongolia trip (AFP)
5. Editorial: For some, U.S. power is meaningless

Thursday, November 14

1. Tibetan exile leader sees hope in China's changes (Reuters)
2. Dought refiel for two Tibetan settlements in southern India
3. Exiled Tibetans lose liberties as Nepal nuzzles up to China (SFC)
4. Leaflets against Karmapa aides (TNS)
5. Beijing's leader in waiting (TG)

Saturday, November 16

1. Memorandum to the CCP's newly-elected Politburo (TCHRD)
2. Eight Tibetans in New Chinese Communist Party Leadership (ICT)
3. Tibetans celebrate new freedom with festival (TS)

Sunday, November 17

1. Tibetan exile leader sees hope in China's changes (Reuters)
2. European Parliamentarians Calls for EU Special Representative on Tibet (ICT)
3. Human rights group hopes China's new leader will improve the situation in Tibet (AP)
4. Tibetan govt-in-exile cautiously welcomes new Chinese leader
5. Tibetan exiles fear increasing tensions (BBC)
6. Permanent abode eludes Karmapa (TNS)

Monday, November 18

1. Tibetan leader sets June 2003 deadline for talks with China (AFP)
2. Kalon Tripa'S Speech At The European Parliamentrians' Conference On Tibet
3. Revered Tibetan Abbot Resumes Teachings in Serthar under Surveillance by Chinese Authorities (ICT)

Tuesday, November 19

1. British parliament speaker, news editors meet Tibetan exile leader
2. Senior Tibet Official Optimistic About Negotiations with China (VOA)

Wednesday, November 20

1. Death threats to Dalai Lama blamed on rival Bhuddist sect
2. "We are hoping for positive change," Tibetan leader tells BBC
3. The legacy of Hu Jintao in Tibet (TIN)
4. Grotesque caricature (Hindu)

Thursday, November 21

1. Tibetan Group: Imprisoned Monk Dies (AP)
2. Death of a Tibetan prisoner of conscience due to torture (TCHRD)
3. Tibetan prisoner dies in custody: rights group (AFP)
4. Tibetan prisoner dies after torture in Chinese camp: rights group (AFP)
5. Statement Issued On The Visit Of Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Wang Yi

Sunday, November 24

1. A tryst with freedom (TNS)
2. Tibetan students `vandalise' Chinese pavilion (TH)
3. Remembering a War - The 1962 India-China conflict
4. China Striving to Boost Tourism Training for Tibet (PD)

Monday, November 25

1. Man linked with Panchen Lama controversy dead (ANI)
2. Indo-China talks on boundary positive (TNS)
3. Twa Observes International Day To Eliminate Violence Against Women (TWA)
4. Faking Reforms at the Communist Party Congress (NYT)

Tuesday, November 26

1. Letter published in today's London Metro
2. Posters: Karmapa's PAs Chinese Agents (HT)
3. Hu on the Roof of the World

Thursday, November 28

1. Deathly prose that is spiritually uplifting (TH)
2. Author offers closer look at Tibet (CD)
3. Tibetan sellers face tough times in Jodhpur (TOI)
4. New monastery in Bylakuppe opens (TOI)

Friday, November 29

1. Death of a controversial lama: Obituary of Bomi Rinpoche (1918-2002)(TIN)

Saturday, November 30

1. Dalai Lama wants self-rule for Tibet, not independence
2. India poised at the Great Wall
3. LEISURE In pursuit of culture

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