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"As long as human rights are violated, there can be no foundation for peace. How can peace grow where speaking the truth is itself a crime?"
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WTN Archives: December, 2002

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Sunday, December 1

1. Govt sanctions Rs 31 lakh to preserve old paintings
2. Escape: Karmapa denies China gameplan
3. Waiting for the Karmapa

Monday, December 2

1. Scholar strives to preserve Tibetan culture
2. Ominous omens for Hong Kong

Tuesday, December 3

1. US activists boycott goods made in China
2. How to be censored by China online
3. Buddha mahotsava: Will past mistakes be repeated again?
4. Gere To Adopt Twins

Wednesday, December 4

1. World Buddhist Leaders Gather in Cambodia Amid Global Turmoil
2. Bumpy ride awaits Kalchakra visitors
3. Sino-Russian relations growing stronger

Thursday, December 5

1. Kalon Tripa to Call on U.S. Special Coordinator for Tibet
2. Dalai Lama to visit Tibetan settlement
3. Buddism: Making Believers of Many
4. Tibetan women spend more on cosmetics

Friday, December 6

1. Two Tibetans sentenced in China bombings
2. Message from Kalon Tripa Samdhong Rinpoche
3. China sentenced two Tibetans to Death
5. Bay Resources Ltd Announces Major Porphyry Copper-Gold Exploration Deal in Tibet
6. Qinghai-Tibet Railway to Drive Economic Development in Tibet
7. Tibet's Tourism Industry Aims High
8. 'Excerpt' of Lien-Ho Pao Interview with Dalai Lama

Saturday, December 7

1. Letter from Tibet
2. Channing Gray: Dalai Lama's message is simple and timely
3. A hauntingly beautiful Tibetan odyssey
4. Premier of Tibetan Government-in-Exile on Talks With PRC

Saturday, December 7 (2)

1. Rights group slams China's death sentences for two Tibetans
2. Senior Rinpoche and supporter face execution for bombing offences
3. Mainland Chinese Writer Comments on Trulku Tenzin Delek's Trial
4. No Gain, Only Pain
5. Press Statement
6. Rights Groups Press China on 2 Tibetans

Sunday, December 8

1. HRIC urges international intervention on death sentence for two Tibetans (HRIC)
2. China Sentences Innocent Tibetans to Death
3. Shifting up a Gere
4. Buddhists Urge World Leaders to Cease Using Violence to End Tension

Monday, December 9

1. Press Statement from Dharamshala
2. Students to enlist support for condemned monk
3. Retrial calls after Tibetan monk death sentence
4. December 10: International Human Rights Day
5. Finding the Buddha within
6. Spiritual relations binding India, Tibet, says Dalai Lama
7. Nepal to Fully Support One-China Policy: FM

Tuesday, December 10

1. China Is Urged to Overturn Death Sentences for 2 Tibetans
3. Tibet appeal for world help
4. Colourful start to Himalayan Festival
5. Official says Tibetans running out of patience
6. Nepal to fully support One-China Policy
7. 2003 Light of Truth Essay Competition

Wednesday, December 11

1. Nephew makes plea against China death sentence for Tibetan separatist
2. Rally in Nepal for International Human Rights Day
3. From Roof of the World to Top of the Party
4. Tibetans struggle with Chinese changes

Thursday, December 12

1. Dalai Lama Visit Issue Figures in Korean Presidential Election Debate
2. USM prof explains Tibetan Buddhism
3. Dalai Lama Troubled by Israel's Treatment of the Palestinians

Friday, December 13

1. Two condemned Tibetan separatists appeal death sentence
2. Chinese intellectuals petition the Chinese government on behalf of condemned Tibetans
3. Roh, Lee Pledge to Allow Dalai Lama to Visit Seoul
4. Peace Offering
5. Tibetan youths want Panchen Lama freed
6. "Delivery and Deficiency: Health and Health care in Tibet"
7. Meeting addresses Qinghai-Tibet railway challenges
8. Show features ethnic flavours
9. Blue Sky Transmission

Saturday, December 14

1. Free Tibet: Boycott [Made in China] Campaign Launched

Saturday, December 14 (2)

1. A Tibetan antidote to terrorism
2. Amnesty International calls on Washington to demand `concrete improvements' in Chinese human rights

Sunday, December 15

1. Slice Of Tibet With Dollops Of Butter (HT)
2. The Nitty Gritty of Nirvana
3. Top US official in China to discuss human rights
4. Liver transplantation operation successful in Tibet
5. Earthquake Rocks Northwest China Province

Monday, December 16

1. Indian Buddhists want to bar Dalai Lama from prestigious festival
2. Buddhist monks demand Dalai Lama's deportation
3. Médecins Sans Frontières to leave Tibet (TIN)
4. U.S. Urged to Raise Tibetan Case at Human Rights Dialogue With China
5. Washington expected to take gentle line during human rights dialogue
6. U.S. Envoy in Beijing for Rights Talks
7. HR principles erode at UN

Tuesday, December 17

1. Human rights cut in Canada's China plan
2. China upbeat after human rights dialogue with United States
3. US-based Tibet group to honour India
4. Light of Truth award to India
5. National and Local Festivals in Tibet
6. U.S. Talks Human Rights With China
7. This Way to Shangri-La
8. British Intelligence on China in Tibet, 1903-1950 Formerly classified British intelligence and policy files

Wednesday, December 18

1. Human rights retained in Canada's China plan
2. Dalai Lama calls for compassion to deal with terrorism
3. Healing touch at monk abode
4. China Agrees to Invite U.N. Inspectors

Thursday, December 19

1. First phase of Tibet rail project complete
2. Hollywood is like a monastery
3. Gere caught in India's Aids dispute
4. Hope Project in Tibet
5. China Tries to Protect Cultural Heritage amid Fast Economic Growth
6. New Book: Let's Go into Exile
7. Condemning the Crackdown In Western China

Friday, December 20

1. Controversial Tibetan railway moving ahead at full steam
2. Former monk carves out ancient art
3. Chinese opposition denounce arrest of dissident Wang Bingzhang
4. A Buddhist & A Gentleman
5. Hollywood actor Richard Gere organizes celebrity fund-raiser to fight AIDS in India
6. China acknowledges gaps in respect for human rights, US official says

Saturday, December 21

1. In the world of charity, follow your heart: Gere
2. Hollywood is like a monastery=20
3. European Parliament Passes Resolution on Human Rights in Tibet=20 and Two Tibetans Given Death Sentences by China
4. EP/Debate on Tibet: speech by Olivier Dupuis
5. China Reports Higher Tourism Revenue

Sunday, December 22

1. The looming Crises in Tibet and China
2. TSAM Bids Farewell to 2002 With A March
3. Tibetans & Indians March for Peace
4. Drive To Boycott Chinese Goods Being Re-Launched
5. India-China ties better than ever: Counsellor
6. 'India In Many Ways Is My First Home'

Monday, December 23

1. Woman rinpoche on selfless compassion

Tuesday, December 24

1. China expanding railways to help the poor
2. Tibetan blacksmith changes his life, finds success
3. A Buddhist & A Gentleman
4. China's exploited toy workers still toil in toxic sweatshops

Wednesday, December 25

1. Tibet: A Wonder In The Mountains
2. Kalmykia President Visits Dharamsala to Meet the Dalai Lama
3. DOE General Meeting from January 2

Thursday, December 26

1. Buying Silence
2. Row erupted over reconstruction at Serthar Institute
3. Three more Tibetans arrested in Nepal
4. Malkani flags off Tibetan students' peace march
5. Xu Wenli Had Urged Beijing to Negotiate with the Dalai Lama on Tibet (ICT)
6. Lives need to balance the private and public

Friday, December 27

1. IDENTITY CERTIFICATE for Tibetans in Exile
2. Shop brings a bit of Tibet to city

Saturday, December 28

2. Nearly Quarter of Tibet's Population Involved in Sports
3. 180,000 more Tibetans have access to clean drinking water

Sunday, December 29

1. Dalai Lama lays stone of college block
2. Orphan finds a home -at school
3. THE ARTS Extemporaneous

Monday, December 30

1. Tibetans to launch campaign in India to boycott Chinese goods (AP)
2. Workin' on the railroad: China expands railways to aid poor, unite country
3. Cabinet official accepted Dalai Lama's letter to Koizumi

Tuesday, December 31

1. Neo-Buddhists step up attack on Dalai Lama
2. Dalai Lama's Visit Among 10 Important Events in Mongolia in 2002
3. China reportedly "softens" stand on Sikkim before Vajpayee's visit
4. World heritage show in Chinese Revolutionary Museum

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