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WTN Archives: July, 2002

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Monday, July 1

2. Officials Visit 11th Bainqen (People's Daily)
3. Forum on Japan-Tibet relations before 1959
4. A healing pattern
5. Track Laying Officially Begins for Qinghai--Tibet Railway
6. China Rejects U.N. Report Warning of AIDS Epidemic (AP)

Tuesday, July 2

1. Two more Tibetans arrested in Kathmandu (TIN)
2. Brother of Dalai Lama 'on mission to Tibet' (SCMP)
3. Tibet's exiled premier insists foreign aid help locals, not China (AFP)
4. Dalai Lama puts tranquility, health, friends over money (
5. Long haul to find rural remedy (SCMP)

Thursday, July 4

1. Deal signed for 8.5 billion dollar China gas pipeline project (AFP)
2. Free Tibet Campaign condemns Shell ExxonMobil and Gazprom (Press Release)
3. Dalai Lama arrives in Slovenia (AFP)
4. 1,000 people gather for birthday of China's handpicked Panchen Lama (AFP)
5. Herd mentality saves the day for Tibet's farmers (The Age)
6. Beyond The Stereotype (Indian Express)

Saturday, July 6

1. Exiled Tibetans welcome permission for Dalai Lama's brother to visit Tibet
2. Croatian Buddhists say Dalai Lama's visit shows Catholic society opens
3. Ladakh: The Land of Passes
4. People: From Tibet with love (Belfast Telegraph)

Sunday, July 7

1. Dalai Lama: "Time is on Tibet's side" (AP)
2. Dalai Lama, in Croatia, Scolds China (AP)
3. China expresses displeasure with Dalai Lama's visit to Slovenia (AP)
4. Pro-Tibet group slams oil giants
5. Indianapolis Mayor Issues World Tibet Day Proclamation
6. Tibetan holiday focuses on liberty (IS)

Monday, July 8

1. Exiled Tibetan official slams 'cultural genocide' (Canadian Press)
2. His Holiness in Split, Croatia, July 6 -7, 2002

Wednesday, July 10

1. Tibetans will celebrate their heritage (NHR)
2. China must reform, Dalai Lama says (NHR)
3. Rumtek inventorisation takes a beating (PTI)

Friday, July 12

1. Serenity in the face of barbarism (TS)
2. TWA protests against the anniversary of the IOC's decision to hold the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing (TWA)
3. Delhi tries to decode Beijing Dalai message (TT)
4. Tibetan exile Premier wants Tibetan exiles more involved (RFA)
5. Nepal, home to Tibet exiles, vow tough line on anti-China elements (AFP)

Saturday, July 13

1. Tibetan activists protest on anniversary of decision to hold 2008 Olympics in Beijing (AP)
2. Inventory of Rumtek monastery ends (PTI)
3. Tibetan Leader Visits World Bank, Meets U.S. Officials (ICT)
4. Tibetan leader in exile feels almost at home here (ST)
5. TYC Condemn IOCs Decision

Sunday, July 14

1. Longest serving former political prisoner arrives in US (TIN)
2. Ex-Political Prisoner Arrives in U.S. (AP)
3. Tibetan women hold protest (TNS)

Sunday, July 15

1. Tibet's exiled government to end control of businesses after losses (AFP)
2. China again says no to dialogue with the Dalai Lama (AFP)
3. Activists Mull China's Tibet Stance (AFP)

Tuesday, July 16

1. US welcomes China's release of Tibet prisoner (AFP)

Wednesday, July 17

1. China to Restructure Golmud-Lhasa Oil Pipeline
2. Doing Time in Lhasa (RN)
3. Bora tours Tibet, wants 'sky burial' (AFP)

Thursday, July 18

1. EU Parliament bemoans China stance on Dalai Lama (Reuters)

Saturday, July 20

1. Kashag message to the 12th president of India
2. Painstaking work by monk reveals lesson in the end (CST)
3. How long?"

Monday, July 22

1. Tibetan Monk Prepares Exiles for a Political Shift (NYT)
2. Taktsang Lhamo Kirti Monastery faces danger of closure (TCHRD)
3. TIBET: Government in exile to sell off its businesses in India and Nepal (ABC)
4. Court's Adjournment Leads To Public Anger (Phayul)

Tuesday, July 23

1. The Dalai Lama is not a rock star, he is oxygen (GM)
2. Buddhists celebrate birthday of 7th century monk

Wednesday, July 24

1. Army team trains for mission in Tibet to recover WWII planes (AP)
2. "Strike Hard" Anti-Crime Campaign Intensifies (AI)
3. A Tale of Torn Loyalties for Tibetan Officials (LAT)

Thursday, July 25

1. Lonely Planet spotlight on Thailand, Tibet and US
2. Tibetan Monk Prepares Exiles for a Political Shift
3. Thirty-one km section completed on Qinghai-Tibet Railway

Friday, July 26

1. China stakes out Shangri-La for tourists
2. Tibetan exile government blasts China's Shangri-La plan
3. Poll seeks to silence redevelopment critics
4. Main Body of Highest Plateau Railway Bridge Completed
5. 2 Tibetans detained
6. Dalai lama representative and Tibetans are not allowed to speak
7. Young ballad singers keep world's longest epic alive

Saturday, July 27

1. Return of senior teacher Khenpo Jigme Phuntsog to Serthar Buddhist institute
2. Nepal takes action against Dalai Lama
3. Dalai Lama representative not allowed to speak

Sunday, July 28

1. Tibetans living in exile in Varanasi hold a prayer meeting to appease the rain god, as the country reels under the worst
2. China Struggles With How Best to Educate Minority Students

Monday, July 29

1. Dalai Lama's birthday celebrated
2. Chinese team for Buddhist seminar
3. Could this be the way to Shangri-La?
4. A Tale of Torn Loyalties for Tibetan Officials
5. Statement by Takna Jigme Sangpo
6. Merchants of Morality

Tuesday, July 30

1. Outgoing UN Rights Chief Says Fell Foul of U.S.
2. Chinese, Japanese experts discussing development of Tibetan medicine
3. A Tibetan post-graduate devoted to Tibetan language
4. Public embraces major cultural rehabilitation
6. Local Colleges Monumental in Tibet's Culture
7. Ex-Bond girl's tough new assignment

Wednesday, July 31

1. Water Power
2. Premier Zhu meets 11th Panchen Lama
3. Tibetan medicine to be taught at Harvard University
4. Radio Free Asia interviews Lord Mayor of Graz City, Austria
5. Tibetan football team taking part in the Norway Cup for the first time

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