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WTN Archives: September, 2002

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Saturday, September 1

1. His Holiness the Dalai Lama's Message on the Commemoration of the 1st Anniversary of September 11, 2001
2. News Update - Tibet at WSSD

Monday, September 2

1. Tibet: India's bridge to China
2. Taiwan scholars invited to join in research project on Tibet
3. Chinese rail track 'threat' to security
4. Intel Aids Tibet in Computer Education
5. Tibetan Culture Week to be held in Belgium, Canada

Monday, September 2 (2)

2. "See No Tibet, Hear No Tibet, Speak No Tibet":
3. News Update-Tibet at WSSD

Tuesday, September 3

1. Undemocratic Democracy Day
2. Tibetans mark 42nd Democracy Day
3. Visiting Chinese Olympics boss locks out media
4. Chen seeks more flexible mayor
5. Tibetans train to become railway professionals

Wednesday, September 4

1. Statement of the Kashag on 42nd Tibetan Democracy day
2. Backgrounder population of Tibet
3. China Sets up Qinghai-Tibet Railway Company
4. Law Meet Begins
5. Buddhist Group Urges Gov't to allow Dalai Lama A Visit
6. Concerns raised over press freedom at Beijing Olympics
7. Did Chinese have Tibetan protesters removed?
8. Tibetan Government in Exile Releases Reports on Tibet at WSSD
9. Legqog rejects reports on Tibet's population

Thursday, September 5

1. North America's first Tibetan culture festival to immerse Canadians in mysterious ways of the east
2. Ethnic Tibetans Remain Majority in Tibet: Tibetan Chairman
3. Tibetan Refugee Documentary Project, Volume One
4. Message du Dalai Lama en commémoration du 1er anniversaire du 11 septembre 2001

Friday, September 6

1. Allow the Dalai Lama's Visit
2. SYNOPSIS: Tibetan Women Refugees.
3. Ethnic Tibetans Remain Majority in Tibet: Tibetan Chairman
4. Teachers oppose parent's plea to end 'free' TV

Saturday, September 7

1. Settle Tibet issue to resolve border dispute: Rinpoche
2. Harvard student finds China blocks hundreds of websites
3. Letter to the Editor
4. China's leader Jiang Zemin to retire from all posts: book

Sunday, September 8

1. Messages of Hope Provide Inspiration to Millions
2. Parliamentarians visit to Dharamsala
3. New pact to keep refugees in Michigan

Sunday, September 8 (2)

1. Roads to Lhasa

Monday, September 9

1. Dalai Lama envoys in Beijing
2. High-level Tibetan delegation arrives in Beijing
3. US praises China for meeting with Dalai Lama's representative
4. Tibetan Delegation Lands in Beijing
5. Monsoon disturbance and its impact

Sunday, September 9 (2)

1. Facing Chinese facts
2. Tolerance and totalisation

Tuesday, September 10

1. Tibetan Delegation Meets Chinese Officials
2. Dharamsala Tightlipped
3. Dalai Lama's Envoys Reopen Links with Beijing
4. Dalai Lama team visits Beijing
5. China welcomes Tibetan group, but not ready for Dalai Lama
6. NorCal Tibetans cautiously welcome envoy's China visit
7. Tibetan Refugee Speaks on Campus
8. Tibetan Culture Week opens in Belgium
9. Dalai Lama supporters protest Russian visa refusal

Sunday, September 10 (2)

1. Living in the rubble
2. Satyagraha in exile

Wednesday, September 11

1. Dalai Lama envoys in Beijing for first talks in nine years
2. China Trip Hints at Tibetan Thaw
3. Tibetans' China trip 'just sightseeing'
4. Chinese to See Visiting Envoys of Dalai Lama
5. Beijing coy about Dalai Lama talks
6. Press Release from ITIM
7. Tibetan Culture Week opens in Belgium
8. LOOK AGAIN! - There is a "solution in sight" with Brian Harris's HIMALAYAN VISIONS show
9. Venerable Losang Samten Receives NEA Award

Thursday, September 12

1. Invitation by Chinese Seen as Sign of 'Thaw' With Tibetan Exiles
2. China's Tibet Cultural Week Opens in Brussels
3. Per Gahrton MEP (Greens/EFA, Sweden), Vice President of the China delegation, welcomes the visit by Dalai Lama envoys to Beijing:
4. Press Statement from ICGTC
5. News Update-Tibet at WSSD: Round Up

Friday, September 13

1. Lodi Gyari's visit to China: a significant development
2. High-level Tibetan delegation in Beijing on discreet mission
3. EU welcomes news of Tibetan envoys' China trip
4. Belgian Scholars Hail China's Tibetan Culture
5. Building Transportation web in Lhasa
6. Love Follows with the Extension of Qinghai-Tibet Railway

Saturday, September 14

1. Dalai Lama Envoy In Tibet; First Type of Visit Allowed in 20 Years
2. Dalai Lama Envoys Said to Be Visiting Tibet
3. OpEd Piece from TC Tethong on China Tibetan Cultural Week
4. China Seems to Refine Bid to Restrict Web Access

Saturday, September 14 (2)

1. Demilitarization of Tibet Role of International Community

Sunday, September 15

1. Border Crossings
2. Dalai Envoys
3. Dalai Lama envoy visits Tibet
4. Bettering Tibet
5. Dalai Lama blesses JP Dutta's LoC crew & cast
6. Thailand to host Mekong River International Boat Race

Monday, September 16

1. Tibet's god king still rules hearts and minds
2. Tibetan envoys take back seat
3. Discipline, doctrine rule jail for Tibet's political prisoners
4. Li Peng receives red carpet treatment
5. Tibetans Denounce China's "Tibet Week" as Cruel Propaganda
6. 16-year old Tibetan high lama waits India's nod to visit temple in Sikkim
7. Consider Dorje¹s claim to Rumtek: Buddhist Organisation
8. Central Government to Invest 90 Billion Yuan in Tibet

Tuesday, September 17

1. Dalai Lama envoys meet Tibet government chief
2. China urges Dalai Lama to renounce Tibetan independence
3. Warm fuzzies put dissent in the cold
4. Dalai Lama Representatives, Tibet Leaders Hold Talks
5. Free schooling for Tibetans to continue
6. India allows Karmapa to visit Sikkim
7. Tibet meeting hints at China thaw
8. Beijing says no change in policy on dialogue with Dalai Lama
9. India's Tibetan exiles welcome Dalai Lama envoy's China talks

Wednesday, September 18

1. Dalai Lama's envoys make visit to Tibet
2. China gives 'insincere' Dalai Lama the cold shoulder
3. Dalai Lama envoys hold talks with Chinese officials
4. India urged to back Dalai Lama's peace plan
5. State hackers spying on us, say dissidents
6. China's Li Peng gets mixed Sydney reception
7. Brown makes point against Chinese leader
8. Li heard my protest loud and clear, says Brown
9. China Tibetan Culture Week opens in Toronto

Thursday, September 19

1. China and Tibet - Welcoming lamas
2. China's Li Peng cancels Sydney Opera House tour to avoid protestors
3. Pro-Tibetan group in appeal to EU leaders over China visit
4. Brown makes point against Chinese leader
5. TWA Withholds March
6. Stirrings in Tibet
7. Tibet Cooled The World
8. Nepal committed to enhancing friendship with China: PM

Thursday, September 19 (2)


Friday, September 20

1. Transition in Tibet?
2. Karmapa believes China is changing its attitude towards Tibet
3. China's Tibet Culture Week in Toronto
4. China's Tibet making all-round progress: Tibetologist
5. Visiting scholar at BCC is a living lesson from Tibet
6. Protesters force Li Peng to cancel visit to Sydney Opera House
7. Australian Greens media release
8. Foreigners invited to observe today's Tibetan culture

Saturday, September 21

1. A velvet glove helps muffle an iron fist
2. Tibet back on India's agenda
3. I have no role to play between India and China: Karmapa
4. Buddhism making a comeback in China
5. Tibetans upset at China's move to rid Lhasa of its revered dogs
6. Protesters force Li Peng to cancel visit to Sydney Opera House
7. Australia accused of selling out to Chinese leader
8. Sect combines Tibetan rituals, Chinese custom
9. Green Youth of Norway adopts resolution

Sunday, September 22

1. Historic visits to China, Tibet by Dalai Lamas envoys
2. How to buy friends
3. Cheers and chants greet Chairman Li
5. To seek blessings of the blessed one
6. China blocks ABC website
7. Nun to share methods for living Buddhist life

Monday, September 23

1. Lust and loneliness in old Tibet
2. Tibet Becomes One of China's Busiest Air Traffic Hubs

Tuesday, September 24

1. China Tibet Propaganda Week, Our Response
2. Exhibition whitewashing history
3. Democratic propaganda blinds all in Tibetan controversy
4. China Accused by Dalai Lama Manager
5. Encourage Indian system of medicines: Malkani
6. III Cultural Festival of Tibet and Peoples of the Himalaya held in Paris
7. Envoy in Tibet
8. China: Falun Gong Disrupts TV Signal
9. Message receives several ovations

Wednesday, September 25

2. Chinese premier urges an end to foreign support of Dalai Lama
3. China denies trying to hack Dalai Lama's network
4. Italian delegation to meet Dalai Lama on Friday
5. Joint Press Statement of the Fifth EU-China Summit
6. Himalayan Visions & Tibetan Voices
7. Tibetan culture finds digital saviour
8. Look at our past actions
9. Italian Parliamentarians to Call on the Dalai Lama

Thursday, September 26

1. China/Tibetan culture?
2. Is China changing its Tibet policy?
3. TIBET - Hope Springs Eternal
5. Charles furore grows with Tibet missive
6. Tibet's native tongue takes a lashing
7. Intel risks Buddhist ire going to Tibet
8. EU expresses concern over rights situation in China

Friday, September 27

1. Italian parliamentary delegation holds discussions with Dalai Lama
2. Italian lawmakers vow to press China over Tibet
3. Heinrich Harrer and Petra Kelly to be Honored for Contributions to Tibet with Award Presented by the Dalai Lama
4. Good Weaves Meet Good Deeds
5. Dalai Lama envoys report home
6. Everything is OK in Tibet - according to China
7. Tibetan Computing Resource Centre on 'Hack Attacks'
8. Gu-Chu-Sum Press Release

Saturday, September 28

1. Tibetan exile government hopes for dialogue with China next year
2. Bodies found 50 years on
3. Tibetan scholar maps ancient commercial routes
4. Italian group meets Dalai Lama
5. One tongue, two stories

Sunday, September 29

1. Dalai Lama to push for talks with China after envoy's trip
2. Tibetan envoy wants more dialogue after breakthrough China trip
3. China tightens hold; Tibetans adapt lives
4. Lhasa gets 'Las Vegas' makeover as Beijing rewrites the history books =
5. Qinghai-Tibet railway does not pollute local water resources
6. The schedule for Shambala Miss Tibet made public
7. Letter to the WTN Editors

Monday, September 30

1. Tibet envoy hints at China thaw
2. Chinese Govt showing flexibility in solving Tibet issue
3. China tries to control Tibet with 'soul boy'
4. Buddhist convention from today
5. Celebs Join Dalai Lama at Conference
6. Calgary charity aids Tibet refugees
7. Mysterious Mission
8. Modern Technologies Transform Tibetan Lifestyle

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