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WTN Archives: October, 2003

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Tuesday, October 1

1. The Incredible Weariness of Hope (Jamyang Norbu)
2. China's Claim to Tibet is Dubious, Says Margaret Thatcher (ICT)
3. Miss Tibet: She was the only one.(TOI)
4. Dalai Lama to visit Pathankot (TOI)
5. To the Editor: Dalai Lite (WTN)

Thursday, October 2

1. 53 Years in the Shadow of the Dragon
2. US Congress says China failing to act on human rights promises (AFP)
3. New US Report Says Tibetans Lack Autonomy Under Chinese Rule (ICT)

Friday, October 3

1. Crisis for Miss Tibet contest (BBC)
2. Will Miss Tibet contest be terminated? (TOI)
3. Miss Tibet wins title in unanimous voting (UPI)
4. China-India cooperation pays dividends (DY)

Saturday, October 4

1. Jailed Tibetan monk 'dies after brutal beating' (AFP)
2. Change in official wording indicates US position on Tibet issue
3. Chinese cadres learn Tibetan and go west: the impact of urbanisation
4. Prisoner on medical parole succumbs to torture inflicted in prison (TCHRD)
5. OBITUARY: Nyima Drakpa (Guchusum)
6. Hillary must be tough with China (Taipei Times)

Monday, October 6

1. US supportive of our cause: Dalai Lama (TOI)
2. Man of God on the move (TOI)
3. US scolds China again over rights (ST)
4. Dalai Lama promotes music as way to bring peace (AFP)
5. Problems must be solved through peaceful means: Dalai Lama (PTI)

Tuesday, October 7

1. Tibetan monk knew he wouldn’t live long (RFA)
2. China protests US Congress criticism of rights record as "interference" (AFP)
3. Dalai Lama to return to France to give Buddhist teachings (AFP)
4. To the Benefit of Both: Why trade with the PRC? (NR)
5. "Mutually Beneficial": Rationalizing Human Rights

Wednesday, October 8

1. Tibetan Treasures Come to U.S. (AP)
2. Nepal arrests Tibetans for illegal entry (ABC Radio)
3. China Floods Tibetan Websites with Propaganda (One world)
4. China, India Resolving Sikkim Dispute (AP)
5. India, China make things move (Dawn)
6. 'Science teaches spirituality' (TOI)
7. In being a Tibetan (Deccan Herald)
8. Say no to Shahtoosh, save the Chiru (TOI)

Thursday, October 9

1. Tibet's Women of Misery (LA Times)
2. Dalai Lama condemns 'cultural genocide' in Tibet (Reuters)
3. Chinese embassy angered by Dalai Lama's activities in Spain (ABC Radio)
4. Rinpoche hails China’s move (Tribune)
5. Dalai Lama Asks West Not to Turn Buddhism Into a fashion
6. Yu can't hide: NZ PM
7. Sermon in Central Park (Indian Express)

Friday, October 10

1. An Appeal from the Core of My Heart: Nyima Dragpa's last testimony (TIN)
2. Hidden Revolt of "Chinese" Tibetans (Sunday Times)
3. Dalai Lama renews call to Bush not to hit back for September 11 attacks (AFP)
4. Eleven Tibetans arrested for entering Nepal illegally (AFP)
5. Dalai Lama ready to foster spirit of Mideast reconciliation (AFP)
6. Chinese embassy slams Dalai Lama over Spain visit (AFP)
7. Tibet National Soccer Team in Sikkim

Sunday, October 12

1. Huge animal fur haul in Tibet (BBC)
2. Dharamsala holds Ms Tibet contest... with one contestant (HT)
3. George Fernandes calls for Sino-Indian military exercises (AFP)
5. Lost treasures of Tibet

Sunday, October 19

1. Dr.Vaclav Havel to inaugurate Tibet Support Group Conference in Prague in the presence of the Dalai Lama
2. Tibet's hidden tensions
3. Tibet can benefit by being part of China: Dalai (AP)
4. Four monks receive lengthy imprisonment terms
5. Dalai Lama received by the mayor of Paris, Mr Bertrand Delanoe
6. Dalai Lama to Discuss War Prevention with Havel (Reuters)
7. Australian politicans say Chinese diplomats trying to gag Tibet protest (AFP)

Monday, October 20

1. Kalon Tripa, Special Envoy Address Prague Conference on Dharamsala policy
2. Fourth Tibet Support Group Conference Begins in Prague
3. Address of Professor Samdhong Rinpoche, Kalon Tripa, at the Inaugural Session of the Fourth International Conference of Tibet Support Groups
4. Duran Duran Supports Calls for Nyidon’s Release

Tuesday, October 21

1. MPs urge Chretien to prod China on human rights (AFP)
2. More than 100 MPs Urge Prime Minister Chr=E9tien to Promote TIBET = Negotiations while in China (CTC)
3. Monk values the freedoms found in exile=20
4. The man who rose without a trace (SMH)
5. Pro-Cultura Announces the Second International Congress on Tibetan = Medicine, November 5-8 in Washington DC=20
6. The Festive Season

Tuesday, October 22

1. Fourth Tibet Support Group Conference Begins in Prague's press release
2. Dalai Lama hopes to meet with Pope next month (AFP)
3. China 'regrets' meeting of Tibet support movement in Czech capital (AFP)
4. TYC strongly condemn the visit of Dai Bingguo
5. Lawyer blasts China over attempt to silence media (SMH)
6. Chinese embassy tries to gag critics (TA)
7. Chinese embassy tries to gag critics (TA)
8. Bob Brown's wish list for the Chinese (TA)
9. Black armbands for Hu speech

Thursday, October 23

1. Nine sent to Tihar Central Jail
2. Tibet ad to defy ban call (HS)
3. U.S. Lists Tibetan Antelope as Endangered (ICT)
4. Greens challenge PM's 'ticker' on human fights (TA)
5. Tibetan boy able to recite world's longest poem after dream (AFP)

Friday, October 24

1. Chinese "agent" had Tibetans excluded from Hu speech: Australian senator (AFP)
2. Trade, human rights vie for attention as Chinese leader visits NZ (AFP)
3. No entry for protesting Greens (TA)
4. Editorial China's crucial lack of understanding (TA)
5. China trade linked to Taiwan support (TA)

Sunday, October 26

1. Please bring Hu Jintao & the Dalai Lama together (ATC)
2. The speech that nearly wasn't (TA)
3. Tibetan winter finds a Sydney street (AFR)
4. Presiding Officers' Cowardice to Hu: Greens Demand Inquiry
5. How Hu silenced the house (TA)
6. Hu a lesser evil among activists (TA)
7. Greens say access vetted (TA)
8. Arrested members of TYC remanded for Judicial Custody (TYC)

Monday, October 27

1. Greens Go to Privileges Committee
2. Greens banned in national interest (TA)
3. How Hu tamed the chamber (TA)
4. Hu's who when money talks (AFR)
5. Government admits to pressure over Hu speech (TA)
6. Frantic moves behind the scenes averted loss of face (SMH)
7. Letters to The Editor
8. Prince of Wales will visit Majnu Ka Tilla

Tuesday, October 28

1. Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic
2. Tibetans in Miao Elect Settlement Officer (TN)
3. His Holiness The Dalai Lama to visit Japan (TN)
4. Chinese foreign minister angry at protest for president (NZH)
5. China warns NZ on no-go areas (NZH)
6. China resents protests, Hu tours virus-fighting plant in New Zealand (AFP)
7. Congressional Briefing on Tibetan Women's Role in Tibet Movement (ICT)
8. Amnesty Highlights Chinese Repression of Tibetans Before EU-China Summit (ICT)

Wednesday, October 29

1. Tibetans Fear Strangulation by Rail (LAT)
2. Nepalese Police Arrest 33 Tibetans for Illegal Entry, AFP Says
3. Senate to investigate Hu visit (TA)
4. Introducing Mechak Gallery The first internet gallery for Contemporary Tibetan Artists
5. Much more than yak, yak, yak
6. Aid project for ethnic Tibetans in Sichuan

Thursday, October 30

1. Dalai Lama to begin 12-day visit to Japan on Friday (AFP)
2. 33 Tibetans arrested in Nepalese capital (AFP)
3. China says new Tibet railway will bring profits, 900,000 tourists (AFP)
4. EU/China Summit Must Address Human Rights in Tibet and Push for Sino-Tibetan Dialogue
5. Tibetans removed from public gallery (ABC)
6. Howard humiliates our Parliament and betrays our democracy for Hu (SMH)
7. British Royalty Helps to Empower Tibetan Youth (ICT)

Friday, October 31

1. EU- China Statement Misses Out On Tibet (TN)
2. Testimony of Ngawang Sangdrol (ICT)
3. Dalai Lama does not want Tibetan independence
4. Dalai Lama Arrives in Japan Despite China Objection (Reuters)
5. Dalai Lama in Japan despite Chinese protest (AFP)
6. Virus attack on Tibetan network; exile government blames Chinese (AP)
7. Interview with Mr. Thubten Samphel (TN)

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