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"On my part, I remain committed to the process of dialogue. It is my firm belief that dialogue and a willingness to look with honesty and clarity at the reality of Tibet can lead us to a viable solution."
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WTN Archives: March, 2003

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Saturday, March 1

1. Gyuto Monks arrived in France for a Cultural Performance with the French Equester Theater Zingaro
2. Dalai Lama to return to Bloomington
3. Dalai Lama to return to Bloomington

Sunday, March 2

1. Tibetan monks travel for peace

Monday, March 3

1. Dalai Lama rocks and rolls in the Tibetan new year (AFP)
2. Friends of Tibet: Uprising Day - March 10

Tuesday, March 4

1. Tibetans ring in the year of water sheep (TI)
2. Local doctor commutes to Tibet
3. New Year prayer session held in Tibet

Wednesday, March 5

2. Tibetans Celebrate New Year
3. Tibet Awareness Concert Rocks Delhi

Thursday, March 6

1. From Chinese jail, a lama's appeal endures
2. 'Tibet wants autonomy, not independence'
3. Hu: 'Significant decades ahead'

Friday, March 7

1. Miami tribute honors Tibet's fighting nuns
2. A Quiet Losar : This time

Saturday, March 8

1. Thousands Massacred as China Took over Tibet (Scotsman)
2. Refugee from a forgotten land
3. Remember souls who gave lives for a free Tibet
4. Group marching to Indianapolis to put spotlight on Tibetan issues
5. Walk to Monument Circle to put spotlight on Tibet
6. Indiana is rangzen country: The launch of another walk for Tibet's independence
7. Locomotive developed for Qinghai-Tibet Railway
8. Tibet's Youngest Deputy to NPC Represents Ethnic Group of Merely 3,000
9. The UN: Right or wrong?

Sunday, March 9

1. China Works to Tame, Populate Its West
2. Social Status of Tibetan Women Improved

Monday, March 10

1. March 10th Statement from the Dalai Lama
2. March 10th Statement from Kalon Tripa Message from Kashag
3. Dalai Lama Would Not Hold Political Office in a Free Tibet Annual Statement Reiterates "Middle Path Approach"

Tuesday, March 11

1. Dalai Lama to pray for Iraq
2. Dalai Lama warns China Tibetan problem could become insoluble
3. Tibetan businessmen arrested in China: Human Rights Watch
4. Canadian Member of Parliament Rob Anders' statement on the occasion of March 10th.
5. Tibetans to stage demonstration in Taiwan on uprising day
6. 1,500 people demonstrate in Brussels for change in Tibet
8. Demo in Geneva on 44th anniversary of Tibetan uprising
9. WUFI Message on March 10th

Wednesday, March 12

1. Finally, China is flooded with Made in India goods
2. A Long call for a FREE TIBET
3. Tibet is not extinct - YET!

Wednesday, March 12 (2)

1. Dalai Lama prays for peace in Iraq, says war outdated
2. Cry for Panchen Lama?s freedom
4. Tibetan protest in Nepal
5. Tibet: More Detentions in Sichuan Province
6. Chinese police arrest two Tibetans: radio report
7. China outlines its position on environment
8. Chinese Buddhist head blasts Dalai Lama, Falungong
9. China defends Tibet plans

Thursday, March 13

1. Full Text of His Holiness' Statement on Iraq
2. War is Anachronistic, an Outmoded Approach
3. China Tries New Ways To Quell Rising Dissent
4. China ties dissents to terrorism
5. Incommunicado detention / Fear of torture or ill-treatment
6. 'We knocked the bastard off'

Friday, March 14

1. Fogh, Mřller to receive Dalai Lama
2. Think globally, act locally
3. War is really failure of good governance

Saturday, March 15

1. The Development of Tibetan Medicine in Europe
2. Patrick digs out the real tibet
3. Bharat Jagaran Yatra in South India
4. Movie talk - Melong
5. Tibet's social safety net kicks along
6. China Hands Off Powers to Next Generation
7. New & Noteworthy Paperbacks

Sunday, March 16

1. 'I have never been to Tibet, but I dream of dying there'
2. Dalai Lama to visit Japan: Reports
3. Pictures of peace
4. A Sacred Circuit in Tibet

Monday, March 17

1. Buddhist monks join downtown peace march
2. Children Painting Their Escapes And New Lives
3. A Question of Answers: Tibetan freedom is politically unrealistic - Patrick French
4. Buddhist tourism new mantra in HP
5. March 10, 2003 Speech by Taktser Truklu (Thubten JIgme Norbu)
6. Honk for a Free Tibet
7. Fund helps Tibetans regain eyesight

Tuesday, March 18

1. Tibetans-in-exile hopes for breakthrough from China's new President
2. China, a colossus with clay feet
3. China Renovates Dalai Lama's Summer Palace

Wednesday, March 19

1. Gyu-Shi, the healing ways of Tibetan medicine
2. The divine full moon day
3. EU criticizes China and Iran, alleging human rights abuses

Thursday, March 20

1. War has started, we can only pray: Dalai Lama
2. Tibetans to bring hopes for peace
3. Measure times wisely
4. 5 questions- The rage within

Friday, March 21

1. Churches deplore start of Iraq war
2. Tibet Trip Short on Time Long on Karma
3. Monks Bring Tibetan Tradition to Moscow
4. World leaders condemn attack
5. Saddam's missiles give the game away
6. Oscars present tempting platform for anti-war stars

Saturday, March 22

1. Statement from the Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama
2. For a more vibrant civic society
3. In Tibet, Climbers Find Rare Antelope Birthing Ground
4. Consumers, Strike a Blow for Democracy

Sunday, March 23

1. Swiss Parliamentary Group for Tibet visit Dharamsala
2. Monks at Weber State

Monday, March 24

1. Tibetan leader says Iraq war is all about business
2. Monk denied entry to U.S.

Tuesday, March 25

1. Civil Disobedience Action by Religious Leaders
2. U.S. would earn respect if consistent in attack on tyranny
3. Men-Tsee-Khang celebrates 42nd anniversary
4. East Timor (Timor-Leste) Speaks of Positive Development on Tibet while Sweden says situation in Tibet unacceptable

Wednesday, March 26

1. New leadership roles reflect China's priorities on Tibet
2. Dharamsala-Beijing Contact: A Welcome Development, Germany tells United Nations Forum
4. Bowers Museum Signs Historic Agreement to Exhibit Rare Tibetan Treasures
5. Cooperative Health Care Welcomed by Tibetan Farmers, Herdsmen

Thursday, March 27

1. Dalai Lama's planned Japan visit irks China (MS)
2. His Holiness' representative at the 59th UNCHR
3. ATPD session in progress on 27th March
4. "Shoton" Opera Festival of Tibet - 2003

Friday, March 28

1. China lets longest-held female Tibetan prisoner leave For U.S. Ngawang Sangdrol expected to reach Chicago on Friday (RFA)
2. Takna Jigme Sangpo to Testify at UN Commission on Human Rights

Saturday, March 29

1. Tibet's longest-serving prisoner of conscience is free (DIIR)
2. Ngawang Sangdrol reaches the United States for medical treatment (TCHRD)
3. Ngawang Sangdrol travels to the US (TIN)
4. Ngawang Sangdrol arrives in the United States
5. China Releases Defiant Tibetan Political Prisoner to U.S. (ICT)

Sunday, March 30

1. China Frees One of the 'Singing Nuns' (WP)
2. China rights group says nun's release signals change in Tibet policy (AFP)
3. Tibetan rights group welcomes release of longest-held female prisoner (AFP)
4. China Frees One of the 'Singing Nuns' (WP)
5. Free Tibet Campaigners overjoyed at arrival in United States of Ngawang Sangdrol
6. Freed by China, Tibetan Nun Lands in U.S. (AP)
7. Switzerland could host dialogue between Tibet and China (AFP)

Sunday, March 31

1. French Connections (TT)

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