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"On my part, I remain committed to the process of dialogue. It is my firm belief that dialogue and a willingness to look with honesty and clarity at the reality of Tibet can lead us to a viable solution."
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WTN Archives: May, 2003

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Thursday, May 1

1. China arrests two Tibetan monks for political reasons: report
2. Students on 24-hour hunger strike
3. Warmer climate may derail Tibet railway
4. Scientists meet in Canada over SARS

Friday, May 2

1. 15 minutes for world peace to be observed on 7th May (TibetNet)
2. Men-tsee-khang, SARS and many more.....
3. China bans foreign tourists from Tibet

Saturday, May 3

1. 70 die in Chinese submarine disaster (Guardian)
2. When beliefs are to die for - or to kill for

Sunday, May 4

1. Monks to create, destroy mandala at museum
2. Tibet to Improve Rural School Conditions
3. Prominent Asia rights "champion" dies
4. On top of the world

Monday, May 5

2. Chaksampa performs benefit concert in honor of International Students For a Free Tibet
3. Religious art from Himalayas gathered for new exhibition
4. Drawing up plans for peace

Tuesday, May 6

1. China set to install new leaders in Tibet (RFA)
2. Film Gives Tibetan Leader's Views On Building Peace
3. The Second International Congress on Tibetan Medicine
4. Temple to rise from Buddhist blessing
5. 15 minute Worldwide Simultaneous Prayer or Meditation with the Dalai Lama for Peace and Non-violence in resolving all conflicts
6. REGION : A tribute to tireless human rights campaigner
7. Life in Tibet improves

Wednesday, May 7

1. Buddhists seek funds for visit by leader (G&M)
3. Monastery protest
4. Champion of Human Rights in Asia Jendrzejczyk, Dies

Thursday, May 8

1. Central Tibetan Administration prays for world peace
2. Chinese president's trusted leaders to get top posts in Tibet: report
3. Music Awards for Tibetans in October
4. Unravelling the mysteries of Guge
5. Biographer: Legacy of Tenzing Norgay's Historic Everest Climb
6. Fascination with Everest is high 50 years later Base camp crowded with hundreds of climbers on anniversary of feat
7. New Nepalese stamps mark Everest milestones

Friday, May 9

1. New Delhi makes up with Beijing
2. President Bush Reports to Congress About US Action on Tibet-China Dialogue
3. Tibetan monks to visit area
4. Monks visit Lansing to promote a free Tibet

Saturday, May 10

1. German Parliamentary Group for Tibet Receives Kalon Tripa
2. Protester parachutes off Nelson's Column (BBC)
3. Daewoo focuses on west (including Qinghai-Tibet Railway) (China Daily)
4. COMMENTARY: Telling the Truth About SARS (WSJ)
5. Tibet reports strong economic growth in first quarter (xinhua)

Sunday, May 11

1. Dalai Lama stresses on complete education (PTI)
2. An interview with former Tibetan political prisoner Ngawang Sangdrol
3. Unravelling the mysteries of Guge (China Daily)

Monday, May 12

1. New chiefs for Tibet said to be chosen (WP)
2. Dams project to forcefully displace local inhabitants (TCHRD)
3. High points in the quest to conquer Everest (AFP)
4. China arrests nine people for poaching of Tibetan antelopes (AFP)

Tuesday, May 13

1. China: Rail bridge begins construction in Tibetan capital (Xinhua)
2. US President Bush Reports to Congress on Tibet Negotiations (ICT)
3. SARS Update: Traffic in TAR resumes under strict security measures (TIN)
4. China: Tibetan Prisoners' Health in Jeopardy Human Rights, (HRW)
5. Indian prime minister to visit China next month; first such trip in 10 years
6. Tibetans displaced by new Chinese dams: exile officials (AFP)
7. Tibet misses out on peak season (BBC)

Wednesday, May 14

1. Concerns for health of disabled female prisoner and monk (ATC)
2. US encouraged by China's Tibet dialogue: government report (AFP)
3. Tibet government-in-exile welcomes Indian PM visit to China (AFP)
4. Tibetans scale world's fifth highest mountain (AFP)

Friday, May 16

1. SARS epidemic leads to revival of "superstitious" practices (WTN)
2. New Tibet Party chief in leadership reshuffle (WTN)
3. For 12 years, cave was nun's spiritual retreat (The Age)
4. Senior Australian policeman dies on Tibetan mountain climb (AFP)
5. Buddha's bones to go on public display in India (AFP)

Sunday, May 18

1. China Announces Leadership Change in Tibet Autonomous Region (ICT)
2. Two new leaders elected for Tibet Autonomous Region (AFP)
3. Statement of Tashi Lhunpo Monastery on Panchen Lama abduction anniversary
5. Rich tourists blamed for Everest's decline (The Guardian)
6. Gifted Sherpas key to success on Everest (AFP)
7. Storm on Everest: tough going for Chinese-South Korean team on ascent (AFP)

Monday, May 19

1. Sino Gold digs itself a hole in Tibet (SMH)
2. When wrathful deities made mountains places of fear (Times)
3. Tibetan monks expect world peace to take hold (GRP)
4. Dalai Lama schedules a visit to Boston (AP)
5. India, China close to deal over Himalayan state of Sikkim (AFP)

Tuesday, May 20

1. Dalai Lama turns down invitation to visit Taiwan (AFP)
2. Nepal's Tough Line on Tibetans (FEER)
3. Nun jailed at 13 tells of beatings in Tibetan gulag (Telegraph)

Wednesday, May 21

1. Third generation of Tibetan leaders appointed (WTN)
2. A demonstration of continuity - A new Tibetan leadership is put in place (TIN)
3. India and China can still achieve Mao's vision (The Strait Times)
4. Policeman's body retrieved from mountain

Thursday, May 22

1. Meditation shown to light up brains of Buddhists
2. Sikkim awaits Delhi's word on Karmapa (TOI)
3. China Tells the US to Stop Interfering in Tibet Issue (PD)
4. AUSTRALIA: Protestors call for end to gold exploration in Tibet (ABC Radio)
5. A Yak Attack on Beef and Bison (NYT)

Friday, May 23

1. The twisting saga of Tibet-Taiwan relations (Asia Times)
2. Slipping UN syndrome
3. Dalai Lama's personal physician dies (AFP)
4. Beijing accuses Washington of using Tibet to meddle in Chinese affairs (AFP)
5. Dalai Lama to visit Germany, Sweden and Denmark (AFP)
6. HH the Dalai lama to visit Tabo, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Delhi and Ladakh
7. The Dalai Lama to Visit the United States this Fall (OTNY)

Sunday, May 25

1. Tibet vigil observes non-violent conflict resolution
2. His Holiness the Dalai Lama to visit Germany
3. China sentences two to death for poaching Tibetan antelopes
4. Japanese team cleans Everest half-century after its conquest
5. Phu Tharkey, Everest's forgotten hero (Age)
6. Monlam ChenmoThe Great Prayer Festival (Asian Geographic)

Monday, May 26

1. ICT Welcomes second visit of the Dalai Lama’s Envoy to China (ICT)
2. Dalai Lama's envoys arrive in Beijing (WTN)
3. Dalai Lama envoys leave for China visit (AFP)
4. Just what makes Everest so special? (AFP)

Tuesday, May 27

1. Statement by the Private Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama (Press Release)
2. Dalai Lama Sends Envoys to China (VOA)
3. Tibet envoys in Beijing for talks (BBC)
4. Dalai Lama envoys in Beijing (AFP)
5. Tibetan government-in-exile welcomes delegation's China visit (AFP)
6. China invites Tibetan contact (ABC Radio Australian News)

Wednesday, May 28

1. Rights abuses continue in China as rule of law undermined: Amnesty (AFP)
2. China meets Dalai Lama's envoys (Guardian)
3. China Replaces Heads of Tibet Government (AP)
4. 100 Years of Enlightenment (DW)
5. Dalai Lama to visit Denmark in June (AFP)

Thursday, May 29

1. 'Dialogue' or 'negotiation'? - The 2nd round of Sino-Tibetan contact begins
2. US welcomes China's Tibet talks (AFP)
3. This Day in History: Tibet Merged In Red China (NYT)

Friday, May 30

1. Risk of deportation for Tibetans in Nepali jail (TCHRD)
2. Nepal set to deport Tibetans after Chinese intervention: activists
3. Nepal Endangers Tibetans with Efforts to Force Return to China (HRW)
4. Chinese Embassy Seeks Custody, Forced Repatriation of Tibetan Refugees
5. Exile delegation visit raises hopes of progress on Tibet (ABC radio)
6. Blair set to defy Sars risk for visit to China (SE)
7. BYU students running across America to help world's poor (DH)
8. The Mystery of Shambala (Pravda)

Saturday, May 31

1. 18 Tibetans in Nepal released, but re-arrested (AFP)
2. Tibetan detainees await uncertain fate (TCHRD)
3. Nepalese Government Bows to Chinese Pressure (Press Release)
4. 'UNHCR stops deportation of Tibetan refugees' (PTI)
5. Tibet part of China, Germany reaffirms (AFP)
6. 80 Tibetans Reportedly Detained (RFA)
7. Sikkim awaits Delhi's word on Karmapa (Times of India)
8. For Sherpas, a Steep Climb (NYT)

Saturday, May 31 (2)

1. Nepal Deports 18 Tibetan Refugees to Chinese Authorities (ICT)
2. Dharamsala urges release of extradited Tibetan Refugees (DIIR)
3. Controlling the source (SMH)

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