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"We Tibetans are looking for a legitimate and meaningful autonomy, an arrangement that would enable Tibetans to live within the framework of the People’s Republic of China."
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WTN Archives: August, 2003

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Friday, August 1

1. Himachal Governor in Dharamsala
2. Tibetan monk released from Chinese prison: activist group
3. Tashi Phuntsog, student of Tenzin Deleg Rinpoche, released
4. Silk Route' to boost Indo-China bilateral trade
5. Tibet Tantra

Sunday, August 3

1. Indian Prime Minister maintains Ambiguity over TAR
2. Militarisation of Tibet and its impact on India-lecture
3. Australian delegation wraps up human rights tour of Tibet
4. HIMMLER'S CRUSADE: The True Story of the 1938 Nazi Expedition to Tibet

Monday, August 4

1. 'Made in China' No More (TibetNet)
2. A Conversation With | Paul Ekman: The 43 Facial Muscles That Reveal
3. Sentence reductions reported for two of Drepung's "Group of Ten"
4. America should confront Chinese 'lebensraum' in Tibet
5. JJI Music is the Wine to Tibetan Musical Taste Bud

Tuesday, August 6

1. China says vanished Panchen Lama 'happy' as Beijing's pick surfaces (AFP)
2. Beijing-picked Panchen Lama taken to Tibetan border province (AFP)
3. UNCHR on Promotion and Protection of Human Rights (written statement (UNHCR)
4. Tibet's Water Resources Rank Top in China: Survey (PD)

Thursday, August 7

1. Chinese Influence in Nepal Erodes Rights of Tibetan Refugees (ICT)
2. Tibetans Use Law to Safeguard Their Rights (PD)

Friday, August 8

1. Two leading Tibetan political prisoners receive sentence reductions (AFP)
2. Tibetan water gives China new reason to control Himalayan region (AFP)
3. Needy Tibetan Lamas Get Basic Living Expenses From Gov't (PD)

Saturday, August 9

1. Chinese press assesses Dalai Lama’s “Middle Way” (WTN)
2. Tibetan Refugees in Nepal Returned to Chinese Authorities (RFA)
3. How to teach the Chinese a lesson (
4. China's Authority (Letters to the Editor) (IHT)

Sunday, August 10

1. Nepal hopes for revenue boon with two more crossings into Tibet (AFP)
2. India-China trade could benefit Nepal (HT)
3. Nepal Sticks to One-China Policy: (CD)
4. Rural reforms offer hope to farmers (SCMP)
5. Rules on travel to loosen (CD)
6. Obituary: Kunsang Paljor -A Former Assembly Member and Veteran Journalist

Monday, August 11

1. Tibetans hope to make waves through soccer (HT)
2. Temple of doom (The Observer)
3. SEEING LHASA: Exhibition
4. Forum discusses India’s position on Tibet (ITFS)
5. Tibet to Invest 3.5 Billion Yuan in Transportation (PD)

Wednesday, August 13

1. Kawaguchi noncommittal on Dalai Lama's visit to Japan (JT)
2. Will The Australian Prime Minister Mention Tibet? (ATC)
3. Dalai Lama a pitchman for software company? (SFC)
4. Health battle turning into world odyssey

Thursday, August 14

1. Nepal and Tibet on path to trade plan (AFP)
3. A lunar eclipse
4. Plant vegetable not barley, 500 yuan a day easily

Friday, August 15

1. Impolitic policies (Pioneer)
2. World's toughest marathon runs in the Ladakh mountains

Saturday, August 16

1. Determined but doomed (Economist)
2. Dalai Lama's image enlightens publicity pitch (USA Today)

Monday, August 19

1. Destroying a natural treasure in the name of progress (SCMP)
2. Colourful Tibetian festival in the city (TOI)
3. Security surrounds visit of Chinese choice of Panchen Lama to Kumbum

Wednesday, August 20

1. A free Tibet world bike ride (CTC)
2. First Professional Tibetan Performing Arts Group to include Toronto in East Coast Concert Tour (CTC)

Thursday, August 21

1. China Cancels Long-Planned visit by Tibetans (RFA)
2. Nepal hopes for revenue boon with two more crossings into Tibet (AFP)
3. India to connect Buddhist circuit (AFP)
4. Beijing-picked Panchen Lama completes 11-day tour(AFP)
5. France denies visa to Tibetan football team (AFP)
6. Vieira de Mello to be missed by those suffering abuse: Tibet PM in exile (AFP)

Friday, August 22

1. Tibetans place hopes in Hu for more relaxed Tibet policy (AFP)
2. Dalai Lama expresses condolences to Annan on UN HQ blast in Iraq (AFP)
3. China "backsliding" on human rights: US (AFP)
4. “Environmental drive” threatens nomadic livelihood (TCHRD)
5. Flash floods destroy homes of poorest Tibetans in Qinghai

Monday, August 25

1. China pouring cash into Tibet, fueling Han immigration (AFP)
2. Nepal to double flights to China, fly to Tibet: minister(AFP)

Tuesday, August 26

1. Dalai Lama warns talks with China have to show results soon (AFP)
2. Chinese President behind Tibetan development push: official (AFP)
3. China gaining upper hand over Tibetan religion (AFP)
4. Tibetan monks studying communist ideology (AFP)
5. Jailed Dali Lama associate not welcome back at key Tibetan monastery (AFP)
6. Company Keeps Sales Mantra but Drops the Dalai Lama
7. Indian Parliamentary Forum for Tibet meets Indian PM (TPPRC)

Wednesday, August 27

1. Dalai Lama will not be allowed back to Potala Palace (AFP)
2. China says Dalai Lama refused invitation to Tibet in 1989 (AFP)
3. Leader of Russia's Kalmykia in India to invite Dalai Lama to visit (AFP)
4. China welcomes Dalai Lama's envoys, pans US itinerary (Reuter)
5. Prosperity Isn't Universal in Tibet Towns Mon (AP)
6. China Pushing Ahead With Railway to Tibet (AP)

Friday, August 29

1. China Protests to U.S. Over Dalai Lama Visit
2. China making progress on building Qinghai-Tibet railway (PTI)
3. Toronto Kalachakra 2004 and Canadian Visas
4. All India Tibet Support Group Conference.
5. Close aide of Chadrel Rinpoche still in custody
6. Evangelist missionaries target poor rural youth (TIN)

Saturday, August 30

1. China protests Dalai Lama's US trip (AFP)
2. US says Dalai Lama will meet "appropriate" officials during visit (AFP)
3. Tibetan footballers aim for Europe (BBC)
4. The Dalai Lama to Dedicate Interfaith Temple in Bloomington, Ind.
5. Tibet's Exile Government Denies Requesting China Visit (RFA)

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