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"On my part, I remain committed to the process of dialogue. It is my firm belief that dialogue and a willingness to look with honesty and clarity at the reality of Tibet can lead us to a viable solution."
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WTN Archives: October, 2004

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Friday, October 1

1. Dalai Lama's envoys return from talks with Beijing
2. Envoys Return to Dharamsala
3. Share tips on peace at home
4. Mexico Welcomes Dalai Lama
5. Karmapa to visit Darjeeling
6. Tibetan representative participates in the 2004 UNHCR Annual Consultations in Geneva
7. Tibet awareness at governing Labour Party Conference
8. Miss Tibet Contestants arrive to organisers' relief
9. President joins in National Day get-together

Saturday, October 2

1. Tibetans tightlipped after China trip by envoys
2. Indian soldiers march into China
3. Dalai Lama lights the way for Tibetan Buddhism
4. Tibetan Monk Shot Dead in Qinghai, Officials Appeal for Calm
5. India allows Tibetan Lama to visit Dharmsala
6. Girls Confident, Miss Tibet 2004 Promises Tough Contest
7. Tibetan beauty and the Chinese beast
8. Tibetan beauty and the Chinese beast
9. Canada says North Koreans will stay in Beijing embassy compound

Sunday, October 3

1. INTERVIEW: Kasur Tenzin Namgyal Tethong
2. One-Day Fast For Free Tibet
3. Musical monks, sand painting usher in Tibet exhibit ARTS

Monday, October 4

1. In Mexico, Dalai Lama says environmental damage to Tibet shows China dumping nuclear waste there
2. Tibetans Among Those Killed in Dimapur Blasts
3. 'Tibet' juggles pageantry and pathos
4. Seventh Art Gets Tibetan Doc, "What Remains of Us"
6. A British-India & China Alliance: A Tibet's Historical Mystery
7. The Silence Of The Lamb
8. Himalayan art in New York
9. World unites to save chiru

Tuesday, October 5

1. Dalai Lama: Religion Not Cause of Violence
2. Dalai Lama says no clash between East and West
3. Dalai Lama says talks with China moving slowly
4. China warns of 'ecological catastrophe' from Tibet's melting glaciers
5. Tibet documentary stirs controversy
6. 'Situation in Tibet region being monitored'
7. 'World's Smallest Democracy': The Challenges

Wednesday, October 6

1. Dalai Lama's co-author talks of job happiness
2. China warns of 'ecological catastrophe' from Tibet's melting glaciers
3. Dalai Lama's Visit Proves Uncomfortable for President Fox
4. Karmapa wishes to take over Rumtek monastery
5. Nepal detains 27 Tibetans in Solukhumbo
6. Wrestling the Dragon: Why are Tibetans Talking to the Chinese?
7. "Dreaming of Tibet"- Jackson Hole Film Festival
8. Tibetan Govt-in-exile opposes 'Miss Tibet' pageant

Thursday, October 7

1. Dalai Lama demands true autonomy for Tibet
2. Dalai Lama Calls for Greater Autonomy for Tibet During Mexico Visit
3. Dalai Lama meets Mexico City's mayor
4. Dalai Lama tells Mexican audience about trip to Hiroshima

Friday, October 8

1. Tibetans remain cold to China
2. Tibet for Beginners
3. American school children thank Dalai Lama for Peace
4. Tibetan plateau may be older than previously thought
5. Chinese Ambassador Criticises Dalai Lama Visit
6. Chinese mark imperialist invasion of Tibet

Saturday, October 9

1. Unfamiliar ground of Tibetan mystery
2. Chinese presence in Tibet a military concern
3. Mexico Demands Dalai Apology
4. Hundreds of Jobless Tibetans Protest in Qinghai Province
5. Tibet receives record number of tourists

Sunday, October 10

1. Indomitable spirit
2. Socially Engaged Buddhism
3. Canadian films honoured at Vancouver International Film Festival
4. Lines in the sand
5. Qinghai-Tibet Railway Enters Hub County
6. Horse-riding Tibetans expect to mount train on "roof of the world"

Monday, October 11

1. The Visionary
2. His Holiness Wraps Up Latin American Visit in Mexico
4. Dalai to be briefed about talks with China
5. Couchepin travels to troubled Tibet
6. China lifts human rights taboo
7. One day Hunger strike in Dharamsala on the growing repression in Tibet
8. Harvard Grad Honored At Miss Tibet Pageant
9. Qinghai-Tibet Railway expected to open to traffic in 2007

Tuesday, October 12

1. Delegation Briefs His Holiness
2. Youth Congress Day Celebrated in New York
3. Split over Tibetan beauty pageant
4. Tibetan prefecture in Sichuan plans first airport
5. A higher calling

Wednesday, October 13

1. Delegation Briefs His Holiness
2. Statement by Special Envoy Kasur Lodi Gyari, Head of the Delegation to China
4. Dalai Lama due to visit South Africa
5. Tibetans believe India will help restore motherland
6. China apologizes to Mexico for envoy's Dalai Lama remark
7. Letter to French President Jacques Chirac Regarding Human Rights in China
8. "Sergi Metok": Tibetan Music Concert Series in Japan
9. Tibet Museum greets 5th anniversary for meeting guests

Thursday, October 14

1. Major differences between Dalai Lama and China (AFP)
2. RAILWAYS Tibet On the Right Track?
3. Nathu La may go Uttaranchal way
4. In Tibet, harrowing childbirth a fact of life
5. China to exploit lure of 'Shangri-la'
6. Couchepin calls for respect of Tibetan human rights
7. Annual Celebration of Tibet Foundation

Friday, October 15

1. China's Invitation to Tibetan Envoys May Indicate Its Openness to Dialogue, Says China Expert
2. Taktser Rinpoche Recognized with Rangzen Award
3. Eateries paved way from tough to Tibet
5. Ugly row over Tibet beauty contest

Saturday, October 16

1. Divine inspiration
2. Spreading peace
3. Post rooted in Tibetan tradition dating to 16th century
4. We Support MWA: Norwegian Parliamentarians
5. Chinese medicine receives multi-million-dollar profit from Tibet
6. A spiritual refuge: Tibetan Buddhist temple will be haven for worshippers
7. Biggest prison of old Tibet undergoes repairs

Sunday, October 17

1. Forty years after China's first nuclear blast, sheep graze at research base
2. Revered Buddhist Monk Stresses Forgiveness... Again
4. Miss Freedom
5. Soccer game in Tibet

Monday, October 18

1. A Conversation with the Dalai Lama
2. Dalai Lama Says Tibet Would Be Better off under China If ...
3. Tibet in mind
4. "Seminar on Tibet" in Baroda
5. BTSM holds meeting on Tibet in Ambala
6. China to open Tibet's largest ancient prison to public next year
7. Secret war in the high country

Tuesday, October 19

1. China rejects Dalai Lama's conciliatory remarks (PTI)
2. Realism in Shangrila: Change in China is opening new opportunities and challenges for Tibet (IE)
3. Changing Tibet for a changing China
4. Kalon Tripa Leaves For Varanasi, Europe
5. Nobel: Why We Have Great Winners As Well As Losers
6. Mind and Life XII: Neuroplasticity

Wednesday, October 20

2. Statement on Tibet by Canadian Member of Parliament during House of Commons session
3. School teacher brings Tibetan simplicity to her classroom
4. Chinese Central Government adopts a clear policy towards Dalai
5. Dalai Lama urged to stop splitting activities
6. The Dalai Lama sets out his position
7. Work on Tibetan rail link half done
8. Track-laying completed on half of Qinghai-Tibet railway
9. Gere attends meeting on learning skills

Thursday, October 21

1. Australia to run Tibet rights program
2. China invites human rights delegation
3. China Briefs Australia on Dalai Lama Envoys' Visit
4. China Minmetals A Test Case for Democracy

Friday, October 22

1. Hu's Tibet policy will be felt here
2. Australia confident of progress in China, Dalai Lama ties
3. 5-day Tibetan Buddhist conference ends
4. Film on Tibetans making waves worldwide
5. DoF to Conduct Economic Survey
6. Former CTA Staff to Feature in National Geographic Festival
7. The Qiangtang Basin of Tibet rich in oil, gas reserves

Saturday, October 23

1. Tibet: In the crosshairs and at a crossroads
2. Dalai Lama to visit South Africa
3. Manchester United Frees Tibet

Sunday, October 24

1. Tibetan community and supporters in Quebec celebrate the contribution of Thubten Samdup
2. Sikkim coming alive through its boom eco-tourism drive
3. Unrestricted trips to Tibet
4. Tibet reports marked progress in infrastructure construction
5. Monk on a mission

Monday, October 25

1. Behind Tibet's myth
2. His Holiness Graces TCV's 44th Anniversary
3. Exile brothers eye music world
4. Qiangtang Basin in Tibet estimated to hold oil and gas reserves
5. 5 killed at bridge construction site in Tibet

Tuesday, October 26

1. His Holiness to Give Teaching in Delhi
2. Dalai Lama to visit SA in November
4. Richard Gere to Present Tibet Photos at Moscow Exhibit
5. Movie star Richard Gere exhibits his photographs in Moscow
6. Strong earthquake hits southwest Tibet; no injuries reported

Thursday, October 29

1. Hope vs Despair
2. Students share experiences of meeting Dalai Lama
3. The Canadian Federal Experience What can we learn from it for China's future federal system?

Friday, October 30

1. Dalai Lama to visit Japan for peace seminar
2. Running for Tibet
3. ATPD Welcomes Geshe's Release
4. CTA upset with Chinese authorities' action on Tibetan writer
5. Ravangla Tibetan students present cultural programme
6. Doc Smuggles Dalai Lama Back Into Tibet
7. A Taste of Tibet - Lhasa Café
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