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"As long as human rights are violated, there can be no foundation for peace. How can peace grow where speaking the truth is itself a crime?"
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WTN Archives: March, 2004

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Monday, March 1

1. Karmapa breaks his silence: Tibet is India's problem too (IE)
2. China slams US human rights record, cites war in Iraq, Afghanistan (AFP)
3. Winds of change in Himalayas take toll on Buddhism
4. Devotees throng Rewalsar (TT)
5. Karmapa breaks his silence: Tibet is India's problem too
6. Tibetan culture series 2004 at New York University

Tuesday, March 2

1. Buddhists converge at Mandi (PTI)
2. His Holiness Celebrates Guru Rinpoche's Birthday with 50,000 Buddhist Pilgrims

Wednesday, March 3

1. Peace Ride for Tibet will Span Washington, D.C., to Toronto (ICT)
2. When the Karmapa came calling (IE)

Friday, March 5

1. Martin should meet Dalai Lama, say prominent Canadians (CTC)
2. Armenian Committee in Support of the Tibet China Negotiations

Monday, March 8

1. Freedom March: The Final Leg (TYC)
2. Tibet Support Groups Receive the Freedom Marchers in Delhi
3. Long-Life Puja for His Holiness (TN)
4. Dalai Lama delivers annual sermon (ANI)
5. Tibetans, supporters brave English weather to mark Tibet Day
6. Monk mummy found in mountains (AFP)
7. A Stranger in My Native Land
8. Tibetans urge countries going to polls to raise Tibet issue (IANS)

Tuesday, March 9

1. Chicago Chinese consulate target of Tibetan protest
2. Tibetan food finally plants its flag on Mumbai's culinary map
3. Tibet's bloody tale told in 'Snow Lion' (MJS)
4. Quest dims for independent Tibet (SJMN)
5. Tibetan activists hold onto hope as Dalai Lama marks 45 years in exile (AFP)
6. A review of the two new Karmapa books

Tuesday, March 9 (2)

1. Dalai Lama hopeful about Tibetan cause (TI)
2. Tibetans mark 44 years of Democracy
3. Tibetan Flag in 1934 National Geographic
4. Bellamy urges Tibet to reach for new heights for children
5. Despite Progress, Tibet's Children Still Without Basic Schooling (VOA)
6. Red star over the Potala palace (IE)

Wednesday, March 10

1. Statement of His Holiness the Dalai Lama on the Forty-Fifth Anniversary of Tibetan National Uprising Day
2. Tibetans in Nepal defy ban on rallies to mark uprising anniversary (AFP)
3. Dharamsala: the tourist town the Tibetan exodus built (AFP)
4. Website offers 22,000-dollar reward for information on Panchen Lama (AFP)
5. Tibetan martyrs remembered in memorial service
6. East meets West in Swiss Tibet (SI)
7. Xinhua 10 March 2004 Qinghai-Tibet railway to shore up tourists to world's roof (Xinhua)
8. A struggle for spiritual freedom in China (WP)
9. Himalayan high Tibetan Buddhist monks mix practice & politics at Bard

Thursday, March 11

1. Statement of the Kashag on the 45th Anniversary of the Tibetan National Uprising Day
2. TCHRD releases report on Trulku Tenzin Delek
3. 10th March Anniversary in Switzerland
4. Tibetan Flags in Swiss Parliament
5. Pro-Tibet rallies held in Switzerland
6. Tibet Protesters in Streets of Chicago
7. Days of Tibet in the Czech Republic
8. 10th March rally in Oslo, Norway
9. Commemoration of the 45th Anniversary of Tibetan National Uprising Day in Belgium

Friday, March 12

1. Tibetans and Tibet Supporters Protest in The Hague, Petition Dutch Government (ICT)
2. US Reaffirms Support of UN Resolution on China Human Rights Violations (VOA)
3. Concert for a Free Tibet hopes to rock again Jenn Wildey Grand Valley Lanthorn

Sunday, March 14

1. Peace March in Tokyo to commemorate the 45th Anniversary of Tibetan National Uprising Day
2. San Francisco Bay Area Tibetan Uprising Day Commemoration Report
3. Dalai Lama to receive honorary degree
4. Letters to the Editor of Globe and Mail
5. Torture in Tibet - Globe and Mail

Monday, March 15

1. Alanis gets new chance to present Dalai Lama (OC)
2. Ad hoc Armenian committee in support of Tibet China negotiations launches its campaign
3. Morissette to join Dalai Lama for peace talk

Tuesday, March 16

1. Tibet Society of South Africa Remembers March 10
2. TAR Authorities Ban Book by Tibetan Author (TIN)
3. Dalai Lama seeks talks with China over Tibet (Reuters)
4. Music Heals All
5. French Municipality Dedicates Year 2004 to Tibet
6. Workshop for Local Assemblies Concludes, 13th Assembly's Seventh Session Begins Tomorrow
7. Alanis Morissette Gets Metaphysical With The Dalai Lama
8. Litang -- an oasis between Chengdu and Tibet (Xinhua)
9. Dam Building Threatens China's 'Grand Canyon' (NYT)

Wednesday, March 17

1. Rights group challenges US to sponsor UN bill condemning China (AFP)
2. 45 years ago, witness to Dalai Lama's flight did not know history being made (AFP)
3. China bans book on Tibet (AFP)
4. A Buddhist on good, evil and Gibson (SFC)

Thursday, March 18

1. ATPD's Seventh Session Begins (TN)
2. There is no change in my stand on Tibet's future, says Takna Jigme = Sangpo (TibetNet)
3. Dutch People Show Their Concern for Tibet (ICT)

Friday, March 19

1. UK Raises Tibet at High Level Segment of the 60th session of the Human Rights Commission
2. Remembering a home she barely knew

Sunday, March 21

1. Commemoration of Tibetan National Uprising Day in Hungary
2. Shoulder to shoulder Armenians and Tibetans band together in solidarity
3. Richard Gere to produce film on Tibet (IANS)
4. Church storm over Tibetan monks (TBT)
5. Butchered by the score ... for a shawl (TO)

Monday, March 22

1. Meet the Dalai Lama (GM)
2. After the Dalai Lama, who? (TOI)
3. Finding time for Dalai Lama proves difficult (GM)
4. European Union must join forces with United States to push critical China resolution at 60th UNCHR
5. The aw-shucks, superstar god-king: The Dalai Lama is coming to Vancouver and some of his adherents are expecting adrenalin-filled thrills. He'd rather they concentrate on the teaching, not the teacher

Tuesday, March 23

1. False congratulation letter
2. U.S. to Criticize China's Human Rights (AP)
3. China Suspends Human Rights Dialogue with U.S. (Reuters)
4. Text of the statement on the U.N Resolution by U.S. State Department
5. His Holiness the Dalai Lama graces the 10th Shoton Festival (TN)
6. China works for inclusion of Tibetan kingdom ruins on world heritage list (PD)

Thursday, March 25

1. Governments statments UN Commision on Human Rights in Geneva
2. China cracks down on TV station that showed Tibetan flag (RFA)
3. A ten-day annual Tibetan opera festival starts in Dharamsala (ANI)
4. Obituary of 'Tsemonling' Dawa (TIN)
5. Tibetan Girl Becomes Australian under 10 Chess Champion (TN)

Friday, March 26

1. Talking about Tibet (OL)
2. Staging Canada Dalai Lama a hit before setting foot here (CP)
3. Unlikely that Dalai Lama will meet top Canadian officials during visit

Sunday, March 28

1. China set to derail rights resolution

Monday, March 29

1. Letters to the Editor (TS)
2. Canucks rally to holy man; peace message strikes chord (OS)
3. Strong aftershocks hits Tibet (AFP)
4. Tibet and Development

Tuesday, March 30

1. Human rights in the People's Republic of China
2. In being a Tibetan (DH)
3. Seventh Session of the ATPD Ends, Kashag's Expansion Marred
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