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"Canada can, within a positive friendly atmosphere, ask the Chinese government to resolve the Tibetan situation."
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WTN Archives: July, 2004

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Thursday, July 1

1. Dalai Lama to call on PM (IE)
2. Questions about rights in Tibet are not what the Chinese want to hear (SMH)
3. GE seeks locomotive co-operation with China (CD)
4. New Uighur Leader Calls for Non-Violent Opposition to China (VOA)

Sunday, July 4

1. 69th birhday of His Holiness celebrated in Paris
2. "50 years of Panchsheel: Why Our Foreign Minister Wants to Celebrate a Defeat"
3. Cosying up to China - Panchsheel was independent India's greatest moment of humiliation (TT)
4. Kowtowing to Beijing: a note on the Panchsheel 'celebrations'
5. Humans bring down-to-earth realities to a spiritual Lake of the Mind (SH)
6. What Remains Of Us
7. Dalai Lama To Speak In Florida This Fall
8. Dalai Lama cancels Spain visit for health reasons (AFP)
9. International Tibetan Medical Association Holds Exhibit of Authentic Recreation of Rare Tibetan Medical Paintings

Monday, July 5

1. Holy site faces a looming pollution crisis (TA)
2. Chinese delegate to face probe (ET)
3. Tibetan immigrant celebrates Independence Day as a new U.S. citizen (WSJ)

Tuesday, July 6

1. Does anyone still care about Tibet? (SDUT)
2. UNESCO warns China to look after Forbidden City and Potala Palace (AFP)
3. The Statement of the Kashag on the 69th Birthday Celebration of His Holiness the Dalai Lama
4. Exhausted Dalai Lama sits out his 69th birthday bash (AFP)
5. Dalai Lama turns 69 (IANS)
6. Dalai Lama's Birthday in New York
7. Dalai Lama to visit S. Florida in September (MH)

Wednesday, July 7

1. China's Treatment Of Tibet Unacceptable (CTM)
2. Kathmandu Celebration of Dalai Lama's Birthday Remains Behind Closed Doors (ICT)
3. Kalimpong celebrates Dalai Lama's birthday (SNS)
4. World Tibet Day Celebrated In honour of His Holiness the Dalai Lama's Birthday
5. His Holiness the Dalai Lama's 69th Birthday reception in Brussels
6. HH the Dalai Lama's birthday celebrated in Pretoria
7. International Campaign for Tibet Announces Winners of Light of Truth Essay Contest
8. Tibet project aims to wrap up a shawl thing (TA)
9. Tibetan opera seeks heritage listing (Xinhua)

Thursday, July 8

1. New Details on Cases of Tibetan Political Imprisonment (TIN)
2. Ngawang Woeser, A prominent architect of the September 27,1987 DEMONSTRATION, released (TCHRD)
3. GYAMI: Our Chinese Imagination (TN)
4. Mustang: The Last Outpost Of Tibetan Culture (TT)
5. CMU grad shows paintings inspired by Tibetan Buddhism (PTR)

Friday, July 9

1. Kashag Presents Three Years' Plan
2. Tokyo celebrates the Dalai Lama's birthday
3. His Holiness's birthday celebrated in Hungary
4. New Crackdown on Tibetan Buddhism Underway by Chinese Authorities (ICT)

Saturday, July 10

1. TUS favours substantive Tibet-China dialogue (IANS
2. Contacts Between China, Dalai Lama Encouraging, U.S. Says
3. Report claims China cracking down on Buddhism in Tibet (Kyodo News)
4. Langma: a place Tibetans call their own (SMH)
5. Stopping brain drain tops Tibetan plan (TT)

Sunday, July 11

1. His Holiness' birthday celebrated in London
2. World Tibet Day Festival spreads cultural awareness (CD)

Monday, July 12

1. His Holiness the Dalai Lama's birthday celebrations in Switzerland
2. Friends of Tibet (India) observed the World Tibet Day
3. Issue of Tibet Presented in Hungarian Parliament
4. Powerful Quake Strikes Tibet; No Injuries (AP)
5. China strongly opposes US report on Tibet issue (Xinhua)
6. "Broad prospects for various cooperation". China seeks influence among Kalmyk Buddhists (TIN)

Tuesday, July 13

1. Richard Gere says fighting AIDS more important than Tibet issue (AFP)
2. China slams US appeal on Tibet (PTI)
3. China slams U.S. report on Tibet (UPI)
4. China: No deal for Dalai Lama
5. Workshop for CTA Staff Begins (TibetNet)

Wednesday, July 14

1. Situation for Tibetan Refugees in Nepal Remains Unstable, New Report Finds
2. His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Visit North and South America this Year
3. India's Buddha will be three times higher than Statue of Liberty (BBC)
4. More Chengdu-Tibet flights in July, Aug (Xinhua)
5. China's India connection (TS)

Thursday, July 15

1. Two Tibetan monks held in Shigatse (RFA)
2. Lake consequence (TP)
3. The Dalai Lama's birthday celebration in Chicago
4. Slovenian celebrates Dalai Lama's birthday

Sunday, July 18

1. Paintings from Tibet
2. Sky burial - An account of a Chinese woman's 34 years in Tibet
3. Fischer Frank With China (DF)
4. His Holiness to Teach from 22 July (Tibet Net)
5. Ilyumzhinov sees no reason for denying Dalai Lama entry (Interfax)
6. Tibetan treasures (ST)

Wednesday, July 21

1. ‘Settling border issue won’t be that smooth’ (Indian Express)
2. China asks India not to hurt good momentum in ties over Dalai (PTI)
3. Beijing blamed for wave of cyber attacks (FT)
4. Three new Tibetan Legislators elected (OT)
5. Ain't no mountain high enough (Independent, UK)

Friday, July 23

1. Two-Faced (FEER)
2. Death in the Air (FEER)
3. A new "Re-education-through-Labour " camp established in Tibet (TCHRD)

Saturday, July 24

2. Tibet's beer giant looks to come in from the cold (Financial Times)

Sunday, July 25

1. No more playing Tibet as "card" for leaving Tibetans alone (Xinhua)
2. Work on Qinghai, Lhasa railway line under way (Tribune)
3. Tibetan surgery claims earlier history than Western counterpart (Xinhua)
4. India, Sikkim, China and a vexing Tibetan lama (Asia Times)
5. Commentary: Why America always picks at China? (People’s Daily)

Monday, July 26

1. Beijing Rejects Special Deal with Tibet (Daily Times)
2. Lhasa makes do with new gods: Shah Rukh, Party (Indian Express)
3. Traveller's tale from Forbidden City (TOI)
4. Tibet is Tibetan, says TAR official (Hindu)
5. India and China hold border talks (BBC)
6. India, China in talks to end border dispute (Reuters)
7. Shen Remarks Bode Ill for China Talks (Arab News)
8. Red Tape Slashed for Foreigners Touring Tibet (Xinhua)

Tuesday, July 27

1. Tibetans challenge Chinese public relations mission to Ottawa (CP)
2. Tibetan governor challenged on tour of Canada (ctv)
3. Tibetan protesters greet Chinese-sponsored PR tour (CBC)
5. Dalai Lama ‘welcome’ to Tibet sans privileges (TNS)

Wednesday, July 28

1. ICT’s Religion Report Presented to UN Subcommission on Human Rights (ICT)
2. Tibetan delegation denounces slanderous remarks against Tibet (Xinhua)
3. Dalai Lama's visit left biases, top Tibetan official says (GM)
4. Sino-India border talk continues (NNN)
5. Doubt cast on China's Tibet invite to Canadian MPs (AFP)
6. India readies for talks with China, Tibetans wary (AFP)
7. Rights group accuses Yahoo, Google of aiding Chinese Internet censorship (AFP)
8. Canada warned not to meddle in Tibet (Sun)
9. Tattoo '100% right' to invite Chinese (Scotsman)

Thursday, July 29

1. Tibetans Challenge Chinese Claim About Situation in Tibet (ICT)
2. Tibet sees development & great changes: Official (People’s Daily)
3. China positive on strengthening bilateral ties with India (PTI)
4. Lamas passing into history (Times of India)

Friday, July 30

1. Blood-soaked band will tarnish Tattoo (
2. China army protesters on way to city (
3. Communist party controls Tibet (TNN)
4. The railway is coming to Lhasa (Hindu)
5. Nepal announces bus services to Tibet (IANS)
6. 'Snow Lion' reflects sober nature of Tibet's plight (TD)

Saturday, July 31

1. Jiang's Art of War and Tibet Issue (OT)
2. Book Review The Dance of 17 Lives (The Age)
3. Floridians to get rare chance to see, hear the Dalai Lama (NN)
4. CHINA: Government blocks religious websites (Forum 18 News)
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