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WTN Archives: August, 2004

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Tuesday, August 3

1. Jiang's Art of War and Tibet Issue (OTNY)
2. Dalai Lama Encouraged by Increasing Interest in Religion in China (ICT)
3. Tibet: Another “Singing Nun” Home But Not Free (HRW)
4. China asked to lift restrictions on Tibet's 'singing nun' Phuntsog (AFP)
5. Tibetans cold towards Sino-Indian talks (Daily News)
6. Chinese remarks spell trouble for Sino-India relations (KT)
7. Protest over Chinese Tattoo band (BBC)
8. Chinese army's Tattoo spot triggers protest in capital
9. A Tibetan Introduces History of India in American University (OTNY)

Wednesday, August 4

2. SONTSA: Semshook series Tibetan Youth Power
3. Pageants to Lure Tourists to Tibet
4. Tibet holds beauty pageant for tourist promotion
5. Police officers will be accountable for violence against and death of detainees
6. Tibet's telecommunications progress
7. Hospital-on-wheels enters 72 counties of Tibet
8. Bilingual bimonthly on Tibetan humanities, geography debuts

Thursday, August 5

1. Waging Peace in a Violent World: The Need for Commonwealth Intervention in Tibet-China Negotiations
2. Crowning Tibetan beauty won't be easy affair
3. Photographer Cartier-Bresson dies at 95

Friday, August 6

1. Olympics-Tibet activists slam IOC for games going to China
2. Two Tibet Campaigners Detained
3. Health Kalon Inaugurates Medical Council's Office
4. Grammy winning monks to gather in Delhi
5. Tibet's melting glacier threaten Himachal villagers

Monday, August 9

1. Documentary: The Forbidden Team
2. Geshe Jampel Senge to participate at the Inter-religious Conference in Athens
3. Flood alert in Himachal, Tibet dam may burst
4. Monsoon Floods Claim More Lives
5. Teen filmmaker has future all framed out
6. Bowers Museum scores rare 'Treasures'
7. From Russia, with love Erie resident lives double life as holy leader

Monday, August 10

1. Dalai Lama's Message to Inter-Religious Conference on "Religion, Peace and the Olympic Ideal" in Athens
2. Immigrant grows into a U.S. Marine - and now a citizen
3. 4th North American TYC Conference in New York City
4. Air China signs up Tibetan unit
5. China mum on Indian request for sending experts' team to Tibet
6. Indian team awaiting China's clearance to visit Tibet dam
7. His Jewish mother calls him the Deli Lama...

Wednesday, August 11

1. A community in harmony
2. The mysterious Tibetan Lake
3. Centre alerts defence forces in view of flood threat in HP
4. Rampur villagers flee in wake of Tibet flash floods
5. US corporations should stop being complicit in China's cyber censorship, journal editor says

Thursday, August 12

1. TIPA Turns 45, Artistes in Festive Mood
2. Water relased from Tibet lake, maximum alert in Himachal
3. India prepares for Tibetan flood
4. Nineteenth Batch of Tibetan Fulbright Students arrive New York
5. Real-life Draupadis on screen

Friday, August 13

1. Crown Prince Paras in China: China to gift three projects
2. Ten days in Tibet
3. Tibetans returning from exile face prosecution in China
4. China to join Indian anniversary
5. Tibet lake overflowing, says China

Saturday, August 14

1. 11th Panchen Lama arrives in Lhasa on third visit to Tibet
2. 11th Panchen Lama arrives in Lhasa
3. Lake burst could be environmental weapon: Expert
4. The Sino-Indian equation

Sunday, August 15

1. Tibet Festival Highlights Issue of Religious Freedom
2. China signals talks unlikely with Dalai Lama
3. Beijing Has Tough Message for Dalai Lama
4. Officials back off Dalai Lama talks
5. Tibetans say dangerous lake result of China's development work

Monday, August 16

1. Scholar's escape to Australia could put Chinese abuses in spotlight
2. New Commissioner, Auditor General Appointed
3. China's Panchen Lama visits Tibet
4. Tibetan Buddhism Clashes With Govt. Limits
5. What If India Had Won The 1962 War Against China?
6. Letter to WTN
7. The Great Prayer Festival for World Peace 2004

Tuesday, August 17

1. Foreign Correspondents Invited to Report on China's Panchen Lama
2. Chinese pressure forces Tibetan films' ouster
3. Two Tibet Film Withdrawn from Asian Film Festival under Chinese Pressure
4. Matter of Time Before Tibet Lake Bursts -Official
5. Nepal crown prince's China trip nets gift of road

Wednesday, August 18

1. CTA Releases Integrated Development Plan for 2004-2007
2. Dissidents urge Australia to grant political asylum to Chinese scholar
3. Beijing-backed Panchen Lama vows to maintain national unity
4. MSPs ejected from Tattoo as police foil Free Tibet protest
5. Tibetan Exiles in Chennai
6. Chinese 'chokers' target Tibet films
7. Dalai Lama film for Venice
8. Students stand up for Oppressed Tibetans at Edinburgh Tattoo

Thursday, August 19

1. China Detains Prominent Buddhist Leader
2. Dalai Lama's Visit Mobilizes Christians Concerning Buddhism's Growth
3. Tibet threat is not immediate, official report confirms
4. High-tech lift for power of prayer

Friday, August 20

1. Tibetans accuse China of meddling in film festival
2. Dalai Lama to attend quadricentennial celebrations
3. Fight in campaign against Dalai Lama
4. Ghosh film on Dalai Lama to be screened in Venice
5. "China pressure forced Tibetan films ouster from film fest"
6. Dalai Lama photo ban?
7. Chinese report questions history

Saturday, August 21

1. Relics of Buddha to visit Bloomington
2. Tibetans decry omission of their films from fest
3. Venice beckons faith film
4. March for Tibet's Independence in Florida

Sunday, August 22

1. China's biggest problem - Dalai Lama is still the heart and soul of Tibet
2. Dalai Lama may not return in this life
3. McConnell urged to stand up for Tibet
4. Six dead as Nepal rebels vow to step up blockade

Monday, August 23

1. Korea-Tibet Cooperation on History Urged
2. Tibet issue raised in Indian Parliament
3. Representatives' Meeting Begins Tomorrow
4. Alternative Film Screening in Mumbai
5. Indian spies by the lake in Tibet
6. Huge loss to Himachal hydropower project

Tuesday, August 24

1. Foreign Reporters Invited to Tibet
2. First Tibetan Protest in Olympic Stadium
3. Campaign Will Highlight Rights Abuses Ahead of Beijing Olympics
4. Spiritual art flowing for Dalai Lama visit
5. Amritsar-Lahore-Nankana Sahib Bus from September 1

Wednesday, August 25

1. Could cash kill Tibetan Buddhism?
2. Indian Spies Enter Tibet for Clandestine Operation
3. Mithibai to Host Controversial Tibetan Film Fest
4. Antelope protection stepped up
5. Chinese band leader speaks out against Tattoo protests

Thursday, August 26

1. Successful launch of the Athens Olympics Tibet Campaign
2. Peacemaker in Lhasa India can help the Chinese and Tibetans see the other's point of view
3. Tibet clings to frontier life as modern China encroaches
4. A young monk opens a rare window of candor in Tibet
5. Moderate earthquake hits Tibet

Friday, August 27

1. Chinese Dissidents and Uyghur Leader Support Tibetan Protest against Beijing 2008 at the Closing Ceremony
2. China Urged to Stop Rights Abuse Ahead of 2008 Games
3. Coiffure Costas got an ad - Tibet didn't
4. New gold medal for China - for human rights violations
5. China aims to bridge the gap with Tibet
6. Fall in number of Tibetan visitors to McLeodganj

Saturday, August 28

1. Greek Newspaper Eleftherotypia Shows Support for Tibet
2. Tibet Buddhism Faces Threat from Officials, Money
3. Indian Lawyer's meeting on Tibet
4. Visit to a Potemkin village
5. Tibetan leader's daughter has eye on politics
6. Tibet in the New Norwegian Human rights house - inaugurated by the Norwegian Prime Minister
7. Rowell Fund for Tibet begins second year of grant giving

Sunday, August 29

1. Ethnic Chinese Immigrants Throng Tibetan Streets
2. Excitement grows over Dalai Lama visit
3. Activists Hope to Shift Attention to China
4. Partying protests on final night?
5. Tibetans keep culture, customs alive in TibetFest

Sunday, August 29 (2)

1. Peaceful Protest by Tibet Activists Halted by Police in Advance of Olympic Closing Ceremony
2. Olympic flag transfer protest

Monday, August 30

1. Tibetan activists breach Olympic security in Athens
2. 'Seeking truth from facts' in Tibet
3. Tibetan culture falters under Chinese influx
4. New life for former foundry Massey dynasty launched here
5. CM may not get space on VVIP stage

Tuesday, August 31

1. Tibet Campaigners carry out Olympics Action in Beijng
2. Human rights shadow over Beijing games
3. Chinese police hold Australian protester
4. Tibet activists arrested in Beijing
5. Tibet activists plea for rights progress before 2008
6. S. Florida Buddhists hope Dalai Lama's visit will promote peace
7. the dalai lama's schedule
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