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"Canada can, within a positive friendly atmosphere, ask the Chinese government to resolve the Tibetan situation."
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WTN Archives: September, 2004

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Thursday, September 2

1. Carlsberg signs brewery deal in Tibet (AFP)
2. China defends detention of Tibet activists in Olympics protest (AFP)
3. 3 000 Tibetan's witness respected monk's mock execution.
4. The Defence for China
5. Health and Health care in Tibet II

Saturday, September 4

1. Mangtso: Our Democratic Vision (TR)
2. Seminar on "The Current Situation of Tibet" held in Delhi
3. Geshe Sonam Senge Appointed the Abbot of Namgyal Monastery (TibetNet)
4. TYC's 12th General Body Meeting

Monday, September 6

1. China's false start (TG)
2. Seoul May Allow Dalai Lama to Visit Here (TKT)
3. China's drive to transform Tibet (BBC)
4. Hydropower projects to be launched in Tibet
5. Shakespeare's plays translated to Tibetan (UPI)
6. Unity and Discord - Music and politics in contemporary Tibet
7. CTSA Teachers Receive Award from the President (TibetNet)
8. Election of President and Vice President of the Tibetan Community in Switzerland and Liechtenstein
9. Religious teachings at Tibetan Institute, Rikon

Tuesday, September 7

1. Eighth ATPD Session Begins Tomorrow (TibetNet)
2. Dispute Over Bid to Shore Up Tibet's Cultural Heritage (Reuters)
3. Chinese propaganda in Hollywood (ST)
4. Teen queens prepare for Miss Tibet IANS)
5. Chinese propaganda in Hollywood

Wednesday, September 8

1. Tibet in Chicago's Millenium Park - Report from Chicago
2. New York Tibetans Observed Democracy Day RTYC NY & NJ
3. The Dalai Lama's Visit Sovereign Rights Should Not Be Compromised
4. Ethnic agencies will not merge, Cabinet decides
5. Demystifying Tibet: Unlocking the Secrets of the Land of the Snows

Thursday, September 9

1. His Holiness Addresses the ATPD (TibetNet)
2. The EU Presidency will visit Tibet
3. International Mongolian Festival at Tibetan Cultural Center
4. Dallas News Gaining a feel for the spirit Dalai Lama's co-author comes away with a Buddhist bent
5. TYC Elects New Executive Members (TibetNet)
6. Dalai Lama advice for Buddha film (BBC)

Saturday, September 11

1. Dalai Lama's envoys to visit China
2. Italian parliamentary group for Tibet to visit Dharamsala 14 - 16 September 2004
3. Resolution to Review Middle Way Approach withdrawn
4. Resolution to Review Middle Way Approach under Intense Discussion
5. 5th Norwich Tibet Week
6. EU Troika to make rare visit to Tibet, 20-23 September (ICT)
7. Kalsang is TYC president again (HT)
8. The XII General Body Meeting of Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC)
9. Lecture on "Sino-Indian Relation and Tibet Problem"

Monday, September 13

1. Tibet firm on tact (TT)
2. Police arrest 34 Tibetans for entering Nepal illegally (AFP)
3. 34 Tibetan refugees on way to India held in Nepal (PTI)
4. Third visit of Tibetan envoys tests Beijing's intentions (ICT)
5. Dalai Lama's envoys head to China seeking dialogue
6. Dalai's envoys leave for China today (HT)
7. Envoys of Dalai Lama en route to Beijing for talks (AFP)

Tuesday, September 14

1. His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Visit South Africa
2. We Invited His Holiness to Address Indian Parliamentarians: APIPFT (TibetNet)
3. New Supreme Justice Commissioner and Justice Commissioner Appointed (TibetNet)
4. Indian and Italian Parliamentary delegations to visit Dharamsala (TibetNet)
5. New York Tibetans participate in the International Cultures Parade
6. Tibet film spurs security worries
7. Tibetan writers took part in 70th World Congress of International PEN

Wednesday, September 16

1. 2004 International Religious Freedom Report on Tibet, issued by the US Dept of State

Wednesday, September 16 (2)

1. China says visit of Dalai Lama envoys 'a good thing' (AFP)
2. US hopes China will hold dialogue with Dalai Lama (AFP)
3. Dalai Lama Envoy Visits China for Autonomy Talks (Reuters)
4. U.S. Applauds Dalai Lama Group in China (AP)
5. Vice-mayor of Lhasa's suffer press embarrassment
6. Moms' oxygen genes help Tibetan babies (UPI)
7. Tibetans continue to flee to India for asylum
8. Canada Tibet Committee BOD meets in Kananaskis, Alberta (CTC)
9. China says visit of Dalai Lama envoys 'a good thing' (AFP)

Thursday, September 17

1. China Hopes to Send Positive Message to Dalai Lama (Reuters)
2. Statement by European Union on Dalai Lama's envoys in China
3. Dialogue is the Solution: Italian Parliamentary Forum for Tibet (TibetNet)
4. Beijing seethes over US religious freedom report (AFP)
5. UN rights group to probe detentions in China (AFP)
6. Dude, Where's My Country?
7. His Holiness the Dalai Lama Leaves for US, Latin America (TibetNet)

Friday, September 18

1. Convention on Tibet in Rome (TNS)
2. A cry to the world on behalf of Tibet (MH)
3. Dalai Lama's Overtures to Seek Tibet Solution (IPS)
4. Dalai Lama kin on China visit
5. U.N. human rights investigators to visit China (Reuters)
6. V Cultural Festival of Tibet in Paris
7. Protection of Tibet a must for national Security: BTSM
8. Dalai Lama to share from his remarkable life (PBP)

Monday, September 20

1. 13,000 hear Dalai Lama decry war as `out of date' (MH)
2. Tibet remains true to Buddhism and won't bow to China (PBP)
3. Dalai Lama, Superstar (SS)
4. Making locals homeless for Tibetans (TNS)
5. Hu Takes Full Power in China as He Gains Control of Military (NYT)
6. Home for the first time (DN)
7. China builds nationwide cellphone network (WT)
8. Two more Nepalese sentenced to death in Tibet (NK)
9. Second Tibet Youth Meet

Wednesday, September 21

1. Tibetans in exile march to urge freedom (PBP)
2. Corporate social responsibility and Tibet
3. Walking for Tibet's freedom (SS)
4. Watching the brain on the road to serenity (WSJ)
5. Snow Land is also Show Land (IPS)
6. 800-year-old Tibetan manuscripts seized
7. Tibetan activist opts for open trial (PCD)
8. U.S. Team Takes Aim at Tibet's Maternal Death Rate

Wednesday, September 22

1. China in belated bid to preserve traditional character of Tibetan capital (AFP)
2. China says visiting UN rights group will be shown "objective" view (AFP)
3. China criticises Dalai Lama's visit to Mexico (AFP)
4. Mexican government to receive Dalai Lama (AP)
5. Dalai Lama gives the rarest Nyingma teaching in Miami
6. TPPRC Holds Series of Workshops (TibetNet)
7. Hangin' with His Holiness (PBP)

Wednesday, September 22 (2)

1. China's policy on Tibetan autonomy

Thursday, September 23

1. Three Tibetans jailed for suspected separatism (RFA)
2. Dalai Lama visit made $135,000 (SSM)
3. 100 years on: Reflections on British Invasion of Tibet (SFT)
4. A World of Today's Shangri-la in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (GRP)

Friday, September 24

1. China paves the way for possible return of the Dalai Lama (TI)
2. Costa Ricans meditate with Tibetan monks ahead of Dalai Lama visit (AFP)

Saturday, September 25

1. Has the Dalai Lama finally struck a chord with Hu's China!
2. Orbituary for Ven. Tarab Rinpoche
3. Speech disruption may earn student expulsion
4. Felker found guilty in open UJC trial

Sunday, September 26

1. Dalai Lama's lesson on 'returning' to G-d (Miami Herald)
2. Dalai Lama focuses on Buddhism
3. Tibetan Herbal Formula Proven to Improve Cardiovascular and Vein Health
4. Beijing-backed Panchen Lama Praises Communist Party In First Interview
5. Back human rights during China trip, McConnell urged
6. China's future: Dynamic or forever stagnant?
7. UVa student sentenced for Rotunda act

Monday, September 27

1. Dalai Lama offers tips for job happiness
2. Beijing-picked Panchen Lama Praises Communist Rule
3. Unlikely praise for China's Communist Party
4. Banchen Lama has a tender heart
5. Conference on India Tibet Relationship held in Bangalore
6. No line of control for this college

Monday, September 27 (2)

1. Nehru's legacy to India
2. A heartbreaking look at Tibet
3. What Remains of Us captures top honours at Atlantic Film Festival
4. Tibetan culture reaches new audiences in East Anglia's 5th Norwich Tibet Week

Tuesday, September 28

1. Costa Rica celebrates Dalai Lama's message of peace
2. 'Buddha' unites Dalai Lama, Kapur, Chopra
3. The Dalai Lama preaches world healing through compassion
4. 'Govt. will try to address problems of Tibetans'
5. Tributes paid to Tibetan martyrs
6. Review of A TIBETAN REVOLUTIONARY The Political Life and Times of Bapa Phuntso Wangye

Wednesday, September 29

1. Dalai Lama Aides Make Secretive Visit to China
3. Shekhar Kapur may direct film on Buddha:
4. Mystery in a meal

Thursday, September 30

2. Only 5 to contest for Miss Tibet this year
3. Dalai Lama Visits El Salvador
4. China thanks foreigners for 20 years' contribution
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