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WTN Archives: October, 2005

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Sunday, October 1

1. UN Child Rights Body Increases Pressure on China to Allow Independent Access to Panchen Lama (ICT)
2. Organisers defend sole Miss Tibet (BBC)
3. China's railway line drives towards Tibet (TA)
4. Chinese Nuclearisation of Tibet Endangering Ecosystem, Says New Book (Rediff)
5. Seminar on construction of dams and water diversion project in Tibet (TibetNet)

Monday, October 3

1. For the Anti-Evolutionists, Hope in High Places (NYT)
2. Dalai Lama returns to city for forum on future of Tibet (Scotsman)
3. Filmmaker focuses on spiritual gurus (BNS)
4. Tibet issue depicted by cartoonists (ADC)

Tuesday, October 4

1. Scotland to host Dalai Lama at second World Conference
2. CATS wins Elly awards for its Tibet production
3. Tigers in Tibet
4. Miss Tibet pageant stirs controversy (AFP)
5. Fists fly over living god's crown (TG)
6. Religion struggling with exile and feuding (TG)

Thursday, October 6

1. Fourth World Parliamentarians' Convention on Tibet to be Held in Scotland from 18-19 November (TibetNet)
2. Exile Tibetan Administration to Preserve Its Institutional Memory (TibetNet)
3. Elie Wiesel to be honored by Dalai Lama during DC visit (ICT)
4. Panel eyes Tibetan peace
5. Finance Kalon speaks on the financial status of the Central Tibetan Administration (TibetNet)

Saturday, October 8

1. Spanish international jurisdiction move may benefit Tibet case: NGO (AFP)
3. Chinese actor ends visit to McLeodganj (Tribune)
4. Kalon Tripa's talk on the policies of the CTA and the status of Sino-Tibetan Dialogue (TibetNet)

Monday, October 10

1. Tibet to ban placer gold ming
2. Benefit set to help Tibet school
3. All India Buddhist Society Passes Resolutions for Tibet (TYC)
4. SAARC writers’ conference begins (KP)
5. Sino-African Relations and Tibet

Tuesday, October 11

1. Tibetans jailed in Nepal, deportation likely (TCHRD)
2. His Holiness sends congratulatory letter to the nobel peace prize winner of year 2005 (TibetNet)
3. Kalon Tripa inaugurates the first model school (TibetNet)
4. Rediscovering Lhasa
5. Tibetan Cultural Center hosts song lessons (IDS)
6. The third World day against Death Penalty
7. Membership to the APPGT & Hu Jintao’s visit to the UK (around 8-10 November)
8. A pioneer who studied Gandhi (TG)
9. How democracy activist in China's new frontline was left for dead after a brutal attack by a uniformed mob (TG)

Tuesday, October 11 (2)

1. Dalai Lama set for Capital return to debate ethics (Scotsman)
2. President Bush Urged to Ask China to Begin Substantive Discussions on Tibet (ICT)
3. US Congress study sees "no improvement" in China's human rights record (AFP)
4. Tibetan Youth Congress Day Observed in New York
5. Tibet's best Known vocalist in Korea

Thursday, October 13

1. China recommences “patriotic education” campaign in Tibet’s monastic institutions (TCHRD)
2. China also censors in Germany - Tibetan protest stopped during the China vs. Germany Football Friendly (TYAE)
3. China protests US Congress study on human rights (AFP)
4. TVA promotes Vegetarianism in Mysore

Friday, October 14

1. His Holiness Donates 1.5m for Quake Victims
2. Dalai Lama's late flight comes as blessing in disguise for city
3. His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Nagpur to attend Buddhist Conference
4. Extra Dalai Lama tickets released
5. Decks Cleared for Co-operatization of Hotel Tibet
6. Might versus right
7. A monk & another
8. China unwise to act the bully: Trade sanction threat ignores their thirst for Canadian crude

Saturday, October 15

1. China completes building world's highest railway to Tibet
2. China completes world's highest railway to Tibet
3. President Hails Completion of Tibet Railway
4. Chinese Authorities Step Up Anti-Separatist Campaign in Tibetan Region
5. Tibet culture being debased by tourism
6. Two French journalists refused visas
7. Dalai Lama donates Rs 1.5 mn for quake victims
8. San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center

Sunday, October 16

1. Asia is the largest market for animal skin: Maneka
2. Seeking the path to peace
3. Train to roof of the world opens
4. China finishes building world's highest railway to Tibet
5. Nepal cracks down on Tibetan refugees afresh
6. Maoists' bullets seized along Nepal-Tibet border
7. Qinghai Lake selected most beautiful lake by China National Geography

Monday, October 17

1. No Significant Change in China's Policies: Dalai Lama
2. Tenzin Tsundue: Merging Political Activism and Writing
3. All Rise! The Parliament Is in Session...
4. Bringing engineering from Anderson Hall to Tibet
5. Rail link brings rest of world to Tibet
6. The lines nations draw
7. Pirate pinchers
8. Venerable Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche

Tuesday, October 18

1. Over 600 Tibetan Monks, Nuns Should Be Freed (TST)
2. Spirituality on Sale in India's Little Lhasa (TST)
3. Erotic Verse Sheds Light on 'Playboy Lama' (TST)
4. Bharat Tibbat Sahyog Manch Holds a meeting on Tibet in Ambala ( TibetNet)
5. RTYC Delhi Runs for a "Free Tibet" during "Great Delhi Run" (RTYC)
6. An Alternative Report on Gender Equality in China: (TWA)
7. Stanford University Medical Center
8. Assembly members to participate in the Autonomy Educational Tour across Europe from 18-29 October (TibetNet)
9. Jetsun Pema Concludes a Speaking Tour of Latin America

Wednesday, October 19

1. Dalai Lama set for high profile Washington visit, may meet Bush (AFP)
2. Invitation to Dalai Lama sparks a scientific debate (NYT)
3. Mayor welcomes Dalai Lama's 'historic' visit to Washington, DC (ICT)
4. China makes special arrangements for development of Tibet: white paper (Xinhua)
5. China tightens stranglehold on Tibet's monasteries: report
6. Lhasa bus faces uncertainty (KP)

Thursday, October 20

1. Basement Blues to Rock Dharamshala
2. Tibetan Showman Steals the Show in Korea
3. A New Tibetan Film Concludes Shooting

Saturday, October 22

1. China sees red over Dalai Lama's US visit (AFP)
2. Interest in Dalai Lama shows (SBT)
3. Tibet was my Home: Opened at the University of OsloTibet was my Home: Opened at the University of Oslo
4. Tibetan center safe from foreclosure for 3 years
5. Tibetan Members of Parliament in exile to visit London, UK
6. Chinese Tibetan experts and Living Buddhas visit UK

Sunday, October 23

1. Inside the minds of monks and moms
2. Local researcher stands by Dalai Lama
3. COUNTER VIEW: His research is incomplete, unsubstantiated
4. Dalai Lama unwelcome at US conference
5. Radical surgery transforms deformed girl
6. World Experts Diagnose for Himalayas Flooding
7. Onion price soaring in local market

Monday, October 24

1. Tibetan children celebrate foundation day in Shimla
2. Tibetan Children's Village Turns 45
3. Microsoft Bows to Chinese Pressure on Bhutan Tibet Link
4. Govt not to issue travel documents to refugees
5. Tibetan children celebrate foundation day in Shimla
6. Interest in Dalai Lama shows Buddhism's reach

Tuesday, October 25

1. On the record 'I am probably going to meet Bush in November, I may use that with him-Buddhism and Bushism'
2. Tibetans meet visiting ATPD members
3. China president in UK state visit
4. Dalai Lama wants Tibetan kids to learn about their cultural heritage
5. Historians, Legal Experts, Planners, Government Officials to Converge on Chinese Autonomy Law
6. Seminar on Chinese Autonomy Law Opens
7. Columbia Appoints New Chair in Modern Tibetan Studies
8. Tibetan Cultural Center provides meditation courses Ancient art aims to calm, focus stressed individuals
9. DC Mayor Honors the International Campaign for Tibet with Design Award

Wednesday, October 26

1. Scientists boycott Dalai Lama
2. Tibetan parliamentarians meet British parliamentarians
3. Tibet Campaigners issues Recommendations to EU for its Human Rights Dialogue with China.
4. The Chinese Riddle in Nepal
5. Blood Campaign for Global Peace and Tibet's Freedom
6. What Remains of Us coming to Banff Centre

Thursday, October 27

1. Tibet's future depends on solution within China
2. Central Tibetan Schools Administration marks its founding anniversary
3. Don't Wait and Watch Change, Make It Happen
4. My visit to the Dalai Lama's town
5. Dalai Lama, top scientists to discuss science & clinical applications of meditation
6. Tibetan doctor connects East and West
7. Dharamshala hosts Tibetan Music Awards night
8. The beauty of wilderness

Friday, October 28

1. Tibet no longer a chink in bilateral ties: China
2. Scientists Argue Over Planned Dalai Lama Lecture
3. Dalai Lama to discuss clinical benefits of meditation
4. In Support of the Dalai Lama's Lecture at Society For Neuroscience 2005
5. Dalai Lama, India's new tourism ambassador
6. Kalmykia expecting Dalai Lama in December - Ilyumzhinov
7. Turn a deaf ear to the disinformation about the US resettlement plan
8. Visit result of Veep's efforts Linda Schulze helped plan Dalai Lama speech

Saturday, October 29

1. Dalai Lama's theme: `science of emotions'
2. Dalai Lama's Special Envoy to speak on China-Tibet dialogue at National Press Club
3. Tibet not to affect India ties: Chinese envoy
4. Dreaming of Tibet

Sunday, October 30

1. A meeting of the minds
2. China-backed Panchen Lama in rare trip to Tibet
3. Bhutan Army gets new chief
4. Premier McGuinty should include Tibet on agenda during visit to China
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