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"We Tibetans are looking for a legitimate and meaningful autonomy, an arrangement that would enable Tibetans to live within the framework of the People’s Republic of China."
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WTN Archives: November, 2005

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Tuesday, November 2

1. His Holiness Grieves Victims of Delhi Blasts (TibetNet)
2. China-backed Panchen Lama in rare trip to Tibet
3. Stop the Train!!! (Press Release)
4. Honolulu architectural firm plans its first resort in Tibet
5. Talk Tibet in China, Ontario Premier urged
6. China to tap Tibet's hydel potential to sell power to India
7. US to investigate Chinese looting of Tibet (The Art Newspaper)

Thursday, November 3

1. Dalai Lama to ask Bush to help resolve Tibet issue: Envoy (AFP)
2. Dalai Lama's Envoy Makes Plea for Cultural Identity
3. Modern science useful to traditional teachings: Dalai Lama (ANI)
5. McGuinty ready for mission to China (CP)
6. His Holiness Inaugurates Buddhist Conference in the Capital
7. Tibetan exiles' tales on screen

Friday, November 4

1. Thousands join Dalai Lama for Stanford meditation (MN)
2. Tibetans launch global protest against Lhasa train
3. Is Lodi Gyari Quitting? (Phayul)
4. I Never Aspired to the Post of Kalon Tripa: Gyari Rinpoche
5. Solving the mystery of the Tibetan Plateau (UPI)
6. 14 Tibetans Fall in Chinese Trap
7. Tibet’s postal protest
8. Buddha’s Warriors: The Story of the CIA-backed Tibetan Freedom Fighters
9. Voices echo from Tibet

Sunday, November 6

1. Dalai Lama endorses just wars but not in case of Tibet (AFP)
2. ‘I'm ready to hand over authority to a Tibetan govt' (IE)
3. Scientists, Buddhists meet but don't quite reach nirvana
4. Dalai Lama Dodges Politics On Stanford Visit
5. Taking best from East, West (MN)
6. STANFORD -- Dalai Lama brings his brand of Buddhism (SFC)
7. Dalai Lama meditates with Stanford students (BCN)
8. Dalai Lama, scientists look at nature of mind (IBA)
9. Dalai Lama, scientists join in pursuit of common goal

Monday, November 7

1. Tibet's identity tied to China's rising leaders
2. Tibetan activists vow to dog Chinese president's visit
3. China goes on diplomatic offensive (BBC)
4. Walker's World: China as the 'Wild East'
5. Protest targets Hu Jintao's visit
6. Beijing’s system of repression
7. Native Eyes on a Land South of the Clouds (NYT)
8. Runner With a Cause (NYT)
9. For a Week, D.C. Focuses on Meditation

Wednesday, November 9

1. From the exiles: pride and protest (TG)
2. Protesters have their say as Queen welcomes Hu (TDT)
3. Protesters ready for China visit (BBC)
4. Battle of the flags for China visit (BBC)
5. Chinese president greeted by Tibet protests
6. Students set to stage Tibet demonstration (TS)
7. Protests greet Chinese president in Downing Street (TG)
8. Protesters greet China's Hu in UK (Reuters)
9. Supporters bussed in for Chinese President's state visit (TT)

Wednesday, November 9 (2)

1. Bush Meets With Dalai Lama at the White House (VOA)
2. Bush meets Dalai Lama, ignoring China's objections (Reuters)
3. The White House has announced that President Bush will be meeting His Holiness the Dalai Lama
4. For the Dalai Lama, a Meeting of Brain and Mind (WP)
5. Bush looks forward to meeting Dalai Lama amid concerns over Tibet (AFP)
6. China repressive in Tibet despite talks: Dalai Lama (Reuters)
7. Talk about rights
8. "Rights stump McGuinty on China tour" (GM)

Wednesday, November 9 (3)

1. US Report Says China Suppressing Religious Practice in Tibet

Thursday, November 10

1. A young monk dies under mysterious circumstances following the “patriotic education” campaign in Drepung monastery (TCHRD )
2. Dalai Lama meets President Bush at White House (ICT)
3. China criticizes Bush for meeting Dalai Lama (Reuters)
4. Bush, Dalai Lama discuss religious persecution in China (WT)
5. Samdup gets sung (MM)
6. Tax of a rat, Reportage from Lhasa - Gedun Choemphel Galery
7. US Report Says China Suppressing Religious Practice in Tibet

Saturday, November 12

1. Memorandum to the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture visiting Tibet and China (TCHRD)
2. Our Faith in Science (NYT)
3. Praise is heaped on unsung heroes
4. Bridging the gap - A new player in Tibet-China politics is about to make her presence felt (SMH)
5. Beijing chooses Olympic mascots (Reuters)
6. Choice of antelope as Olympic mascot is “attempt to legitimize Chinese rule” in Tibet (ICT)
7. ICT-D and TID organize protest against Hu Jintaos in Berlin

Sunday, November 13

1. Fourth World Parliamentarians' Convention on Tibet to hold in Scotland from 18-19 November (TibetNet)
2. Dalai Lama appeals for ethics on science's cutting edge (AFP)
3. Dalai Lama Links Science, Buddhism (AP)
4. Dalai Lama: science and Buddhism share a quest of open investigation (Pravda)
5. Dalai Lama Still Learning Spiritual Leader Shares New Scientific Knowledge with Thousands (WP)
6. Bush Carries to China A Delicate Diplomacy (WP)
7. 17-year-old Cancer patient gets rare opportunity to meet Dalai Lama (SCS)
8. Ulster visit by Dalai Lama to celebrate Corrymeela anniversary(BT)
9. Dalai Lama dilemma for Hain (ST)

Monday, November 14

1. A Simple Message Of Hope And Peace (WP)
2. Meditation in the capital (WP)
3. Tibet to benefit economically within China: Dalai Lama (AFP)
4. Dalai Lama Says Science, Buddhism Share Goal of Investigation (AP)
5. Dalai Lama says science, Buddhism share goals (Newsday)
6. Say 'om': Meditation may aid in brain function

Wednesday, November 15

1. Tibetan monk dies after 'patriotic education' in China (Kyodo)
2. Largest Gathering of Nobel Peace Laureates Ever in United States to Be Held in Denver Sept. 15 - 17, 2006
3. A piece of cake for the Dalai Lama on Scots trip? Consider it a Dun deal (TS)
4. China Blacklists Tibetan Lamas Recognized by Dalai Lama

Wednesday, November 16

1. Scotland Hosts 4th World Parliamentarian's Convention on Tibet
2. Dalai Lama, Uyghur Dissident Rebiya Kadeer Meet in Front of Thousands (RFA)
3. 'Rule of Law is Indispensable to Progress of Democracy' (TibetNet)
4. Meditation May Physically Alter Brain

Thursday, November 17

1. Dalai Lama Honors Wiesel, Others for Work on Tibet Cause
2. US Congress backs Dalai Lama's drive for greater autonomy in Tibet
3. Dalai Lama speech sells out
4. Security Preparations for the Dalai Lama's Visit
5. China Blacklists Tibetan Lamas Recognized by Dalai Lama
6. Ancient scriptures resurface
7. China looks to Tibet for hydro finance
8. Chief checks out Edinburgh
9. Assembly Donates 2 Days' Pay for quake victims

Friday, November 18

1. The Dalai Lama tells a Newport audience that world peace is achievable
2. Dalai Lama preaches world peace at Salve Regina University
3. Delegates from 30 Countries will Welcome Dalai Lama
4. Dalai Lama praises Parliament
5. Human rights, Tibet, Taiwan to figure in Bush-Hu talks
6. US lawmakers back Tibetan quest
7. Updates on His Holiness' US Visit
8. 42 Tibetans held, freed
9. Not enough money to pay for Tibet's newly-rebuilt and only Catholic church

Saturday, November 19

1. Time is Running Out, Save Tibet Before Extinction: Kalon Tripa
2. I am an Adviser: Dalai Lama
3. This Life: A welcome visitor
4. Dalai Lama in capital war debate
5. Dalai Lama gives views on ethics
6. His Holiness the Dalai Lama welcomed again in Scottish capital
7. Tibetan Monk Detained, Another Expelled, Amid Chinese Crackdown
8. Tibetan Supporter's Presence During Hu Jintao's Visit to Spain
9. Dalai Lama honors St. Helena woman who works with street children

Sunday, November 20

1. India, the holy land...
2. Dalai Lama to visit peace centre
3. Dalai Lama visits Northern Ireland
4. Dalai Lama says 'too early' to tell impact of Afghan, Iraqi wars
5. China bans Tibetan monk based in India
6. Tibetan refugees facing tough time selling winter garments in Kolkata
7. Buddhist communities lend strength to lost nation
8. A cool head observes 'this sad reality' of Tibet

Monday, November 21

1. Two Hands Are Needed To Make Autonomy Real In Tibet
2. Ulster peace bid by Dalai Lama
3. Dalai Lama says 'too early' to tell impact of Afghan, Iraqi wars
4. His Holiness welcomed by Northern Ireland's oldest peace movement
5. His Holiness praise China on Hu Yaobang, says Tibet convention not anti-Chinese
6. Bush takes up 'variety of concerns' with China
7. U.N. torture envoy in China
8. UN envoy probes torture in China
9. Bush Asks China to Invite the Dalai Lama

Tuesday, November 22

1. Dalai Lama talk of town
2. Compassion Is The Only Route To Peace
3. Dean to greet Dalai Lama
4. Students travel to hear Dalai Lama speech
5. Dalai lama urges Christians not to convert to Buddhism
6. Dalai Lama continues his NI visit
7. Northern Ireland peace leaders find His Holiness and his visit inspiring
8. Over 4000 Children Call on China to Release the Panchen Lama
9. Tibetan NGOs Meet Maneka

Tuesday, November 22 (2)

1. Tibetan Parliament Leader Says World Parliamentarians Have Impacted Chinese Policies on Tibet
2. Tibetan Leader Outlines Steps Taken to Create Environment for Talks with China
3. The Biggest Problem in Dialogue with China: 'Lack of Trust'
4. China rebuffs Bush on 'invitation' to Dalai Lama

Wednesday, November 23

1. How life shapes the brainscape
2. The Dalai Lama visits Newport, speaks of compassion and peace
3. Seeking the path to peace
4. You've left us appalled Ms Gandhi'
5. Martsa on Elm Tibetan cuisine reaches tasty new heights
6. Boutique hotel makes an unlikely home in Tibet;
7. Tibet becomes attractive tourist destination
8. Tibet Autonomous Region Travel Bureau to Launch Lhasa Tours To Celebrate the Tsongkapa Butter Lamp Festival

Thursday, November 24

1. Canadian miners in talks for support of Tibetan activists
2. It is time to take a tough stance on Kashmir, Aksai Chin and Northeast - India must get all its territory back
3. The Long Way Home to Lhasa
4. IUSY Asia Pacific Committee Meeting at New Delhi adopts resolution on Tibet's Independence
5. Buddhist monastery wants to build prayer hall
6. Tamdin Wangdu's photos bring his native Tibet to Denver

Friday, November 25

1. Tibetan Students Meet Their Peers Across Globe
2. Kaalchakra festival
3. Bush showed his ignorance
4. Mobile Phone in Tibetan Language Formally Put in Use
5. Bhutan's Deputies Concerned By Border Issues with China
6. Chinese 'deliver arms to Nepal'

Saturday, November 26

1. This Life: The Dalai Lama and an Ulster 'Blackman'
2. Project keeps stories alive Hmong, Tibetan, Indian oral histories recorded
3. The Dalai Lama Discusses Universal Responsibility with US Opinion Makers
4. Bush Lauded for Religious Stance in China
5. China Says Tibet Issue Discussed During President Bush's Visit

Sunday, November 27

1. Da'lie' behind diplomacy
2. China's Hu names ally acting party boss of Tibet
3. 640 projects launched in Tibet with non-governmental fund
4. The Life and Times Of Marie Benoit
5. Can Buddhism Survive Wealth?

Monday, November 28

1. China trying to use Islam against Buddhists in Tibet?
2. Historic film looks at Tibet LOWELL THOMAS JR.: He visited just before China invaded in 1950.
3. TIPA to Release AaKaMa 2005 on December 10
4. AP minister in Singapore to promote Kalachakra, tourism
5. Illustrator Peter Sis on "Tibet - Through the Red Box" & Eskimo Jan Welzl
6. Tibet industrial growth up 12 pct Jan-Oct
7. Alleviating human-wildlife conflict in Tibet

Tuesday, November 29

1. Tree symbolizes peace
2. When enlightenment gets caught in the dark
3. High-level China Team to Visit Nepal
4. Tibet welcomes 1.71m tourists
5. Mass silent protest in Tibet's Drepung Monastery following China's continued implementation of "patriotic education"
6. Bhutan accuses China of intrusion and encroachment
7. UN torture rapporteur's China tour "smooth": FM spokesman

Wednesday, November 30

1. Reports of Persecution in China Continue After Bush Visit
2. Nepal Police Arrest 18 Tibetan Migrants
3. 18 Tibetans jailed in Nepal
4. The iron rooster in the land of snows
5. Dalai Lama Gets Meditation Lesson
6. Australian MP Supports the Issue of Tibet
7. Mike Evans '05 Meets With Dalai Lama During Visit to Belfast, Northern Ireland
8. Tibetan Music Festival - An Update
9. Elderly steeped in tea trek woes
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