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"On my part, I remain committed to the process of dialogue. It is my firm belief that dialogue and a willingness to look with honesty and clarity at the reality of Tibet can lead us to a viable solution."
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WTN Archives: February, 2005

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Tuesday, February 1

1. Richard Gere: Older And Wiser (CBS)
2. ICT Essay Contest Focuses on Chinese Laws Governing Tibetan Areas
3. Court Summoned TYC on Charges by Himachal Government (TYC)
4. Gartuk and Garpa –classic Tibetan court songs

Thursday, February 3

1. Tibetan Prisoner serving life sentence dies in Prison
2. Kalon Tripa Briefs Tibetan Religious Leaders on Sino-Tibetan Dialogue Process
3. China president stresses support for Panchen Lama
4. Bainqen Erdini Qoigyijabu, the 11th Panchen Lama (Xinhua)
5. President Hu meets young Panchen Lama (Xinhua)
6. Rice warns EU over China arms ban (BBC)

Friday, February 4

1. Who's backing the royal coup? (TOI)
2. Kathmandu-Lhasa bus service from May
3. In the shadow of Beijing (
4. A Buddhist holy man says hello in Hebrew (Haaretz)

Saturday, February 5

1. President Hu meets “Panchen Zuma” (ICT)
2. Nepalese Buddhists Protest Closure of Tibet Offices
3. Indian dream seduces Tibet's exiled young (The Guardian)
4. Two killed in fight outside pool hall (AP)

Monday, February 7

1. Human Rights Situation in Tibet: Annual Report 2004 (TCHRD)
2. Nepal: The Chinese squeeze (Rediff)
3. China Discloses Prisoner Details Gesture Precedes Possible U.N. Vote (WP)
4. China to stop clinic use of non-donated blood (Xinhua)
5. Heavy snow hits Tibet (Xinhua)
6. Dalai Lama's Belgian trip shelved to avoid China row (Zee news)

Wednesday, February 9

1. Tibetans say Happy New Year in Dharamsala
2. U.S. Cautious as China Offers Details on Political Prisoners (NYT)
3. Belgium denies it pressured (Expatica)
4. Dalai Lama visit to Belgium rescheduled
5. Free Tibet Crowd Lays into Mining
6. Shootings leave Tibetan community shaken (Star Tribune)
7. A rail station on the world's roof
8. Film puts new face on plight of Tibetans

Thursday, February 10

1. Secrets of Tibet: New Poem by Oser (TIN)
2. Shangri-la: Dream that became a busy reality

Friday, February 11

1. High TAR wages benefit the privileged (TIN)
2. Status of Tibetan Refugees in Nepal Remains in Limbo (VOA)
3. US faces dilemma in Nepal after King's power grab (AFP)
4. SAKYA - Giant sacrifice for a little prince, his family (Seattle Times)
5. The lama behind the camera (G&M)
6. Sister lakes on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau added to Ramsar wetland list
7. Large Tibetan religious site discovered in Sichuan (Xinhua)
8. Opinion: The (Chinese) legal system's quiet revolution (IHT)
9. Letter: Oser’s poem

Sunday, February 13

1. Five Tibetan Monks Jailed in Western China (RFA)
2. Rutgers to honor Dalai Lama with degree
3. Sobering sounds from Loseling
4. Letter: Maoist insurgency is a genuine reaction to years of rampant corruption

Tuesday, February 15

1. Bold gold play in China (The Australian)
2. Dalai Lama tells Canadian gold diggers in Tibet to hit It
3. Hear the one about the king, the CIA and the Maoists? (SMH)

Friday, February 18

1. US Policy for Tibetans: A Reappraisal
2. Sir Tom heads for a spiritual experience in Dalai Lama’s cottage (The Herald)
3. Tibetan palace to be renovated (Shanghai Daily)
4. Schedule set for Dalai Lama's visit to Sun Valley, Idaho

Saturday, February 19

1. Dalai Lama and the Muslims of Tibet (OTNY)
2. Tibetan to Participate in SAARC Literary Conference (TibetNet)
3. High plains drifters (The Age)
4. 6.4 bln Yuan earmarked for key Tibet projects (Xinhua)

Sunday, February 20

1. Tibetan beauty banned from pageant in Zimbabwe (IOL)
2. The Wisdom of Forgiveness, by the Dalai Lama and Victor Chan
3. New millionaire walked around with ticket in his wallet for days (VS)

Wednesday, February 23

1. A Tale of Two Worlds (Tibetan Review)
2. Tibetan Scholars assess chances for a Sino-Tibetan dialogue (TIN)
3. HIV/AIDS and the Tibetan Diaspora
4. High hopes Tibet railway boosts trade (China Daily)
5. Summer resort of Dalai Lamas to undergo major repairs (Xinhua)
6. Wild species on rise in China's biggest saltwater lake (Xinhua)

Friday, February 25

1. UN hits out at China's judicial system for political and arbitrary bias (AFP)
2. Train heads for Tibet, carrying fears of change; Migration, tourism likely to increase (SFC)
3. Canadian railway car deal struck (China Daily)
4. Kashag Shuts Down Budapest Office of Tibet
5. Great wall of China (The Guardian)
6. Protesters Dub Tibetan Art Exhibit 'Pro-China Propaganda'
7. South Asian Literary Conference Honours Tibet

Monday, February 28

1. No cricket for Dalai Lama in India as Pakistani tourists object (AFP)
2. Pakistan unhappy at Dalai Lama inaugurating tour opening tie (KT)
3. China's ethnic minorities promised better economic conditions, rights
4. EP for sanction against ruling elites in Nepal
5. China says minority separatists still active (AP)
6. Heavy snowfall in Tibet kills one, injures more than 2,000
7. Interview with His Holiness the 17th Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorjee
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