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"We Tibetans are looking for a legitimate and meaningful autonomy, an arrangement that would enable Tibetans to live within the framework of the People’s Republic of China."
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Friday, August 12, 2005

7. “March for Tibet's Independence” to reach New York

ITIM Thursday, August 11, 2005

August 10 - The final day of the 220+ mile “March for Tibet's Independence,” from Boston to New
York City will occur this Saturday, August 13. The core group of walkers are mostly young
Tibetans. Members of this group reside in Indiana, New York City, California, Connecticut,
Washington, and Chicago.

The core group will begin walking at 8am from the Bronx Zoo and will cross the 3rd Avenue Bridge
into Manhattan at 10am. At this time (10am), this group will be met at 128th Street and Lexington
Avenue by hundreds of Tibetans and supporters who will walk the final miles of this 15-day “March”
to the United Nations. Leaders of the Taiwanese and Mongolian independence movements will
participate in this walk for Tibet, Eastern Turkestan, Southern Mongolia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong's
independence. At 12pm, a rally will take place at the United Nations followed by a demonstration
at China's Embassy.

The International Tibet Independence Movement (ITIM) coordinated this “March for Tibet's
Independence,” with the close assistance of the Tibetan Association of Boston and the Regional
Tibetan Youth Congress-New York and New Jersey.

Over 50 Tibetan and non-Tibetan organizers from around the world co-sponsored this peaceful action
to return Tibet to the Tibetans, including the World Federation of Taiwanese Associations, Hong
Kong Independence Movement, Hong Konger Front, Independence Party of Taiwan, Taiwanese Association
of America-U.S.A., World United Formosans for Independence-U.S.A., and Formosan Association for
Public Affairs.

When asked why he was once again participating in a walk for Tibet's independence, Tsewang Rigzin
(ITIM Board Member) stated, “It's high time that the United Nations and the international
community pay attention and support returning Tibet to the Tibetans. For the past 15 days of this
walk, we became even more aware of the widespread and clear support of the American people to
accomplish this goal.”

According to Jigme Norbu (son of Taktser Rinpoche), “the extensive involvement of the young
Tibetan teenagers in this walk should send a strong and unambiguous message to China's government
that the next generation is prepared to continue the fight to reclaim the Land of the Snow Lion
for the Tibetan people.

We will not rest until Tibet is independent once again.”

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