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Sunday, August 14, 2005

4. ICT's Rowell Fund for Tibet begins third year of grant giving

August 12th, 2005

From September 1 to September 30, 2005, the Rowell Fund for Tibet will be accepting applications
for funding from Tibetans who can make significant contributions to society. The Fund seeks to

environmental and women's projects as well as journalism, photography and other visual arts.

During its first year, the Rowell Fund gave $37,240 to twelve projects and $49,476 in its second
year to eleven projects.

Galen Rowell was the Co-chair of ICT's Board of Advisors and a longtime friend of Tibet. Together,
Galen and Barbara produced the book My Tibet, with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and introduced
Tibet to

countless people around the world. Through photographs and writing, they documented and brought
attention to many threatened ecosystems and cultures. Following the tragic deaths of Galen and

Rowell in August 2002, ICT's Board of Directors and close friends and family of the Rowell's
established a fund to carry on Galen and Barbara Rowell's legacy in the Tibetan community.

Funds are raised each year specifically for this fund by ICT in conjunction with the Rowell Fund
Board of Advisors. This year, four of the Advisors, David Breashears, Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin and

Ackerly are leading a benefit climb with a group of 11 people up the Grand Teton (13,770 feet) in
Wyoming. The climb will raise $60,000 for the Fund. The other advisors to the Fund are Justin
Black, Bob &

Beth Cushman, John Jancik & Terri Baker, Bob Palais, Tony Rowell and Ray & Nicole Rowell Ryan.

Applications should include a cover letter, 3-5 page description of the project, a budget, and two
references. Maximum Rowell Fund grants are $5,000. Final grant selection is carried out by the
Board of

Advisors in November, and grant funds are distributed in December.

You can find more details on the Fund and how to apply here. For more information about Galen and
Barbara Rowell, go to

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