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Tuesday, August 2, 2005

4. 7th Inter-legislature Dialogue with US Held

Xinhua News Agency
August 2, 2005

Discussions between the legislatures of China and the US took place in
Beijing on Monday, focusing on political and trade issues.

Jiang Enzhu, chairman of both the National People's Congress (NPC)'s Foreign
Affairs Committee and the China-US Inter-parliamentary Exchange Group, said
such exchanges are "effective" and have helped improve mutual understanding
and friendship.

Donald A. Manzullo, chairman of the US-China Inter-parliamentary Exchange
Group, co-chaired the dialogue with Jiang.

The talks, the seventh of their kind, were held between China's NPC and the
House of Representatives of the US Congress, which set up an exchange
mechanism in 1999.

Manzullo said both the US Democratic and Republican parties are interested
in improving US-China relations, and he hoped his delegation's visit would
further improve mutual understanding.

The US delegation will also go to southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region
and Yunnan Province.

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