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"As long as human rights are violated, there can be no foundation for peace. How can peace grow where speaking the truth is itself a crime?"
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WTN Archives: August, 2005

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Monday, August 1

1. Kalon Tripa to Visit South India
2. Kasur Tashi Wangdi Joins New York's Office of Tibet
3. Working the Trade Deadline at TibetFest

Tuesday, August 2

2. Dalai Lama visit sparks diplomatic row
3. Capturing the Dalai Lama's spirit
4. 7th Inter-legislature Dialogue with US Held
5. Orchid Capital: Talks With Tibet Government Continue
6. The Plunder of Tibet's Treasures
7. When will Dalai Lama next visit Tuva?

Wednesday, August 3

1. Dalai Lama applauds Swiss for Tibet support
2. 5th North America Tibetan Youth Congress Conference Toronto, Canada
3. Probe Committee Submits Report
4. 'Masalla' Music Threatens Cultural Purity
5. Being There
6. Understanding the symbolism of Thuenpa Puen Zhi
7. Road accident kills one Taiwanese tourist in Tibet

Thursday, August 4

1. China denies detaining Panchen Lama, hits out at Dalai Lama
2. China spells out conditions for Dalai Lama's return
3. Railway to roof of the world threatens to squeeze Tibet
4. Tibet's Potala palace spruced up but nobody home
5. Heavy-handed approach criticized as China renovates Lhasa's Potala Palace
6. Chinese presence stirs passions in Geneva
7. Group Marching To Free Tibet

Thursday, August 5

1. Exiled Tibetans go to polls this September
2. Envoy Kelsang Gyaltsen is Also His Holiness' Representative in Geneva
3. No Evidence to Support Leakage of Question Papers, Says Committee Report
4. youth pulse - Youth Rocking Dharamsala
5. Qinghai-Tibet railway to be completed next July

Saturday, August 6

1. Five-star hotel to be built in Lhasa, Tibet
2. Railway to roof of the world threatens to squeeze Tibet
3. Tens of thousands flock to Lhasa 'Yogurt' Festival

Sunday, August 7

1. Feeling the long arm of China The consul-general is making sure politicians know where her country stands
2. Tibetans celebrate Shoton Festival
3. China and India bury hatchet
5. A reader fails to find jewels in the heart of the lotus
6. Dragons in the Tibet Sky
7. Conflicted Arab-American prays for peace

Monday, August 8

2. Selected Essay Writers and Nominees to Join Dalai Lama On Stage
3. When Buddha Chooses to Be a Woman
4. S ecurity and foreign policy imperatives

Wednesday, August 10

1. Exiled Tibetans demand freedom from China
2. Dalai Lama to speak at UT
3. London bishop in Tibet row

Thursday, August 11

1. Mind Matters: Happiness, deep faith in Tibet provides inspiration
2. Montrose, Colorado Celebrates "Tibet Today"
3. Details emerge about Dalai Lama's visit
4. PSC Exams for 3 Lower Level Posts Result Dismally
5. Deb Jhangu to Go Online
6. Nepal-China Economic Cooperation: Himalayan Heights To Conquer
7. Volunteer wants to stay in Tibet

Friday, August 12

1. Dalai Lama visit huge success
2. His Holiness to Visit Ladakh
3. Manhae Grand Prize for Peace Awarded to His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet
4. Kathmandu-Lhasa bus service to resume
5. China struggles with Tibetan Buddhism (AP)
6. Taiwan and Tibet should increase exchanges: forum (TT)
7. “March for Tibet's Independence” to reach New York
8. Thanks for printing truth about Panchem Lama
9. Experiment in Exile - Since the flight of the Dalai Lama in 1959, Tibet has been reinvented-in Dharamsala, India (Time)

Saturday, August 13

1. China Jails Three Tibetans For Dalai Lama Pictures, Teachings (RFA)
2. China jails Tibetans for carrying Dalai Lama tapes (IANS)
3. Friends of Tibet to present program (MDP)
4. UN says China is reporting avian flu outbreak among chickens in Tibet (AP)
5. Fate and freedom
6. The Plunder of Tibet's Treasures (RFA)

Sunday, August 14

1. Revered Dalai Lama still key to Tibet stability (Reuters)
2. Beijing failing in bid to discredit the Dalai Lama (AP)
3. Marchers Raise Awareness About Situation in Tibet (WN)
4. ICT's Rowell Fund for Tibet begins third year of grant giving
5. Techung's Upcoming Tour

Monday, August 15

1. The land of snow (BT)
2. China to tap rich copper ore resources in eastern Tibet (Xinhua)
3. Lhadak Phuntsok Performs in Tibet House, Tokyo

Tuesday, August 16

1. Conference on Tibetan Buddhism in Europe held in Switzerland August 13-14, 2005
2. East-West wedding (CD)
3. China plans world's highest airports in Tibet (AP)
4. Qinghai-Tibet Plateau moves towards northeast (PD)
5. Singer and dancer of Tibet - Look Who's Coming: Techung, Tibetan musician

Wednesday, August 17

1. Nun or prostitute? Tibet's women face few choices (Reuters)
2. Fight To Free Tibet Deserves Attention (TD)
3. Braille Without Borders Gives New Hope to Blind Children in Tibet (VOA)
4. Spiritualism and Science In The Modern World: His Holiness the Dalai Lama Leads Symposium in Houston, Texas
5. Tibetan Women - Where do they stand?
6. Duckworth making a difference all over the globe (MDP)
7. Tibetan monk brings call for freedom to Montrose (MDP)

Friday, August 19

1. Dalai Lama gets a rousing welcome in Leh (ANI)
2. Massive Awareness Campaign on Middle-Way Approach Kicks-Off (TibetNet)
3. Drive to win over Tibetans opposed to Dalai Lama's approach
4. Visa for Delhi (MM)
5. Deep apprehension in Tibet as economic future with China takes shape (AFP)
6. Representative of Israel, Palestine, Tibet Draw Peace Charter in France

Monday, August 22

1. Avant-garde artists strive to express rage and aspirations of modern Tibet (AFP)
2. Rival child lamas grow up and into political storm (Reuters)
3. Tahoe/Reno International Film Festival to Screen Documentary about Humanitarian-Award Winning Doctor
4. Frenzied Rutgers readies to welcome Dalai Lama
5. Tibetan capital tells a tale of two cities (VS)
6. The rage of the lamas
7. Showcase of Tibetan films
8. Hu Jintao will make talks with Canadians a priority on his first visit to North America (VS)
9. Tibet's cause through Tibetan eyes (TT)

Tuesday, August 23

1. Election Commission Predicts Coming Polls: More Participation at Lower Cost (TibetNet)
2. China to host U.N. torture envoy amid brutality claims (Reuters)
3. Journey to Tibetan spiritual leader's traditional home (AOL)
4. Tibet ˇV Locating Tradition from Exile
5. Chinese Embassy to Nepal marks 40 years of Tibet Autonomous Region (Xinhua)
6. Tibet to have one more airport

Wednesday, August 24

1. Bombadier transportation: helping to destroy Tibet
2. PRC Journal Excoriates Tibetan Youth Conference on Issue of Sino-Indian Ties
3. Former PRC Tibet Chairman Recalls Conflicts in Early Years of Autonomous Region
4. Trans-Himalayan railway from China to India via Nepal would be a win- win situation for all
5. From Newport to Tibet
6. Freedom Struggles to Fly at Asian Art Museum’s China-sponsored Tibetan Exhibit
7. The Situation in Tibet
8. The Situation in Tibet

Thursday, August 25

1. Tiny Tibet feels squeeze from giant neighbors
2. 1962 Sino-Indian War (HT)
3. China: A maverick dares to challenge the Party line
4. China lines up Tibet takeover show (TT)
5. Guess Hu's coming to town?

Monday, August 29

1. Seattle Tibetan leader returns to homeland (TST)
2. Tibetan monks leave colorful art at Bernheim (LCJ)
3. NGOs Hold Election Awareness Programme (Phayul)
4. Tibetan nuns thrive in exile - Project supports 600 Buddhists (SPI)

Tuesday, August 30

1. Tibetans being left out of boom 40 years on (Reuters)
2. State Fair tempest over Tibet (TSB)

Wednesday, August 31

1. Task Force Meets Today Onwards (TibetNet)
2. Tibet, the environment, the (American)
3. ICT Joins Dutch NGOs on International Day of the Disappeared
4. UN Human Rights Chief Must Secure Civil and Political Rights for Tibetans during China Visit (ICT)
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