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"As long as human rights are violated, there can be no foundation for peace. How can peace grow where speaking the truth is itself a crime?"
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WTN Archives: September, 2005

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Thursday, September 1

1. China marks 40 years ruling Tibet
2. China vows to maintain grip on "autonomous" Tibet
3. China's top leaders meet on eve of TAR anniversary to set Tibet policy
4. Every Vote Does Not Count
5. ITSN Looks for Executive Dirtector

Friday, September 2

1. Exiled Tibetans celebrate Tibet's 45th Foundation Day
2. China lambasts Dalai Lama
3. China denounces Dalai Lama amid Tibet celebrations
4. Blair urged to press China on Tibet as exiles party
5. Chinese Court Has Jailed More Than 20 'Reactionary' Tibetans Since 1996
6. Former Dalai Lama aide visits
7. Voice of Tibet starts two new short wave radio broadcasts from 1st September - Targeting Tibetan exile community

Saturday, September 3

1. Statement of the Kashag on the 45th Anniversary of the Tibetan Democracy Day
2. Nepal growing more hostile towards Tibetan refugees
3. New report documents increasing dangers for Tibetans escaping into exile
4. UN Human Rights Chief 'Guardedly Optimistic' at End of Trip to China
5. Dream holiday aboard the "Free Tibet" raft
6. Ticket for Tibet Festival Draws Crowds
7. Tibet Embraces the World
8. 'Great achievements' in Tibet just propaganda, say activists
9. An open-minded approach arrives

Sunday, September 4

1. Nepal Continues Restrictions on Tibetan Activities
2. Democracy in Exile Turns 45
3. Beijing criticises Dalai's Tibet talk
4. Human rights groups call on EU to seek progress in China during summit
5. Amnesty International Urges Bush to Stand Up for Human Rights in China
6. Workshop on Youth Leadership

Monday, September 5

1. Tibetans Urged Not to Mar Hu Jintao's America Visit
2. Dalai Lama & Scientists At Mind & Life Institute Conference; Johns Hopkins & Georgetown co-Host As Georgetown Awards CME Credits
3. China Celebrates 40th Anniversary Of Founding Of Autonomous Region
4. 'China attack forced India to pile up arms'
5. Former Kalons Compare Notes on Future Course of Action

Tuesday, September 6

1. Kashag's Urgent Appeal to the Tibetan & Tibet Supporters in US and Canada
2. PM to meet Chinese president in New York
3. Tibet council objects to Chinese delegation visit
4. Dreaming Lhasa selected for San Sebastian International Film Festival
5. China showcases 'modern, happy' Tibet

Wednesday, September 7

1. US Plans to Resettle Tibetan Refugees from Nepal
2. Valley gears up for Dalai Lama visit
3. His Holiness to Make 20-Day Visit to America
4. Canada to Welcome Chinese Leader Amid Human Rights Concerns
5. Chinese Leader's Visit Will Test How Martin Handles Tibet
6. Tibetan youth up against 'sectarian politics'
7. Nathu La may open for trade next year

Thursday, September 8

1. US Plans to Resettle Tibetan Refugees from Nepal
2. Prime Minister Martin urged to publicly promote negotiations on Tibet during Hu Jintao's visit to Canada
3. 2 Teachers of Tibetan Schools Bag National Awards
4. Ithacans Hold Candlelight Vigil for Katrina Victims
5. Arizona State Museum will display a rare Tibetan artifact
6. Prayer wheel readied for Dalai Lama's arrival
7. Marsing girl chosen to meet Dalai Lama
8. Dalai Lama tickets go fast
9. Dalai Lama host bares his soul in new memoir

Friday, September 9

1. PM to talk human rights with Chinese president
2. Talk tough with China
3. Dalai Lama Donates to Katrina Relief Fund
4. Detentions before 40th anniversary of TAR
5. Dalai Lama set to make historic visit
6. A global moment when talk of peace, not war, reigns
7. A lesson in Dharma
8. Trinity Springs Honored to Be the Water of Choice
9. Up the Grand for a Cause

Saturday, September 10

1. Chinese Leader talks tough with PM
3. An Open Letter to Mr. Hu Jintao, President of the People's Republic of China
5. Tibetans reconciled to Chinese sovereignty: Rinpoche
6. Exiled Tibetans gear up for 14th parliamentary polls
7. Rail Line to Tibet Is a Marvel, but China Is Mum
8. Dalai Lama to unveil monk training centre

Saturday, September 10 (2)

1. Our View: Visit from spiritual, political leader is an honor to Idaho
2. Dalai Lama Visits Alaska, First U.S. Stop
3. Lawmakers welcome Dalai Lama during brief stop
4. Dalai Lama's Idaho visit draws wealthy soul-searchers
5. Prayer wheel arrives for visit
6. Hailey Post Office to sell commemorative Dalai Lama envelopes

Sunday, September 11

1. China's Hu draws rainbow of protesters in Canada
2. Leaders talk business, human rights
3. Protests greet Chinese president in Toronto as Cda courts economic powerhouse
4. Tibetans & Tibet Supporters Protest Hu's visit
5. Tibetan Supporter Arrested for Disrupting Gala Dinner for Visiting Chinese President
6. Hu, Wen and How: The Art (and Necessity) of Raising Hell

Sunday, September 11 (2)

1. Dalai Lama encourages hurricane victims to "not lose hope"
2. Dalai Lama arrives in Idaho under cloak of secrecy
3. Dalai Lama, officials discuss conservation
4. Tibetans worldwide go to polls
5. How Britain helps China destroy Tibet
6. TIPA gets colours of Tibet
7. Chinese Envoy says Dalai Lama must recognize Tibet, Taiwan as Chinese

Monday, September 12

1. Fight violence with peace, poverty with compassion
2. Rich, famous seek out Dalai Lama in Idaho
3. Rail Link 'Cultural Genocide'
4. TIN Is Closed Down:
5. Preliminary Assembly Polls Witness Record Voter Turn Out
6. Finance Department Brainstorms on Business Health
7. Tibet Activist Arrested in Toronto
8. Hu vows to improve living standards
9. CAT Appeals Tibetan Lawsuit in Spain

Tuesday, September 13

1. Dalai Lama tells business leaders to have a heart
2. Dalai Lama tells children to build a better planet Leader of Tibetan Buddhists wins hearts during Idaho trip
3. Dalai Lama provides 'simple' inspiration
4. Will China abide by international human rights standards?
5. Talking Points: China and the U.S.
6. China prez feels heat Hu welcomed despite hundreds in demonstration
7. Canada must do more for human rights
8. Protest against "China's Tibet Culture Week" in Italy
9. Tibet lamas enjoy their new freedom

Tuesday, September 13 (2)

1. Now, Computers Will Count Votes
2. Tibetan Assembly to Debate Reports of Probe Committees
3. Our Tibetan Democracy
4. Does Bombardier's Code of Ethics include cultural genocide?
5. Fears for School Founder in Prison

Wednesday, September 14

1. Science Without Borders
2. Dalai Lama extols virtues of compassion Well-received spiritual leader's visit runs smoothly
3. Dalai Lama urges kids to pursue peace: Pocatello youths among audience
4. Dalai Lama Reaches Out To Idaho's Children
5. Prayer wheel blessed by Dalai Lama as Idaho visit winds down
6. Sun Valley's Buddhist Woodstock showcases U.S. interest in eastern religion
7. Rutgers anticipating visit from Dalai Lama
8. THE ART OF MEDITATION Rothko Chapel offers series to help find inner peace

Wednesday, September 14 (2)

1. Protesters, Welcomers Converge on Chinese Leader's Arrival in New York
2. New Justice Commissioner Appointed
3. McLeodganj's Love Cafe` spreading the message of universal love
4. Bumpy ride for Kathmandu-Lhasa bus service
5. Studies planned for Tibet copper-gold project
6. Tibet tries its best to stay a clean land

Thursday, September 15

1. Monsoon session of Tibetan parliament-in-exile begins
2. Tibetans Protest Hu Jintao, Scuffle around China's Foreign Minister
3. Chinese President
4. Canada's Prime Minister `shanghaied' by China's top dog
5. A Day-Long Symposium at the University of San Francisco
6. Tibet youth personalize their names

Thursday, September 15 (2)

1. His Holiness spends four days in Idaho, preaches compassion
2. Dalai Lama brings peace and profits to Sun Valley
3. Dalai Lama speaks to 10,000 Idaho children
4. The Dalai Lama's Affect on Idaho
5. Prepping for the Dalai Lama
6. Dalai Lama stops in Tucson during national tour
7. Buddhist Woodstock
8. Dalai Lama Inc.
9. Made in China

Friday, September 16

1. Spiritual leaders gather to meet Dalai Lama Religious appreciation rule of theological discussion
2. Dalai Lama's message: Compassion for others Business school students learn about humanity
3. Dalai Lama calm amid excitement that he generates
4. Dalai Lama Visits Tucson
5. His Holy Jokester, the Dalai Lama
6. BSU student, professor present film during Buddhist leader's visit
7. The Drew Review: Dalai Lama visits the Gem State
8. Thunderbird Welcomes His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Glendale Campus; Spiritual Leader to Speak on 'Individual Responsibilities in the Global Community'

Friday, September 16 (2)

1. Spreading Hindi amongst Tibetans
2. Tibetans & Uyghurs Protest as Chinese President Address UN Opening SFT
3. Tibet Protest at Infrarail Exhibition
4. Oregon & Washington Tibetans to Protest Hu Jintao's Visit
5. Pictures of hidden Tibet

Saturday, September 17

1. Dalai Lama marks terror anniversary
2. Messenger of peace
3. Dalai Lama advocates compassion
4. Exiled Tibetans explore democracy in India
5. Middle Way Approach: The Solution for the Question of Tibet
6. Protestors, supporters await Hu in B.C.
7. Say it ain't so: We're imperialists
8. Monk Spirited Away by Security Forces
9. The First Tibetan Communist and Partition of Tibet

Saturday, September 17 (2)

1. Chinese, Canadian leaders ignore protestors to toast 'strategic partnership'
2. Hu Jintao ends 10-day Canadian visit
3. An artistic welcome for the Dalai Lama
4. Father and son await a visit to N.J. by the Dalai Lama
5. 2005 World Festival of Sacred Music - Los Angeles

Sunday, September 18

1. Chinese, Canadian leaders ignore protestors to toast 'strategic partnership'
2. Hu Jintao ends 10-day Canadian visit
3. An artistic welcome for the Dalai Lama
4. Father and son await a visit to N.J. by the Dalai Lama
5. 2005 World Festival of Sacred Music - Los Angeles

Monday, September 19

1. Dalai Lama to come Sunday, preparations underway
2. On the road to holiness: Pocatello residents take to state highways to hear the Dalai Lama
3. Tibetans urge UN to save detained 'God-Child'
4. The Cutting Edge: Peace One Day
5. Secret Tibetan film means tight security
6. Slap Web companies for aiding China oppression
7. China's Huaneng to develop hydropower in Tibet
8. TV and Radio Coverage Expands in Tibet
9. Railway environment protection tops agenda

Tuesday, September 20

1. The railway across the roof of the world
2. Environment assessment set for Qinghai-Tibet railway
3. Hydropower plant to be built in Tibet

Tuesday, September 20 (2)

1. Greed trumps history
2. Austin greets Dalai Lama Tibetan head of state's scheduled appearance creates a buzz
3. Dalai Lama reaches out to family hit by tragedy
4. 'It is very important to build a calm heart' Buddhist leader delivers straight talk on peace
5. 'The Universe in a Single Atom': Reason and Faith
6. Dalai Lama to honour activists for homeless Montrealers to join Unsung Heroes
7. Lung Ta: The Forgotten Tibet
8. CRC Chair Asks China to Receive an Independent Body to Visit Panchen Lama
9. TWA to submit a report at 40th Session of the Committee on the Rights of the Child

Wednesday, September 21

1. Between principle and pragmatism
2. Visit from a simple monk
3. Dalai Lama urges quest for peace
4. Dalai Lama visits Austin Spiritual leader speaks of compassion to Erwin Center crowd
5. Dalai Lama brings message of peace
6. Dalai Lama gives 'Presence' to city
7. Dalai Lama visits Austin
8. Sharon Stone learnt compassion from the Dalai Lama!
9. Chinese security forces spirit away monk

Thursday, September 22

1. Interest in Dalai Lama shows Buddhism's reach
2. Dalai Lama joins rush to get out of Rita's way He leaves city early after giving speech on religion and science
3. UN demands access to Tibet's Panchen Lama
4. Rare Buddhist manuscripts get digitalized for Internet home
5. Tibetan Freedom Concert
6. Free Tibet
7. Chinese Embassy in India Holds Photographic Exhibition for the 40th Anniversary of the Establishment of TAR
8. Chinese try to stop Dharma Teaching in Mumbai
9. Tibet attracts more tourists

Friday, September 23

1. Dalai Lama Speaks up for Prisoners, Non-Believers
2. Rutgers prepares for Dalai Lama visit on Sunday
3. DALAI LAMA TO SPEAK Rutgers students pose 300 questions for Buddhist leader
4. U. finalizes preparations for Dalai Lama Sunday
5. View of Dalai Lama in 4 current books
6. Tibetans Stage Surprise Protest Against Chinese Ambassador
7. Samdup feted as 'Unsung Hero'
8. Tibetan Football Squad Denied Visa
9. Sometimes the key to your future lies in the past The world watches Tibetan feature film Dreaming Lhasa

Saturday, September 24

1. An Interview with the Officer In charge of the frontier which Recieved HIs Holiness the Dalai Lama
2. Aid programme brings sea changes to Tibet

Saturday, September 24 (2)

1. Dalai Lama pays tribute to late Senator by visit to New York train station site
2. Rutgers' Dalai Lama event prompts a traffic advisory for local roads
3. Kalon Tripa: Speculations on Negotiation are Premature, Unfair
4. Chinese Forces Fired on Tibetan Asylum-Seekers
5. Scholar envisions the study of spirituality as a cultural force
6. Gyatso shares vision of peace in Farmington
7. Tibetan trimmings ring tiger knell - Fashion stokes demand for skin
8. Can't Hide The Stripes The Indian tiger gets a macabre afterlife in Tibet
9. INDO-CHINA TIES - Last Lap To Lhasa The opening up of the Nathu La pass may be a goldmine in trade opportunities

Sunday, September 25

1. Messenger from a burning house
2. In Tibet or N.J., life is fleeting Buddhist monks use art to reflect the world
3. Susan Ives: Holy moley! As it turns out, the secret to life is blissfully simple
4. Devotees travel from near and far to hear Dalai Lama
5. Chuffed China basks in glory of Tibetan railway
6. Chinese whispers on Nathu La
7. Mountain Memoirs

Monday, September 26

1. Isolated Golmud looks to cash in on Tibet railway
2. Tibet's cruel fashion victims
3. Oprah' to retell disturbing tale of minister's raping of teens
4. Tibetan monk shares story of his life in prison
5. India-Tibet Friendship Society Press Release

Monday, September 26 (2)

1. Dalai Lama brings a call to end war
2. With Disarming Humor, the Dalai Lama Tackles Weapons and War
3. Calm voice attacks concept of war
4. Mayor Seeking Momentum on Penn Station
5. Dalai Lama Honored With Key To The City
6. Dalai's 70th cheered with key to city
7. Assembly of Tibetan People' Deputies 10th Session Ended
8. Finance Kalon Presents A Strong Balance Sheet on Assembly Floor

Tuesday, September 27

1. TIBET AND BURMA - Pacifist dreams need international backing
2. Chinese respond to Dalai Lama's speech
3. On U.S. visit, Dalai Lama wins applause and laughs
4. Hopeful signs in China of interest in Tibetan culture
5. Dalai Lama Speaks At CU

Wednesday, September 28

1. The Dalai Lama's dilemma
2. Moynihan Station Dalai Lama becomes a booster
3. Tibetan students take out a candle march
4. World Forum for Democratization in Asia Backs MWA
5. Winter business forces postponement of Tibetan prime ministerial polls
6. Kalon Tripa's Elections Postponed
7. Kalon Tripa to attend the 9th annual Peace Council Meeting in New York
8. German toy company unveils Dalai Lama doll
9. Qinghai-Tibet Railroad Nearing Completion

Thursday, September 29

1. New Justice Secretary Sworn in
2. RTYC Delhi Commemorates the 1987 Uprising in Tibet
3. Director of TANTIA-FNF meets with Finance Department Official
4. Otters: Dressed to kill
5. Tibet is more prosperous with China
6. Lawsuit threatened over visit to high school by Buddhist monks
7. New book says China nuclearising Tibet
9. None for Me. I'm Driving.

Friday, September 30

1. Message from the Dalai Lama
2. Mason Gross musicians perform jazz for peace
3. The Dalai Lama and Global Warming Endless Conversation
4. Chinese nuclearisation of Tibet endangering ecosystem, says new book
5. NGOs expose huge market for tiger skins in Tibet
6. Chindia, where the world's workshop meets its office By 2050, China and India will make up half of the global economy
7. Another Unopposed Miss Tibet
8. Firm provides facilities for high rail
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