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WTN Archives: January, 2006

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Monday, January 2

1. The wrong side of the mountains (The Economist)
2. Tibet campaign may boil over after Dalai Lama
3. Dalai Lama declines to answer questions on autonomy for Tibet

Thursday, January 5

1. Dalai Lama opens Holy Relics Gallery (Deccan Herald)
2. Tibetan center looks to future (Herald Times)
3. Tibetans raise money for rare Tibetan passport
4. J-K yet to conduct SC-ordered census of Chiru deer in Ladakh
5. Dalai Lama’s advice: Don’t harm wildlife
6. Global warming shrinking size of 'world's rooftop' in Tibet
7. Tibetan Lama on Blessing Tour of Antarctica
8. China's priority for proposed Koshi-Lhasa highway in Nepal
9. Lhasa Cafe brings Tibet to Western Mass.(Boston Globe)

Friday, January 6

1. The Great Fifth
2. Future of Tibet depends on Tibetans: Dalai Lama
3. Bush Forest on Fire in Tibet (Xinhua)
4. The Great Fifth
5. Future of Tibet depends on Tibetans: Dalai Lama
6. Bush Forest on Fire in Tibet (Xinhua)

Saturday, January 7

1. Heinrich Harrer: Last Eiger conqueror dies
2. Dalai Lama says Tibetans suffering repression in swipe at China = (AFP)
3. Canada=92s Green Party considers Tibet negotiations major opportunity
4. Loten: Tibetan Fuses Folk Music With Jazz, Blues (RFA)
5. Bush fires rage in Tibet (NDTV)
6. The Regional Council Government of Paris region passed a motion in=20 favour of Tibet
7. Heinrich Harrer: Last Eiger conqueror dies=20
8. Dalai Lama says Tibetans suffering repression in swipe at China (AFP)
9. Canada=92s Green Party considers Tibet negotiations major opportunity
10. Loten: Tibetan Fuses Folk Music With Jazz, Blues (RFA)
11. Bush fires rage in Tibet (NDTV)
12. The Regional Council Government of Paris region passed a motion in favour of Tibet

Monday, January 9

1. Heinrich Harrer (The Telegraph)
2. Heinrich Harrer: Writer and Explorer (Independent)
3. Heinrich Harrer: The Times
4. Acclaimed author of `Seven Years in Tibet' dies at 93 (Taipei Times)
5. Statement: Heinrich Harrer Responds to Allegations of Nazi (EW)
6. US$130m push for Tibet train
7. Heinrich Harrer (The Telegraph)
8. Heinrich Harrer: Writer and Explorer (Independent)
9. Heinrich Harrer: The Times
10. Acclaimed author of `Seven Years in Tibet' dies at 93 (Taipei Times)
11. Statement: Heinrich Harrer Responds to Allegations of Nazi (EW)
12. US$130m push for Tibet train=20

Monday, January 9 (2)

1. Buddhist philosophy relevant in present times: Dalai Lama
2. Dalai Lama urges Tibetans to report truth
3. China plans luxury train to Tibet
4. China Rail Company Plans Express to Tibet
5. Software used to cast Buddha film
6. Harrer, author of 'Seven Years in Tibet,' dead
7. Heinrich Harrer
8. Dharamsala Mourns the Passing Away of Heinrich Harrer
9. More kids in Tibet studying at school

Tuesday, January 10

1. His Holiness Meets with Followers from China and Mongolia
2. State chief minister Joins His Holiness after Teachings
3. Amaravati to be made intl Buddhist learning centre
4. Dalai Lama recites Acharya Nagarjuna's teachings
5. His Holiness the Dalai Lama said Heinrich Harrer Will Always be Remembered by the Tibetan People
6. Tibetan monks to preserve master's body
7. Chinese ban on Wikipedia prevents research, users say
8. Tibet to invest $4.3 bln in ecological protection

Wednesday, January 11

1. Rs 5 lakh for antique Tibetan passport
2. Dalai Lama on the virtue of happiness
3. His Holiness Gives a Separate Talk to Chinese Followers
4. Buddhist circuit to showcase heritage
5. Dalai Lama offers Shekhar Kapur help on biopic
6. Spanish court to investigate Tibetan 'genocide'
7. High Court to investigate allegations of genocide in Tibet
8. Local Buddhist monastery plans $850K expansion off Danby Road Construction could be complete within 2 years
9. Tashi Tsering Arrested for Smuggling Tiger Skins

Thursday, January 12

1. China faces first suit over Tibet
3. Mahabodhi Society to seek President's permission to invite Dalai Lama
4. Dalai Lama: Tibetans are key to future
5. The Kalachakra in India: Dalai Lama tells Tibetans from Tibet they are key to future
6. Shinde offers prayers at Kalachakra
7. Tibetan music draws big crowd
8. Tibetan Music Festival Kalachakra-2006

Friday, January 13

1. Develop love: Dalai Lama
2. Call to protect wildlife
3. Students for a Free Tibet Holds Winter Leadership Training in Santa Barbara
4. Tibet posts double-digit economic growth for fifth straight year
5. Main Potala Palace renovation finished
6. China-South Asia political relations: A view from Nepal
8. Tibetan Fuses Folk Music With Jazz, Blues

Saturday, January 14

1. Ignorance is root cause for all sufferings: Dalai
2. Buddhist monks at Andhra conclave suffering from water-borne diseases
3. Spanish National Court to Investigate Genocide Crimes
5. Winter travelers decide it's time to visit Tibet
6. Tibet sees record high per capita GDP in 2005

Friday, January 15

1. Lost 'passport' proves Tibet's independence: exiles
2. Dalai Lama to visit Israel
3. Dalai Lama to visit Israel in February
4. Geopolitical impact of India, China embrace
5. TEAM concludes its awareness campaign at Kalachakra 2006

Monday, January 16

1. Tibetans long for reunion with China
2. Tibetans won`t mind uniting with China
3. Amaravati all set to get a face-lift
4. Will 2006 witness an India-China alliance?
5. Canadian Craig Kielburger one of three finalists for World's Children's Prize
6. Tibet sees 11.5% growth in farmers' income

Tuesday, January 17

1. Unity among religions needed: Dalai Lama
2. Dalai Lama's call for unity among religions
3. Dalai calls for compassion, tolerance
4. Dalai Lama to 'retire' from Tibetan politics
5. Buddhist global conclave in Andhra Pradesh ends
6. Rs 30 lakh for Dhyana Buddha project promised
7. Concern over Dalai Lama's Ulster meeting
8. 88 Candidates will Compete for the Final Election for the Tibetan Legislative Body in March
9. Tertiary industry generates half of Tibet's economy

Wednesday, January 18

1. Homage to the kalachakra
2. Kalachakra sand mandal immersed
3. His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama is to visit Israel next month
4. Make 21st century one of peace
5. Former Liberal Minister Supports Montreal-Area Conservative Candidate
6. Brothers or competitors?
7. Seeking the path to peace

Thursday, January 19

1. Geopolitical impact of India, China embrace
2. Chinese Reeducation Campaign in Tibet Aimed at Opposing the Dalai Lama, Says Human Rights Watch
3. China says rights criticisms come from 'thin air'
4. Paralysis fails to deter Pama Tibetan
5. 7 killed, 12 injured in Tibet traffic accident

Friday, January 20

1. Dalai Lama visit moved up
2. Magazine reviews
3. Tibet: An encounter with 'the fake one'
4. Symposium on Tibet at Delhi University
5. Second time lucky' Tibetan infiltrator reaches Gangtok
6. Penelope's sensitive side
7. Sundance Review: Angry Monk - Reflections on Tibet
8. The Tibet House Benefit Concert at Carnegie Hall will be on March 1st, 2006
9. Creating Culturally Sustainable Businesses In Tibet

Saturday, January 21

1. Beneath the roof of the world
2. Oceans of Wisdom The fourteenth Dalai Lama answers a filmmaker's questions
3. Hello, Dalai The wonks meet the monk
5. New prison in Lhasa: increased surveillance for political prisoners, 'oppressive' cell-blocks
6. Mechanical failure blamed for locomotive collision in Tibet

Sunday, January 22

1. Dalai Lama to visit Israel
2. Global meet on science and spirituality
3. Nepal police detain 41 Tibetans
4. Tibet's first train accident kills one, injures eight
5. Gonpas in wilderness
6. Chinese Communist Party Hinders Australian Officials from Attending New Year Global Gala

Monday, January 23

1. The Dalai Lama to visit Israel in February
2. Democracy in Action
3. Perilous path: Directors took risks making films about Buddhism
4. Thangkas: Scroll-Paintings Evoking Peace
5. MGAC launches Save Tibet - Secure India campaign
6. Illiteracy has increased in Tibet: Tibetan NGO
7. Renovation for Tibet Cultural Relics 80% Complete

Tuesday, January 24

1. Mortality and the Gift of the Moment
2. The Mountain Home of a Warrior God
3. The Lessons of the Buddha
4. Talking Up Enlightenment: Neuroscientists hear - and applaud - the Dalai Lama
5. China's Tyranny Has the Best Hi-Tech Help
6. China spends a large sum on protection of Tibetan cultural relics
7. Tibetan Mastiff May Die Out

Wednesday, January 25

1. Buddha on the Brain
2. Year of Tibet Launched in Australia and New Zealand
3. DIIR Kalon to Address Human Rights Workshop
4. Nagpur-based Bharat Tibet Sahyog Manch members in Dharamsala
5. Google censors China search engine
6. Free Tibet Campaign deplores Google censorship of Tibet

Thursday, January 26

1. Return of tourists to Dharamshala make residents feel cheerful
2. Grammy mention for Buddhist monk
3. Jamie Shane: The true meaning of compassion
4. 1st group of Tibetan pilots to fly Airbus planes
5. Documentary at Makor: Visioning Tibet
6. Net Firms Working in China Urged to Respect Free Expression
7. Tibetans Outraged by Google's "Evil" Plan to Censor Content in China "Don't Be Evil" Protest at Google Canada's Head Office
8. Google defends self-censorship in China
9. Leaders, Laureates to Issue Global Appeal On Leprosy

Friday, January 27

1. Tibetan monk shares teachings with Incline
2. Net Firms Working in China Urged to Respect Free Expression
3. Tibetans, Supporters Protest at Google Headquarters
4. US Congress to Hold Hearing on Google's Censorship Practices in China (ICT)
6. A Home Away from Home

Saturday, January 28

1. Row over Dalai Lama trip continues
2. City fails to find 'proper' place for Tibetan refugees
3. Lula signs letter calling for Hansen's disease to be placed under UN protection
4. Indian monk gets Grammy nomination
5. Why Google helps China to censor online searches
6. Congress invites Google Questions arise over allowing censorship in China
7. China Rising; India Shining [Opinion]
8. Harvard's Hasty Pudding honors go to Gere, Berry

Sunday, January 29

1. President of the Largest Tibetan NGO Quits
2. Artist to pass on Dalai Lama's teachings
3. Tibetan cinema takes roots
5. The Role of English in Poetry by Tibetans

Monday, January 30

1. Gandhi needs to be reinvented in India today
2. His Holiness Attends the Death Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi
3. India observes Mahatma Gandhi's 58th death anniversary
4. A Home Away from Home - II Children arrive in Kathmandu
5. Capturing Tibet on celluloid
6. CNN's Richard Quest Interviews His Holiness on Spiritualism
7. Group to aid India Hansen's patients
8. More Beijingers Go to Lama Temple on 1st Day of New Year
9. Today's Editorial: Net Loss

Tuesday, January 31

1. WTI Campaign at Amravati Kalachakra
2. Spiritual growth must to defuse tension: Dalai Lama
4. A Diverse Spiritual Journey Through India's Dharamsala
5. Tibetan crisis captured on 80mm
6. Don't Be Evil, Google
7. Chinese lawyer hits out at regime
8. Tibet posts fixed assets investment rise
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